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Todd Bridges he’s not: Former child star Marc Price details life after Skippy (audio)

As mentioned the other day, Marc Price, a.k.a. Skippy from “Family Ties,” called to tell me he’d added another show at the new Tacoma Comedy Club. He’ll headline there tonight. And while I had him on the line I had to ask him …

… so, do people still call you Skippy?

How he got into showbiz and what he’s been up to since “Family Ties.”


Marc “Skippy” Price headed back to Tacoma Comedy Club this week

Comedian Marc Price – perhaps best known for playing Alex P. Keaton’s bud Skippy on ’80s sitcom “Family Ties” – has added another show at the new Tacoma Comedy Club. He called this morning to say he’ll headline again at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, which is normally open mic night. Stay tuned for audio clips from the interview. Meanwhile, here’s a sample of what his stand-up is like.