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Was that Guttermouth’s Mark Adkins or Lou Dobbs?

So Cal punk vets Guttermouth will headline Hell’s Kitchen Friday night, and leading up to my interview with front man Mark Adkins I read many a story about how he revels in pushing people’s buttons. Well, let’s just say he wasn’t shy about sharing his opinions on …

… why punk is dead.

… PBR-chugging punk poseurs (especially the ones that tried to beat him up in Ventura.)

… his obsession with politics. And this is where he does his best Lou Dobbs impression.

I debated how much of the political stuff

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First bands booked at new Hell’s Kitchen

They’re hammerin’ away on the new Hell’s Kitchen, which is in the works at at 928 Pacific Ave., in case you haven’t read this. When I toured the premises last week, booking guru Flash Connel gave me New Year’s Eve as the tentative grand opening date.

“Bottom line is a coupe of badass shows in mid-January that we have to be open for,” he said. Those shows: Rorschach Test on Jan. 16 and Guttermouth on Jan. 22. Check out the venue’s site here.