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More Charlie Murphy interview clips

Here are a few more clips from my interview with comedian Charlie Murphy, who will headline Seattle’s Moore Theatre on Saturday (March 6):

Charlie Murphy shares the best advice his brother ever gave him …

… comedians who doubted him when he started doing stand-up …

… and the controversy surrounding “We Got to Do Better,” his show on BET.


Charlie Murphy on the demise of “Chappelle’s Show,” a rematch with Prince (audio)

I wrote a preview of comedian Charlie Murphy’s headlining set at Seattle’s Moore Theatre on Saturday night for tomorrow’s GO section. Meanwhile, you can click the links to hear Charlie talking about the demise of “Chappelle’s Show” (a couple of guesses at who Comedy Central wanted to step in for Dave) and who would win a hoops rematch with Prince. On that second on you get on of Charlie Murphy’s really true Hollywood stories.