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Nate Jackson to host “haymaker” Thanksgiving comedy show at Rialto Theater

Local comedian Nate Jackson is putting on his “haymaker show.” At least that’s how Jackson described his Super Funny Thanksgiving Comedy Concert, which will build on the popularity of his weekly, Thursday night gig at the Varsity Grill at 8 p.m. on Nov. 27 at Tacoma’s Rialto Theater.
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Doug Stanhope interview, pt. 2: When gigs go haywire (audio)

Here’s one more clip from the Doug Stanhope interview with the comedian talking about those nights when gigs get out of control, something he seems to revel in. Let’s hope things don’t get too crazy at Jazzbones on Friday.

Stanhope on gigs going haywire.

P.S. You can see bootleg clips of the infamous “Austin Incident” mentioned in the above clip over here. And check Friday’s GO section for a double dose of comedy with my Stanhope piece and a cover story on up-and-coming local comedian Nate Jackson and his

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Watch the finished Roderic video

Met Lacey comedian Nate Jackson yesterday at the Harmon Hub. While we were waiting, along with the rest of the planet, to see where LeBron James would land, he pulled up the finished Roderic video I wrote about a few weeks ago on his iPhone.

Check out Nate’s acting skills as the salty manager dude. Then see what some of this looked like before editing here.