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Fan footage from Green Day’s tour launch

“Put all the cell phones and all that b——- away,” singer-guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong instructed fans a few songs into Green Day’s set last night at KeyArena. “Just the camera thing. If you aren’t here now (forget) ‘em! This is our moment.”

Luckily for those of you who missed the show, or who just want to relive it, many weren’t listening. I saw a lot of little, glowing screens floating around in the darkness. And here’s a few YouTube clips I found on the ol’ YouTube this afternoon. Check ‘em out before they get taken down.

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Grit City Bootleg No. 11: Dick Dale, Girl Trouble footage

For those who missed Dick Dale’s amazing guitar clinic Saturday night at Hell’s Kitchen, here’s the finale. (Two guesses on what song he finished with before you click on the video. Just think “Pulp Fiction.” You know, the song Black Eyed Peas ruined.)

And just for kicks and giggles, I shot some footage of Tacoma’s favorite garage-punk outfit, Girl Trouble, too; if for no other reason, so you could check out singer K.P. Kendall’s sexy dance moves. Woot! This clip features the solid one-two punch of “Bring on the

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Can you feel it, people? Sasquatch is almost here!

Sasquatch is a highlight of my year every year. The full schedule for this year’s festival is available here. And in the days leading up to this weekend’s action, I’ll post some cool clips I found featuring some of the bands I’m most excited to see. For starters, here’s live video of Trent Reznor playing mellow Nine Inch Nails rarity, “Non-Entity,” and TV on the Radio’s howling delivery of “Wolf Like Me” from Letterman. Enjoy!


Behind the scenes footage from Joey + Rory’s new “Play the Song” video shoot

Last week I caught up with country husband-and-wife act Joey + Rory, who will sing their big hit “Cheater, Cheater” on Friday (April 17) at the Puyallup Spring Fair. I’ll have some interview clips posted before then, and a story in GO the day of the show.

Meanwhile, here’s a YouTube.com clip from behind the scenes at the “Play the Song” video shoot. Rory says he expects CMT to get finished copies next Tuesday and start playing it after that.


As if I needed an excuse to post Soul Train footage

I’m usually pretty quick to delete the TMZ updates that show up in my inbox about every 10 seconds, especially since they rarely involve Northwest celebs. Eddie Vedder and Dave Matthews are, alas, not good scandal fodder. Except for maybe that time Dave gave those boaters in Chicago a shower they’ll never forget. Ewwwwww! But it caught my attention today when I learned that even Soul Train’s Don Cornelius is getting in trouble these days.

Say it ain’t so, Don Cornelius! Well, maybe some of these guys will step up and be

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Blue Sholars’ “Coffee and Snow” video

Maybe you were snowed in by all the pre-Christmas snow we got in these parts. But not only did Seattle’s Blue Sholars manage to dig themselves out. All that white stuff served as a muse for a new song and video, directed by Zia Mohajerjasbi. Guess they had some free time, though, since they had to cancel their homecoming gigs at the Showbox.


Happier Sonics thoughts

OK, those last two posts were pretty depressing. How ’bout this to lift your spirits and restore your faith in humanity? The Sonics, Friday! Whooooooooo!!! Here’s what they looked like at New York’s Cavestomp festival last November. And I’ll have more related audio, pics and stuff in the next couple of days.