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A year later the Firwood Rock Lounge is finally open

The Firwood Rock Lounge finally opened Friday night. Granted, when I dropped by the new nightclub seemed a lot more like the old Drake’s Pub – the dance club that previously occupied its location at 734 Pacific Ave., in Tacoma – than a rock club.

Owners Jaey and Suna Hong have been trying to open the new venue since last year. But according to documents and e-mails obtained from the Washington Liquor Control Board and the Tacoma Police Department, their efforts were held up for several months by objections police raised about general manager Hyon Kil and

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What to expect from the new Firwood Rock Lounge (audio)

I remember when Drake’s Pub – formerly located at 734 Pacific Ave., a.k.a. the Drake – anchored the busiest club district in Tacoma. I had just moved to Grit City, and driving past that place still brings back fond memories – not to mention a few that make me wish that little doohickey from the “Men in Black” movies was real.

But alas, the Drake building has lay dormant since 2005. It’s changed hands a couple of times, and I’ve heard rumors through the grapevine of plans to spruce the place back up and turn it into a new nightclub. There was even a story floating around about a group opening an exotic toy store there a while back. But finally someone is actually tapping into that spacious joint’s potential – namely Jaey and Suna Hong, who owned the Fabulous Firwood roadhouse in Fife until it burned down last year.
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