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What are the Most Egomaniacal songs of all time?

Mims is hot. Not only does he tell you, he also breaks down the reasons for his nuclear hotness in his club hit “This Is Why I’m Hot.” It’s an audio user’s manual on achieving hotness yourself, if you will.

And ol’ Mims got me thinking. In the days leading up to his performance at the Tacoma Dome, where on May 12 he’ll be part of KUBE’s Global Import’s Car Show, I figured I could come up with a pretty good mixtape of egomanical songs alone. Hell, rapping about how

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Halloween: The Northwest mixtape

I started the Halloween mixtape discussion a few days back. So thought I’d circle back with a few suggestions for adding a bit of a Northwest flavor to your compilation. Try these on for size:

“The Witch,” “Psycho,” “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” The Sonics

“Blood Witch,” “If I Had an Exorcism” The Melvins

“Dawn of the Dead,” “Curse of the Werewolf,” “Serial Killers Really Know How to Party” Schoolyard Heroes

“Sleepy Vampire,” “Creepy Jackalope Eye” The Supersuckers

“It’s Catching Up” Nomeansno (“Have you heard the news? The dead walk

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The scariest song you’ve ever heard

jamie lee curtis_thumb.jpg
The theme from “Halloween,” with Jamie Lee Curtis, is a good mood setter.


I love, love, love Halloween. (Hey, when else can a grown man show up at the club dressed like Pinhead?) And I’m working on my annual Halloween megamix.

It would be easy to just tell everyone to play Fantomas’ “Delirium Cordia” to give their house party the right ambiance; it’s one 75-minute track, and easily the creepiest album I’ve ever heard. Or I could just rehash the same playlist from last

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Everybody! It’s the eeeend of the woooorld as we know it!

Sweet sassy molassy! Eddie Vedder was right last Saturday at the Gorge. It is getting harder and harder to feel all right, what with the news filled with talk of global warming, war escalating in the Middle East and maniacal dictators firing of test missiles – and that’s not to mention the occasional close call with a passing asteroid.

Yikes! We … are … all … gonna … die. Like, next month.

So what am I gonna do about all this besides gripe, you ask? Come up with the perfect apocalypic playlist, that’s what. Hey, it’s

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Anybody selling a cheap, reliable car?

Things I learned yesterday:

* With rising gas prices, tow truck operators are passing the cost along to you with rates that are now up from $3 to $4 per mile. Add the hookup fee, and this will cost about 200 bones to get your car from Boeing Field back to T-town.

* Compared to that, the $90 I neglected to spend on Triple-A dues is quite a bargain.

* Having your alternator belt snap while driving on I-5 is what, in mechanics jargon, is considered “bad.” And it costs about another 200 grips to

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Calling all dorks: The definitive Superman playlist

While I’m a (mostly) recovered comic book nerd, I’m still a sucker for just about any superhero movie this side of “Daredevil.” (God! That suuuuuucked! But not quite as bad as the sequel, “Elektra.”) So I thought I’d come up with a good iPod mix for all the other dorks who are excited about the opening of “Superman Returns” today:

"I Am Superman" R.E.M.

"Superman" Eminem

"Superman" Bush

"Superman" Jucifer (If you haven’t caught on, a lot of people have written songs called "Superman." I’ll leave it at those three.)

"The Man of Metropolis Steals

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