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Grit City Bootlegs No. 67: A Sublime fake? You decide

So I’m not sure exactly who Lyon Pride Music had playing at Jazzbones Sunday night when Long Beach Rehab headlined. That is, it was, indeed, a band called Long Beach Rehab. But the group was billed as a celebrity tribute act featuring Bad Brains singer H.R. and Q-Ball from LBC Sublime. Through word of mouth, that somehow turned into the actual Eric “Q-Ball” Wilson from Sublime.

I can tell you for sure that H.R. was nowhere to be seen at the Boneyard, unless he was secretly hiding out in the kitchen. I believe

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Tacoma Rock City approved (Aug. 20 to 26)

All we hear is Lady-O Gaga

I’m a jaded rock critic, hence my initial resistance to Lady Gaga. Sure, her hits are kinda catchy, but they’re also kinda disposable. She’s sooo edgy, but really Madonna had all the gender-bending and sacrilegious video imagery down to a science way back in 1990 (and, really, Peaches pushes the boundaries way further than both of them.) But I must confess, I’m on board for the Artist Formerly Known As Stefani Germanotta’s stop Saturday at the Tacoma Dome. Mostly I want to see what kind of wacky outfit she shows up in – you know, if she’ll reprise her telephone-head ‘do or dust off that Kermit the Frog stole she wore that one time.

The after party, featuring Monster Ball opener Semi Precious Weapons, is at Jazzbones, by the way.
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Doug Stanhope interview, pt. 1

So I’ve been promising Doug Stanhope clips on the Twitter feed for a few days now. But it’s taken me a bit longer than expected, partly because I’ve had more f-bombs than usual to navigate. I garbled the dirtiest parts (I know, BOOOO!) But these clips are still PG-13, FYI.

Stanhope on where his edgy style comes from.

He dashes our hopes for a Stanhope/Rogan ticket in 2012..

The comedian will headline Jazzbones on Friday where you’ll be able to hear him uncut. And he’s also the subject of a

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Champagne Sunday: Coming to a craft store or bus stop near you

Have you noticed? Ventura, Calif.’s Champagne Sunday has been booked at every festival and building in Tacoma this month. And when I say “building,” I don’t just mean the music venues. So far, they’ve popped up at the Old Town Blues Festival, Art on the Ave, the Mandolin Cafe, the Spar Tavern and now – L.A. Fitness? Seriously, they’re at the one on Sixth Avenue right now for customer appreciation day, along with a lot of fitness buffs with their iPods turned way up. Tough (and weird) gig. But a

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Can Coolio turn Jazzbones into a “Gangsta’s Paradise?”

Driving around yesterday, I spied none other than Coolio on the Jazzbones marquee. ‘Bones booking guy Sean Culver later confirmed the April 16 date. Don’t know if I’m that nostalgic for “Gangsta’s Paradise,” but I sure hope he brings some of these when he’s in town.

On a side note, I’m noticing a pattern. Coolio? MC Hammer at the Emerald Queen? So when are Gerardo and Vanilla Ice showing up?


Riky Hudson benefit set for Feb. 28 at Jazzbones

Local band leader Randy Oxford just sent this gig poster for a benefit he’s organizing for drummer Riky Hudson, a former member of his Randy Oxford Band. The show starts at 6 p.m. Feb. 28 at Jazzbones with a lineup that includes Billy Roy Danger & the Rectifiers, the Randy Oxford Band, On the Level and the Ron Hendee Band. Proceeds will go to Hudson to help pay costs associated with a stroke he suffered last year, according to Oxford.


Grit City Bootlegs No. 37: Tacoma’s Ben Union

Saturday (Nov. 14) will be your last chance to catch local singer-songwriter Ben Union in concert for a while as he shares a bill with Doxology and Roman Holiday at Jazzbones.

Ben will debut his band’s latest lineup, which includes little bro’ Jared Mira on drums, Israel Hickey on guitar and Josh Stull on bass. And he’ll play material from the debut record he’s working on at Pacific Studios, maybe even this cut, which is called “Paul Sartre.”

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Nasty Left to pay tribute to D-Child Friday night

Seattle’s Mad Rad headlines a promising hip-hop/electronica bill that Artifakt has put together for Jazzbones this Friday (Nov. 13). But a lot of local music fans will be more focused on the opening act, Tacoma’s Nasty Left.

The band’s vocalist died from cancer this summmer. And as promoter Matt Eklund explains, “This is Nasty Left’s first show since the untimely passing of front man Daniel Colin Cline, aka ‘D-Child.’ We are paying tribute to him with the celebration of music. D-Child has performed with the Biznautics & Nasty Left. Come show your support

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