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New blog system at Tacoma Rock City

We’re switching to a new blogging system here at The News Tribune and hope you’ll like the changes. We also hope you’ll try it out and give us your feedback.

A few of the changes you’ll notice:

• We’ve separated content and advertising by implementing the right ad column you’ll see on the rest of our site and a left content “widget” column.

• In that left column, we’ve added a tag cloud that shows the most blogged current topics. The tag cloud also allows us to streamline our category lists which got out-of control after awhile (sorry about

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R.I.P. Les Paul

<p>I'm actually out of the office this week, but I had to at least post a link about the father of the electric guitar dying. Read Rolling Stone's <a href=” http:=”” www.rollingstone.com=”” news=”” story=”” 29580246=”” rolling_stones_essential_guitar_coverage”=””>obit here.


The story behind that Save Our Sonics guy

You may not know Kris Brannon by name. But if you’ve been to just about any big even in Tacoma this summer chances are you’ve noticed him.

It’s kind of hard not to, actually. Brannon is that tall guy with the afro you spotted waving his “save our Sonics” sign at Taste of Tacoma, Art on the Ave and outside the American Idols Live show. I wrote a story about his late, one-man crusade for Monday’s SoundLife section. Until then, you can click on the video clip to learn about the method behind his madness.

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Why David Hasselhoff should come back to Tacoma

The Hoff leaves Tacoma, where he filmed material for “America’s Got Talent” last week, and a minute later he’s knee-deep in a big ol’ scandal. Well, a little and possibly overblown one, actually. TMZ has details.

Come back, David, come back! TMZ’s reach doesn’t extend to Tacoma. So it’s kind of like the tree-forest thing. If something crazy happens to you and there are no paparazzi to document, did it really happen? Hmmmmm?


Hangin’ with Hasselhoff

Duuuuudes! I typed this blog entry with the hand that shook hands with David Hasselhoff. You know, the guy with the talking car? Huge in Germany? Did lots of slo’ mo’ beach running with Pam Anderson? Shweeeet!

But seriously, while I normally focus on pop music on this here blog, you know I had to make an exception for clips I gathered on the set of “America’s Got Talent,” which taped today at Tacoma’s Pantages Theatre. Not only did I get face time with the Hoff, I also kicked with new host, Nick Cannon, and judge

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Hey, you been practicin’ for “America’s Got Talent”?

In case you’ve been in a coma and have, therefore, been insulted from the buzz, “America’s Got Talent” is coming. The open cattle calls begin at 8 a.m. Saturday and Sunday (April 25 and 16) at the Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center, 1500 Broadway, with pre-registration info available by clicking here. (But what’s up with that “Seattle” nonsense in the link? This is Tacoma, Grit City, you California TV types!)

Tryouts will be followed by two show taping sessions at 1 and 6 p.m. next Wednesday at the Pantages. Check the Broadway Center

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Bring the Noise has been twitterized

OK, I’m finally like all the cool kids and on twitter (www.twitter.com/noiseblog). Then again, the cool kids have probably moved on to some hipper new thing that lets them keep up with each other telepathically or something. But so what! I’ve done some cool interviews, ranging from T-town’s own Vicci Martinez to punk legend Exene Cervenka of X, and plan to post lots of audio soon. So I you should really click the link for updates. Because just bookmarking is sooooooo 1999.