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Grit City Bootlegs No. 68: An interview and new tunes from Big Wheel Stunt Show

Big Wheel Stunt Show will unleash their new album “Cheetah Milque” on Tacoma Saturday night with a CD release party at the New Frontier Lounge. We’ll have a related story on one of Tacoma’s most talented rock bands in Friday’s GO section.

But in the meantime I thought I’d share this interview from last week at the Frontier. And if you hit the “more” button you can also check out several performance videos I shot with my little Kodiak point-and-shoot last Saturday at Supernova downtown. These boys rock!

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Big Wheel Stunt Show video shoot turns steamy

Renagade calendar girl Ruby Velvet.

What I expected Saturday afternoon when I showed up at Supernova’s downtown location yesterday afternoon was a video shoot for “When the Mountain Blows,” the closing cut from Big Wheel Stunt Show’s rockin’ new album “Cheetah Milque.” What it turned out to be? A steamy calendar shoot for the Renagade Girls. The rowdy and often scantily clad ambassadors of Tacoma’s Renagade Bikes had taken over the hair salon for a 1930s, gangster-themed hootenanny with Big Wheel playing the house band. (And yes, they spell renegade that way.)
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Grit City Bootlegs No. 57: Tacoma Hempfest finale

A couple of weeks ago at Hell’s Kitchen I ran into Big Wheel Stunt Show’s Evan Nagle, who was excited about an all-star jam he was putting together for the finale of the inaugural Tacoma Hempfest, which took place Saturday at Wright Park. On site, Legend of Bigfoot’s Jason Flom hinted that they’d practiced a song by a band that played Woodstock. So thinking about the styles of music that LOB and Stunt Show play I figured … Hendrix? The Who? Uh, Sha Na Na?

You could say I

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At last! An actual band schedule for Tacoma Hempfest

It was surprisingly hard to come by, but finally I’ve got a band schedule for the inaugural Tacoma Hempfest, which will take place Saturday at Wright Park.

Big Wheel Stunt Show, 8 p.m.
Sweet Kiss Momma, 7 p.m.
Legend of Bigfoot, 6 p.m.
Q. Dot, 5 p.m.
Vile Red Falcons, 4 p.m.
Mr. D.O.G, 3 p.m.
Voxxy Vallejo, 2 p.m.
Fun Police, 1 p.m.
Deborah Page, noon
State of Murdoch 11 a.m.

Big Wheel Stunt Show guitarist Evan Nagle was also telling me something about an

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Grit City (Fest) Bootlegs No. 52: Big Wheel Stunt Show at Grit City Fest

I’ll be posting video, photos and more from the inaugural Grit City Fest all weekend, starting with this clip from Thursday night at Hell’s Kitchen, featuring a Tacoma Power Trio you’ll recognize from GCB No. 45. And heeeeeeeere’s Big Wheel Stunt Show.


Grit City Bootlegs No. 45: Big Wheel Stunt Show (video)

And I give you local classic trio Big Wheel Stunt Show, the artists formerly known as Big Wheel Stunt Squad. I shot these clips over the weekend at the New Frontier Lounge. And is is just me, or is that Evan Nagle guy pretty sick on guitar? Click and judge for yourself.

Oh, and did I mention they’ll be at the Cake Room in Tacoma Friday night?

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