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Favorite albums of 2010

10. “This is Happening” LCD Soundsystem

LCD continues to make electronic music with heart, and they let their Talking Heads influences bubble to the surface on quirky cuts like “One Touch” and “Pow Pow” (a definite plus.) “Drunk Girls” was both my favorite pop single and video of the year.

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Favorite concerts of 2010 (so far)

Don’t be surprised if I amend this top 10 list after Tacoma’s garage-rock heroes, the Sonics, rock Oly’s Capitol Theater on New Year’s Eve. But here are my favorite concerts of 2010 so far.

10. Nate Jackson’s Super Funny Thanksgiving Comedy Show (Nov. 27, Pantages Theatre): Lacey comedian Nate Jackson has built a great Thursday night over at Tacoma’s Varsity Grill. And this urban comedy showcase- featuring the up-and-coming talent of Vincent Oshana, Cocoa Brown and Tony Roberts – was a nice coup for Tacoma. Not that I can quote any of the material. But look for Roberts to make waves in 2011.
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What are your favorite albums of 2010?

So I’m going what every critic in America is doing right about now – that is, finalizing my best of 2010 lists. My favorite albums list is firming up pretty nicely, but I was wondering what you all think. Leave your picks for best album of 2010 along with a description of why that CD melts your butter, and I’ll use some of the best answers for an upcoming story. And hey, tell your friends. If I get enough responses I’ll put together a Tacoma Rock City readers’ top 10.