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Charlotte Gainsbourg’s first Seattle tour stop

Charlotte Gainsbourg and guitarist Nicole Morier at Seattle’s Crocodile Cafe (photo by Ernest Jasmin).

The lovely, talented Charlotte Gainsbourg dropped by Seattle’s Crocodile Café Wednesday night, only a few shows into her first U.S. tour. Who knew? The French singer-actress has two solid albums under her belt – three if you count the record papa, Serge, wrote for her when she was a pre-teen. But until now, American fans have only been able to witness her talent on the big screen, in movies like “Jane Eyre,” “The Science of Sleep” and, more recently, “Anti-Christ.”
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Charlotte Gainsbourg recalls working with Beck, near death experience (audio)

If you follow this blog you’re probably figured by now that Charlotte Gainsbourg’s “IRM” is one of my favorite discs of 2010, and I can’t wait to check her out live Wednesday night at the Croc in Seattle.

My story on the French singer/actress ran in Sunday’s SoundLife section, and now, finally, I’ve had a chance to chop up some clips from our interview. Click the links below to hear Gainsbourg talk about …

… recording with her famous

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Jay Reatard’s band quits, tour canceled

Seattle Theater Group just announced that Jay Reatard’s Oct. 15 stop at Seattle’s Crocodile Cafe has been canceled, along with the rest of the punk-rocker’s tour. Ticket refunds will be available at the point of purchase, according to STG’s press release.

As reported by Pitchfork and other sources, Reatard’s band quit mid-tour, prompting the boss to tweet “They are boring rich kids who can’t play for … anyways” (uncensored version here.)