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There’s a party in our city (scenes from Yo Gabba Gabba!)

Hey! Where was the acoustic set? And the encore?

And what? No “Don’t Bite Your Friends” on the set list? Man, I hate when bands get so big they don’t feel “obligated” to play their big hits. And was it just me or did Brobee sound a bit pitchy this afternoon? Well, guess they just fix it up in the studio with a little Auto Tune like everybody else.

But seriously, we’re talking about Nick Jr.‘s hit kids show Yo Gabba Gabba which took over the Tacoma Dome today for two shows. (The second is going on as I post this.) A few thousand little people – many clad in fuzzy Brobee and DJ Lance Rock costumes – were highly entertained at the 2 p.m. show.
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Reunited Stone Temple Pilots, Weiland make it to Kent for hit-filled show

Scott Weiland: Well dressed and fully functional in Kent (photos by Ernest Jasmin)

The usual speculation about what could go wrong for Stone Temple Pilots was greatly amplified after the reunited band postponed several tour dates in September following bizarre behavior from embattled front man Scott Weiland. Surprise!

But Weiland made it to Kent’s Showare Center Wednesday night, along with drummer Eric Kretz and the brothers DeLeo, Dean and Robert on guitar and bass respectively. Weiland looked pretty dapper, in fact, in tailored coat and tie. He didn’t ramble incoherently or otherwise seem under the influence, reserving most of his minimal banter for calling out the new cuts from the self-titled album (starting with that one that blatantly rips of Nirvana.) And the guy didn’t appear to be lip-syncing, as alleged after another tour mishap this year. I was looking and listening for it, and a pitchy delivery on “Still Remains” suggested authenticity.

Nope, there were no train wrecks in Kent as STP delivered grunge era hits to a sparse but enthusiastic crowd. Click the more button for a set lists and a few more shots I snapped during the band’s set.
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Backstreet Boys review

Backstreet’s Brian Littrell, AJ McLean, Howie Dorough and Nick Carter in Kent (photo by Keegan Prosser).

By Keegan Prosser
Staff writer

I remember the days of pop music like they were yesterday. There I am, sitting in my living room, when mom walks in and tells me about some song she heard on the radio.

“It’s by this group called Boys in the Backyard,” she said.

Oh mother, how dare you call them that.

Yes, I admit. I was the 12-year-old who loved everything pop and found no embarrassment in writing “Mrs. AJ McLean” all over my school notebooks.

I even attended the “Black & Blue” concert in 2001.

So, when E.J. offered me the chance to cover last night’s Backstreet Boys “This Is Us” concert at the ShoWare Center in Kent, I had only this response:

“Hell yes.”
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Scenes from Mayhem Festival 2010

Rob Zombie guitarist John 5, um, making friends? (photo by Ernest Jasmin)

From eardrum-shredding riffs to raunchy stand-up comedy, orange-tinted little people and Rob Zombie’s giant, dancing robots, Mayhem Festival had a little something for everybody Tuesday at Auburn’s White River Amphitheatre. Except for maybe soccer moms. And nuns. And Justin Bieber fans. And …

Well, you get the picture. Metalheads were pretty pleased with a lineup that – along with the esteemed Mr. Zombie – included metal mammoths Korn, Lamb of God, 3 Inches of Blood, Hatebreed, Five Finger Death Punch and more. Here’s some of what earned devil horn salutes on a sweltering summer day (all photos by Ernest Jasmin.) And when you’re done looking at these, check out staff photog Drew Perine’s gallery over here.

Winds of Plague’s Johnny Plague. You don’t want to see him when he’s angry.

Definitely something you don’t see every day. Unless you’re Willy Wonka.

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Sting and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra review and set list

Sting performing with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Sunday night (photos by Matthew Lamb)

Metallica’s done it. Wynonna’s done it. Even gangsta rapper Ice T has resorted to that most pretentious of pop clichés, going symphonic. So color me jaded when Sting announced his tour with the Queen’s Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra and his intent to give his hits the classical treatment. A related album, “Symphonicities,” is also reportedly on the way.
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Parting shots from Sasquatch! 2010, featuring New Pornographers, Japandroids and Green Man

I had other business to deal with as soon as I got back to T-town, so I’m just now getting around to some of the left over photos I have from Sasquatch! 2010. My bad, y’all. But here’s some of what went down on Memorial Day (all photos by Ernest Jasmin, copyright 2010).

Japandroids biggest fans.

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Freaky fashion from Sasquatch! 2010

As mentioned, the biggest fashion trend at Sasquatch! 2010 is furry hats, especially panda hats, mysteriously worn mostly by Vancouverites. And some new friends from north of the 49th Parallel tell me it’s kind of a practical thing. It makes it easier to be spotted and spot your friends in the crowd. Not sure if Sasquatch and the super hero crew have the same motivation. But, you know, sometimes you gotta dress like the Riddler.


Scenes from last night’s Brooks & Dunn show

Kix Brooks Saturday night at the Tacoma Dome, photos by Ernest A. Jasmin, copyright 2010

After two decades of hits and more than 30 million records sold, country duo Brooks & Dunn have decided to go out on top. Their Last Rodeo Tour, which dropped in on the Tacoma Dome last night, has been billed as their last. But is it, really?
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