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The Legend of Bigfoot is on the South Sound Mix Tape

Mike Krushka from Tacoma’s the Legend of Bigfoot – a band featuring former members of Sons of Ivan – e-mailed me a copy of a new cut, called “Humanoids,” to share on the ol’ South Sound Mix Tape. Click and give it a listen. Then mark your calendar for the group’s next gig, which is a sweet opening spot for the mighty, mighty Jucifer on Aug. 29 at Hell’s Kitchen.


Kusikia, Lozen, Girl Trouble, Outtasite and the Coloffs added to the South Sound Mix Tape

The South Sound Mix Tape is working pretty smoothly again, so I’ve been uploading songs like crazy this afternoon. Here’s what’s new with links to the bands and CDs for those of you who wanna learn more:

“Something About A Heart” by Kusikia (from EMP/SFM’s “Live From Sound Off” compilation)

“Earth People” by Lozen (from that New Frontier set I recorded a while back)

“Bring on the Dancing Girls (live)” by Girl Trouble

“Seatac” by the Coloffs


South Sound Mix Tape is fixed … sort of

Well, still not sure what happened with the service we were subscribing to for the South Sound Mix Tape player. But in lieu of a slick, purty interface, I’ve stuck a few MP3 links in the window so you’ll have something to listen to. And on the up side we’ve finally got a copy of Gold Teeth’s “Robots vs. Zombies” that doesn’t sound all jacked up. Woot woot!


Hey, what happened to the South Sound Mix Tape?

You may have noticed the space under the South Sound Mix Tape over on the right has been blank for a few days. Well, the service we use for uploading tunes is “down for routine maintenance.” Has been for several days running, actually. But we’ll hopefully have the local music up and running again soon. Cheers.


Vicci Martinez, Leanne Trevalyan and more added to South Sound Mix Tape

Just added a fresh batch of local cuts to the South Sound Mix Tape player in case you haven’t noticed. Check ‘em out and click the artists’ links. Recently added:

“Newton’s Third Law” by Leanne Trevalyan, from her new solo joint “Dandelion” … See her Saturday at Jazzbones.)

“The Eternal Battle” by John Walker and the Hitchhikers from their “Why Can’t I Have a Normal John Walker and the Hitchhikers Like Everyone Else?” disc

“Wanna Fall in Love” by Vicci Martinez, recorded live at the Swiss Pub

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Seaweed and Deborah Page are on the South Sound Mix Tape

I just added “Red Tape Parade,” from Seaweed’s “Actions and Indications” disc, to the South Sound Mix Tape player. I put Deborah Page’s ballad “Down” on there, too. Still working on a clean copy of Gold Teeth’s ridiculously awesome “Robots vs. Zombies.” You know, one that doesn’t sound like garbage if you’re using Internet Explorer. It plays fine on my computer if I use Mozilla’s Firefox. Or just surf on over to their MySpace, which is right … here.


New Nightgowns on the South Sound Mix Tape

As mentioned a few posts ago, Cody from the Nightgowns (the artists formerly known as the Elephants) handed me a copy of their brand, spankin’ new album, “Sing Something,” the other night after they opened for Frank Black’s new band, Grand Duchy. So I stuck “Big Bang” and “Narwhal Aerobics,” a couple of my favorite tracks, over in the South Sound Mix Tape player. So check ‘em out, and then head over to their MySpace page for official CD release party info.

Cody Jones (foreground)

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“Robots vs. Zombies” just added to the South Sound Mixtape

Just added “Robots vs. Zombies” by Tacoma’s Gold Teeth to the ol’ Mix Tape player (down and to the right.) And wouldn’t that be a killer concept for the next Robert Rodriguez flick? I’d pay money to see it, anyway.

[Note: As pointed out in the comments field, the clip sounds mangled if you listen to it using Internet Explorer, a browser that routinely annoys the @#%@%@ out of me. Sounds fine if you use Mozilla Firefox, though. Try that until I can reload.]