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First peek at the new Gruv Lounge

Back in March I reported that the Gruv Lounge would take over the space at 3829 Sixth Ave., in Tacoma that was formerly occupied by Hell’s Kitchen. And the new dance club opened it’s doors this weekend. I poked my head in there on Saturday and was impressed by how thoroughly the space had been made over. House music is the style du jour these days. Wall murals favor stylish serpents over gaudy flames and she-devils and there are private karaoke rooms with song books and consoles in Korean.

Nah, don’t expect Atomic Outlaws or South 11th to come back and headline this incarnation of the club. And here are a few pics I snapped as I was passing through to give you a better idea of what the place looks like.

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More Bomba Estereo video from Bumbershoot

That last video I posted of Columbia’s Bomba Estereo performing at Bumbershoot got a pretty good response, so here’s another one. This is how the band kicked it’s set off, with “Elegancia Tropical” and “Pa’ Ti.” Singer Liliana Saumet’s vocals get lost in the mix here and there, but it’s still a pretty fun.

On a side note, I sadly don’t have footage of the band’s set-ending remake of Technotronics’ “Pump Up the Jam.” May have to look for fan clips later.


Charlotte Gainsbourg recalls working with Beck, near death experience (audio)

If you follow this blog you’re probably figured by now that Charlotte Gainsbourg’s “IRM” is one of my favorite discs of 2010, and I can’t wait to check her out live Wednesday night at the Croc in Seattle.

My story on the French singer/actress ran in Sunday’s SoundLife section, and now, finally, I’ve had a chance to chop up some clips from our interview. Click the links below to hear Gainsbourg talk about …

… recording with her famous

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Girl Talk rocks the UPS Memorial Fieldhouse, wastes tons of toilet paper

So does Girl Talk have a Charmin endorsement deal or what? (Photos by Ernest Jasmin)

Pittsburgh-based mash-up maestro Gregg Gillis, a.k.a. Girl Talk, just wrapped up a little while ago at the University of Puget Sound Memorial Fieldhouse. And while the main attraction was basically a dude playing music on a laptop, Gillis’ set was even more bonkers than I remembered from last year’s at Sasquatch! Festival.

You know, there were a few dozen kids on stage jumpin’ around and shakin’ their money makers with wild abandon; ginormous, confetti-filled balloons being batted around; Gillis’ homies firing off makeshift TP guns (actually leaf blowers rigged with paint rollers); and sick, new remixes featuring pirated hooks from Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Arcade Fire – and even a little “Tiny Dancer,” which is never a bad thing.

Just hit the “more” button and check out some pics I took tonight and you’ll see just how much fun was had by all. Then you can guess how many rolls of toilet paper wound up strewn all over the arena floor. At a rate of three or four a minute over a couple of hours I’m going with – ummm, let’s see, carry the one – a gazillion!
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Interview with Girl Talk’s Gregg Gillis (audio)

Girl Talk, a.k.a. mash-up mastermind Gregg Gillis, will be the main attraction Sunday night (Feb. 28) at the University of Puget Sound Field House. And if you caught this guy at last year’s Sasquatch! Festival you know to expect quite the spectacle; ribcage-rattling bass, toilet paper guns, kids jumping around onstage – maybe Gillis dancing around in his tighty whities.

Recently, I caught up with the Pittsburgh-based producer on the phone. I’ve got a related story coming up in the Friday’s GO section. Meanwhile, click the link to hear a clip of him talking

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Mashup mastermind Girl Talk headed to UPS

Gregg Gillis, a.k.a. Girl Talk, made my best albums list in ’08 for his mash-up masterpiece “Don’t Feed the Animals,” which brilliantly blended Lil Mama’s “Lip Gloss” with Metallica’s “One,” among other achievements. Trust me and give it a listen if you haven’t already.

And now Tacoma fans can catch Gillis in all his rowdy, beat-spewing glory, with a show slated for 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 28 at the University of Puget Sound Field House. Tickets are $18, and are currently available only through the general public at the UPS Information Center. But UPS director of

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Preview new “Hearts and Bones” tunes Vicci Martinez wrote for MLK Ballet

Tacoma singer-songwriter Vicci Martinez will team up with MLK Ballet to unveil new, instrumental sounds this weekend. During the 15th installment of MLK Ballet’s Move! series, dancers will perform to a new set of Martinez tracks, called “Hearts and Bones.”
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