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Was that Guttermouth’s Mark Adkins or Lou Dobbs?

So Cal punk vets Guttermouth will headline Hell’s Kitchen Friday night, and leading up to my interview with front man Mark Adkins I read many a story about how he revels in pushing people’s buttons. Well, let’s just say he wasn’t shy about sharing his opinions on …

… why punk is dead.

… PBR-chugging punk poseurs (especially the ones that tried to beat him up in Ventura.)

… his obsession with politics. And this is where he does his best Lou Dobbs impression.

I debated how much of the political stuff

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F-ing Eagles world conquest, phase two

Around here we’ve known the F-ing Eagles are pretty rad for a while. See for yourself tonight when they open for surf-guitar legend Dick Dale tonight at Hell’s Kitchen; booking guru Flash says they go on at 10.

But soon potentially millions will have heard T-town’s grittiest garage-rockers thanks to a few well-placed cuts from the band’s first two discs, “A Million Dollars Worth of Music” and last year’s “Midnight Sour.”
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Inaugural ‘Nesian Fest slated for Saturday

Local hip-hop and R&B group Island Trybe is trying to end a sad year on a positive note beginning with ‘Nesian Fest, which starts at 8 p.m. Saturday at Hell’s Kitchen.

Island Trybe organized the event with Aomas Entertainment as a showcase of Pacific Islanders active in the local hip, R&B and reggae scenes. As Island Trybe manager Sean Lizama explained, “’Nesian” is just shorthand for some of the regions local Islanders hail from – Polynesia, Micronesia and Melanesia.
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First peek at the new Gruv Lounge

Back in March I reported that the Gruv Lounge would take over the space at 3829 Sixth Ave., in Tacoma that was formerly occupied by Hell’s Kitchen. And the new dance club opened it’s doors this weekend. I poked my head in there on Saturday and was impressed by how thoroughly the space had been made over. House music is the style du jour these days. Wall murals favor stylish serpents over gaudy flames and she-devils and there are private karaoke rooms with song books and consoles in Korean.

Nah, don’t expect Atomic Outlaws or South 11th to come back and headline this incarnation of the club. And here are a few pics I snapped as I was passing through to give you a better idea of what the place looks like.

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The Melvins’ King Buzzo talks Hollywood, “Groucho Marxism” and Fox News (audio)

Better late than never, but as promised here are a few more clips from my interview with Melvins leader Buzz Osbourne (first batch here.)

The godfathers of grunge are still in the area. And as anyone who witnessed the band blow the roof off of Hell’s Kitchen Monday night will tell you, tonight’s all-ages show at Olympia’s Capitol Theater should not be missed. Meanwhile, click the links to hear King Buzzo on …

… band stability and playing with Jared Warren and Coady Willis from Big Business.

… appearing

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The Melvins’ Buzz Osbourne on staying away from Montesano, influencing other bands (audio)

The mighty Melvins return to Tacoma on Monday where they’ll headline the new Hell’s Kitchen for the first time. Then they’ll play an all-ages show at Olympia’s Capitol Theater on Wednesday. They’re the subject of the cover story in Friday’s GO section, and here are a couple of clips from my interview with front man Buzz Osbourne to whet your appetites. Click the links to hear what he said about …

… the odds he’ll kick it in Montesano or Aberdeen any time soon.

… his band’s influence and who he’d like

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The skinny on Dorky’s Barcade, coming soon to Pacific Avenue (audio)

There are relatively few places in the Northwest for getting your vintage pinball and old-school arcade fix on. Seattle has Shorty’s, Portland has Ground Kontrol (see video at bottom of this post) and soon Tacoma will have Dorky’s Barcade.

Dorky’s owners Les Bond and Caroline Dennewith are awaiting liquor license approval and putting the finishing touches on their forthcoming arcade, bar and grill (specialty, grilled cheese) which will soon open at 754 Pacific Ave., formerly home to Brick City Project.
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Grit City (Fest) Bootlegs No. 52: Big Wheel Stunt Show at Grit City Fest

I’ll be posting video, photos and more from the inaugural Grit City Fest all weekend, starting with this clip from Thursday night at Hell’s Kitchen, featuring a Tacoma Power Trio you’ll recognize from GCB No. 45. And heeeeeeeere’s Big Wheel Stunt Show.