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Sonics concert DVD update

Remember that Sonics concert DVD that’s been in the works for the last year and a half or so? Well, Buck Ormsby — the Sonics’ manager when he’s not playing bass for his own band, the Fabulous Wailers — gave me an update the other day when he was up in Seattle recording interviews for the project.

Click this link to listen.

The Wailers/Ventures biz he mentions as the clip fades out is, of course, related to the bands’ forthcoming split CD “Two Car Garage” and the CD release party

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Dierks Bentley promises high-tech show, rockin’ new tunes on Saturday

Country star Dierks Bentley is sure to play “What Was I Thinkin’,” “Free and Easy” and other hits when he opens for Brad Paisley Saturday night (Feb. 28) at the Tacoma Dome. He’ll also appear at the Varsity Grill downtown from 4 to 6 p.m. that day. So I thought I’d share a couple of quotes from my interview. Wrote a story about it for today’s GO section. Click the links to hear ol’ Dierks talk about touring with Brad and tonight’s high-tech show or

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The Chuck D interview

Public Enemy’s Chuck D will be the main attraction Wednesday (Feb. 4) at the University of Puget Sound’s Schneebeck Concert Hall. And I caught up with the hip-hop legend for a story running in our SoundLife section Tuesday. But before that hits your doorstep, here are a few audio clips from my chat with Public Enemy No. 1.

Pt. 1: Barack Obama

Pt. 2: “Kanye West is the Elton John of hip-hop"

Pt. 3: Had to ask him about Flavor Flaaaaaaaaaaav!


Gym Class Heroes interview

Travis McCoy (shown here at the Tacoma Dome in 2007) will be at KeyArena with his Gym Class Heroes band mates on Sunday (Jan. 25). Good money say’s "Cupid’s Chokehold" will be on the set list. But I wouldn’t bet on Travis’s recent ex, Katy Perry, being on the tour bus.


Gym Class Heroes will be at KeyArena Sunday night with Lil Wayne’s I Am Music tour. And recently I hooked up with Matt McGinley, the band’s drummer and co-founder, for some quick

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The Blanks, a.k.a. Ted’s Band on the future of “Scrubs,” parlaying at Christmas parties

If you follow “Scrubs,” chances are you’re familiar with Ted’s Band, those a capella-singing weirdos that show up at random to sing about Underdog and baby back ribs. (Mmmm. Babyback ribs. And if you’re not familiar, what are you waiting for? Click the YouTube clip for a quick primer.)

Well, they’re actually a bona fide band consisting of actor Sam Lloyd (Ted from the show), Philip McNiven, George Miserlis and Paul Perry. The quartet will appear at University of Puget Sound’s Schneebeck Concert Hall on Sunday (Nov. 9) under their real world

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The Sonics’ Jerry Roslie laments taking four decades off, works on new songs

Can you feel it yet, people? There are just 10 days and counting till the Sonics’ first Puget Sound performance since the early ’70s!

On Halloween at the Paramount Theatre, lead howler and keyboard player Jerry Roslie, guitarist Larry Parypa and sax player Rob Lind from the band’s most well-known lineup will be joined by Ricky Lynn Johnson and Don Wilhelm, in place of rhythm section, Bob Bennett and Andy Parypa. Manager Buck Ormsby, of Wailers fame, tells me there are still tickets left, shockingly enough.

And less than an hour ago,

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Blix Street Records’ Bill Straw on Eva Cassidy’s life, legacy and new album

Fame eluded talented Washington, D.C. area singer-songwriter Eva Cassidy when she was alive. Cassidy died of melanoma in 1996, but with the help of Gig Harbor’s Blix Street Records her music lived on. And by 2001 she’d become a cult figure in the U.S. and Great Britain.

Blix Street recently issued another posthumous Cassidy release, called "Somewhere." So I caught up with label chief Bill Straw to talk about her powerful voice, how the new album came together and the odds of Cassidy’s life making it to the big screen.

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Born to be Wiiiiiiiiild! An interview with Steppenwolf’s Goldy McJohn

Oy! Got a little tied up this morning and didn’t get my Goldy McJohn audio edited and posted as soon as I wanted. But the ex-Steppenwolf keyboard player and his band, Goldy and Friends, will be at Jazzbones on Saturday with Jimi Hendrix’s bro, Leon. (Click here to listen to clips from my interview with him.) And you can click on the link to hear Goldy talk about Steppenwolf (and Skynyrd) songs he might play Saturday, falling out with his old band mates and finally bouncing back from hard times.


Jimi Hendrix’s little brother recalls life on the road with the rock legend, the nasty legal battle over his estate and his own belated musical awakening

Jimi Hendrix died 38 years ago today. And in honor of that sad occasion, I thought I’d share a few clips from my interview with his little brother, Leon Hendrix, who will also perform Saturday at Jazzbones.

Pt. 1: “Your brother’s not gonna make it” and a musical epiphany decades later

Pt. 2: Watching the money, meeting Band of Gypsys drummer Buddy Miles on the road with Jimi

Pt. 3: Groupie gatekeeping and partying at Eric Burdon’s house before the fun came to a tragic end

Pt. 4:

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Duff McKagan on Guns, Loaded — and little bit about that Scott Weiland guy

As you might have read in a previous post, ex-Guns N’ Roses and current Velvet Revolver bassist Duff McKagan will bring his other band, Duff McKagan’s Loaded, to Hell’s Kitchen tomorrow. And recently I called the guy at his home in Seattle to catch up. Duff’s a pretty laid back, candid guy, and I got lots of good clips about all three of his bands, including his account of what went wrong between former VR singer Scott Weiland and the rest of the guys.

But I thought I’d post these things in a couple of installments

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