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Uh, they’re a little confrontational

Punk band MDC’s moniker has alternately stood for Millions of Dead Cops, Millions of Damn Christians and Multi-Death Corporation – which should give you some inkling of how they feel about “the Man.”

And I just found out the veteran hardcore outfit – best known for such cult hits as “John Wayne Was a Nazi” and “Violent Rednecks” – is headed to Hell’s Kitchen for two shows (one of them all-ages) on Aug. 24. Here for more details.


Alice in Chains to tour this fall

An excerpt from the latest Alice in Chains e-newsletter:

The rumours are true — Alice in Chains will be embarking on another major tour this fall. The guys will be joined by Velvet Revolver and together the two bands will rock their way across North America.

Chatter about the new tour has already started over on the AliceInChains.com discussion board so if you’re not yet a member of the site, sign up and then head to the Board to get excited about this fall’s biggest tour. Being a member of AliceInChains.com will also

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Lady Sov’s missing gear

lady s_01.jpg
Lady Sov: The biggest midget in the game.


I’ve sung Lady Sovereign’s praises ad nauseum in 2006. And by now you’ve probably caught wind of the hype that precedes her full-length debut “Public Warning,” which is due from Def Jam on Halloween. She’s British. She’s a half pint. She spits hot fire, and Jay-Z is her biggest fan.

Well, Tuesday, I got to have a proper conversation with the S.O.V. when she called from London. (We actually met briefly in front of the Showbox after her

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Talib Kweli puts on his best poker face

kweli1sm.jpgI’ve interviewed tons of artists who don’t want to spell out what their songs mean for fear of tainting how fans relate to the music. But Talib Kweli took this notion to the extreme yesterday when I called him on his cell, looking for a few tidbits to whet fans’ appetites until his new album drops on Nov. 7.

Kweli is one of the most complete and insightful rap lyricists on the scene today, as fans will witness first hand tonight when he spits a few songs from such criminally underrated albums as

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Hilary Duff is immune to your petty disses

I’m way too old and way too male to be in Hilary Duff’s prime demo. So I have yet to buy a ticket for her and sister Haylie’s new movie, "Material Girls." But I at least did a little research leading up to my interview with the pop megastar, which took place about an hour ago. And, to put it mildly, reviews have been a tad harsh.

duff sisters.jpg

Here are just a few choice blurbs posted at RottenTomatoes.com:

“You may find yourself longing for the intricate plotting

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Fishbone’s Angelo Moore talks “Idlewild”

OK, like I mentioned in the previous blog item, it was a trip to see Fishbone’s Angelo Moore and John Norwood in “Idlewild.” (Apparently, drummer John Stewart – no, not that Jon Stewart – was in the film, too. But the Fishbone clips go by so quick, I didn’t catch him.) After all, Fishbone opened the first concert I ever went to (Beastie Boys, Louisville Gardens, 1987.) And I also had a chance to kick it with those guys when they headlined Hell’s Kitchen in early ’05. Several shots of Patron and Jaeger were involved, followed by a massive hangover

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Escuche a los “Corridos de Muerte” con Asesino


It’s not exactly cool these days to admit you ever liked any nu metal bands. But screw it. I liked Static-X’s first two albums "Wisconsin Death Trip" and "Machine." Sure, they sound pretty dated now that everyone’s gone back to flesh and blood drummers and old school thrash. But there was a period, circa 2001, when I played those discs (especially "Machine") a lot. I even met Wayne Static and Tripp Eisen backstage at the Dome a few years back. Cool guys. Had some funny stories about opening for Slayer.

So it

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A quick slang lesson from E-40

Snoop gets most of the credit for coining hip-hop expressions like “fo’ shizzle” and “chuuuch.” But those in the know recognize that E-40 is the undisputed king of slang. And since he’s one of the attractions at KUBE-FM’s Summer Jam Saturday, I figured I’d toss out this clip from the interview I did with him to preview his headlining date at the Temple Theatre this spring.

And I’m not 100 percent positive, but I think he may have coined a couple of new terms right there on the spot. “Young mustache?”


The skinny on Lamb of God’s new album

Check out Friday’s GO section for more details on Lamb of God’s forthcoming “Sacrament” album, due next month, and Friday’s appearance at Qwest Field Events Center with the Unholy Alliance Tour. Meanwhile, here are a few more clips from my chat with drummer Chris Adler:

First Adler talked about “Redneck,” the first single and video from the “Sacrament” album. Then he warned that fans shouldn’t expect the Pantera-style groove of that song to dominate the rest of the album.

And I’ve talked to several metal bands over the years that say

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