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So who’s Lily Allen feuding with this week?

Check out British pop star Lily Allen’s harsh (and perhaps tasteless) dis of Courtney Love on the Rolling Stone site. And read some of the hilarious responses. Seems that even Courtney Love haters don’t take kindly to seeing the late Kurt Cobain’s name uttered in vain.

So is this a feud in the making or what? And wasn’t Lily Allen already busy hating on Amy Winehouse?

And while we’re on the topic of Ms. Allen, I also mentioned her in a post a few days ago about artists whose influences are showing. And

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Hate mail of the week

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a really clever or funny one. This one, in response to the column I recently wrote about Rick James, will have to do:

I bought the cd this week and love it!!!!!! I find your negative review of the cd, mindless, thoughtless, and you lack any vision!

[Excerpted from my column]

The bad news is that it takes awhile to get to that little nugget of funk. Most of the album is bogged down by generic quiet storm fodder; songs that sound

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