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A punk history lesson

On Friday, KEXP announced that it will air a 10-part series of short punk documentary spots. “Punk Evolution” will air at 3 p.m. on Thursdays beginning July 12. And even if the station abandoned its terrestrial, South Sound broadcast (not that we’re bitter about it) you can still listen here.


Internet radio protest

Live365, Rhapsody and MTV Online will be silent today, along with other Internet radio broadcasters that are protesting higher rates imposed by the Copyright Royalty Board. The new rules also mean those outlets will be stuck paying 17 months worth of back payments, according to a story on the Radio Ink site.


Imus discussion continued

Haven’t yet polished off my first cup of coffee. But I’m already fielding calls and e-mails in response to my Don Imus column in today’s GO. One lady was incensed that people blame hip-hop for public figures’ racist statements since racist mentality has been around a lot longer than gangsta rap.

Then there was the gentleman who write the e-mail below, suggesting there was much more to the man than an overblown sound bite:

I’m still passionate about this topic, weeks later, which I guess is amazing given my usually passionless middle-aged existence.

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Imus ain’t nearly the worst one

Some passionate discussion has been going on with this Imus thing. But here’s my beef. What bothers me most about the Imus controversy isn’t some codger shock jock’s awkward use of hip-hop slang. It’s not all the cynical, race-baiting pundits that can actually call his firing “a lynching” with a straight face. It’s that more blatantly, racist and homophobic things get said on mainstream airwaves just about every week without much of a stink being made about them. And unlike Imus, listeners take some of the jokers featured in the clip below seriously.


Don Imus results so far

Sorry for the belated Don Imus survey results, but I’ve been out sick a couple of days Hack! Cough! I think I had a touch of the ol’ Ebola.

But there’s been lots of good discussion in the aftermath of the shock jock getting canned, mostly along the lines of different standards for elderly shock jocks and rappers. I’d like to revisit this in the near future. But meanwhile, here’s what the readers thought about the firing:

Don Imus should have been fired: 24 percent

Don Imus should not have been fired: 76

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Don’t forget to take the Don Imus survey

Should the man have been fired for his “nappy headed hoes” comment? Put your two cents in here — or leave your take below if it’s more involved than “yes” or “no” — and I’ll post the results early next week.


Can radio police itself?

There’s a new development in the payola settlements several radio conglomerates have reached after the FCC found they were offering play for pay.

This morning, a press release showed up in my inbox regarding a agreement between the American Association of Independent Music and radio conglomerates CBS, Clear Channel and Entercom to allow stations to police themselves under new guidelines. Check these out:


1. Radio should establish, and appropriately publicize, clear and non-discriminatory procedures for music submissions and access to radio station music programmers (to the extent

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Sometimes radio conglomerates act like NBA franchises

Three Seattle radio stations owned by Entercom Communications will go to Bonneville International Corporation as part of a swap for assets in the San Francisco market, Entercom announced today.

Entercom owned seven stations in the Seattle market before the deal, but will give up classic rock station KBSG-FM (97.3), news and talk station KIRO-AM (710) and right-wing talk station KTTH-AM (The Truth, 770.) The media conglomerate will also give up WUBE-FM, WKRQ-FM, WYGY-FM and WSWD-FM in Cincinnati in exchange for KOIT-FM, KDFC-FM and KMAX-FM in San Francisco.

Entercom will retain four of Seattle’s most popular music stations,

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The dismal state of radio

Found an interesting peice here about what Audioslave’s Tom Morello calls the “Wal-Martization of radio.” And the complete report mentioned in this story can be found here. This is why, since KEXP pulled the plug on Tacoma, I’ve spent more and more time listening to my iPod instead of the radio. And apparently I ain’t alone.