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Will R. Kelly do hard time? Take the survey

Well, looks like we’re pretty close to finding out whether or not R. Kelly is goin’ up the river or not.


Associated Press Writer

CHICAGO (AP) — Prosecutors wrapped up their child pornography case Thursday against R. Kelly the same way they began it a month ago: by playing for jurors the entire graphic sex tape at the center of the trial.

Defense attorneys stood on their argument that the man having sex with an underage girl in the video is not the R&B singer and that the girl isn’t who prosecutors

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Do you care if there’s no Ozzfest this year?

As Rolling Stone reports, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne may have taken a page out of Perry Farrell’s book this year. That is, like Farrell’s Lollapalooza festival, which once toured the country but now just happens in Chicago, Ozzfest may drop anchor in Dallas and become a two-day metal fest.

In a move that got plenty of ink last year, the Osbournes made the festival free. (Hear Ozzy himself talk about that by clicking this link.) But fans still didn’t quite fill up opening day at Auburn’s White River Amphitheatre, and that can’t be a

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It’s David Lee Roth by a knockout!

Well, guess there was no real point to that Van Halen survey I took last week since David Lee Roth is the only one of the group’s lead singers to get any love from Bring the Noise readers. So, it’s unanimous. You all think David Lee Roth is the greatest, and that Sammy Hagar and Gary Cherone are irrelevant. And we’ll see if the guy still has it tonight at the show.


Sammy vs. Diamond Dave vs. that other guy

Van Halen version 4.0 is all set to rock KeyArena next week, with original mouthpiece David Lee Roth back in place (for now) and young Wolfgang Van Halen on bass in place of the estranged Michael Anthony. And while that’s all good and well, I wanted to know which of the earlier incarnations rocked the hardest?

Was it the original Diamond Dave lead bunch, which brought us “Jump” and “Hot For Teacher” while rockin’ the spandex and Aquanet like none before. Was it the earthier Sammy Hagar fronted bunch that brought us “Right Now” in the ’90s? Or maybe

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Don’t forget to take the Sex Pistols survey

Vote for your favorite “Bollocks” track here. The plan is to use the results for an anniversary story later this month. And so far “God Save the Queen” and “Anarchy UK” are front runners, as you might expect. But where’s all my “Pretty Vacant” people? I’m just sayin’. Highly underrated song. My favorite British, midget rapper is even a fan. But what’s up with this You Tube clip? Laziest video ever!


Sex Pistols survey

The Sex Pistols’ “Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols” album turns 30 later this month. And I was just curious. What does that album mean to you? And what’s your favorite track? Take the new survey here and leave comments below.


And the (sometimes literally) over exposed celebrity that you’re most sick of is …

Last week, after the announcement that Britney Spears would open the Video Music Awards, I asked you which of the current crop of tabloid all-stars most needs to go away. And here’s how you voted:

Which celebrity would you be happiest to never hear from again?

Britney Spears: 38 percent

Paris Hilton: 31 percent

Lindsay Lohan: 25 percent

Nicole Richie: 6 percent

But that was before Britney’s trainwreck VMA appearance. Which kind of begs for a new survey, perhaps. Back in a bit.


The summer’s hottest tickets, say you

I asked you guys to vote on this summer’s hottest concerts. And there are some surprising results so far, based on who has been climbing the pop charts and grabbing all the magazine covers of late. Here’s what you’ve said so far:

The summer’s hottest tickets, according to you:

1. Kenny Chesney

2. Rush

3. (tie) Bumbershoot, Sasquatch, The Police

4. Steve Miller Band

5. UB40

UB40? Hmmm. Either those guys are a lot more popular than I figured, or some fan bases are more full of slackers

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Take the summer concerts survey

Summer concert season quickly approaches – a time when you can get a sunburn and get your mosh on at the same time. And I’m wondering which of the big events that have been announced so far you’re most excited about. The Police? Sasquatch? Kenny Chesney?

Take the survey here and I’ll update the results periodically. Plus, I’ll use the final tally for an upcoming SoundLife story.