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Death Cab for Cutie pen lead single for “New Moon”

There’s yet one more reason for teenage girls to freak out when the “Twilight” sequel hits theaters in November. Death Cab for Cutie wrote the lead single for the soundtrack for “The Twilight Saga: New Moon.” The forthcoming new cut is called “Meet Me at the Equinox,” and bassist Nick Harmer, a native of Puyallup, issued a statement originally posted at StephanieMeyer.com, reprinted here.

“We are very excited to be a part of this amazing series of novels set in our own backyard. It just seemed a perfect synergy that a band

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Death Cab for Cutie playing Redmond’s Concerts at Marymoor series

When I last spoke to him, Death Cab for Cutie’s Nick Harmer remarked at how weird it was that his band hadn’t done a proper, headlining Seattle date for “Narrow Stairs,” considering how many Washington shows the band played during last year’s touring cycle. (He didn’t count Bumbershoot, since it’s a festival.)

Well, now Death Cab has got one. Or the band is headlining close to Seattle in Redmond, at least. Seattle Theater Group just announcing that Death Cab will headline Marymoor Park on July 18. Vancouver, BC-based power-pop outfit, the New Pornographers, have

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A decade of Death Cab

As many of you know by now, Death Cab for Cutie is among the main attractions coming to WaMu Theatre for The End’s Deck the Hall Ball Tuesday. I’ve already posted a related clip of Death Cab bassist Nick Harmer – the band’s lone South Sounder, from Puyallup — talking about his band’s forthcoming EP. (Click here if you missed it.) And now you can click on the link below to hear the guy talk about Barsuk Record’s 10th anniversary reissue of Death Cab’s debut album, "Something About Airplanes," the included live recording of the band’s

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Death Cab for Cutie plans to release "Narrow Stairs" outtakes disc

There’s exciting news for Death Cab for Cutie fans. This morning, I called up bassist Nick Harmer just before he headed to sound check in Baton Rouge, La. And Harmer, who hails from Puyallup, gave me the skinny on a forthcoming E.P. of "Narrow Stairs" session outtakes that he said will likely be released in Spring 2009.

The just finished and as yet unnamed EP consists of songs that just didn’t quite fit the musical arc the band wanted to create on its last full-length album, Harmer said. "We still wanted them to have a home, and we

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Death Cab for Cutie’s Bumbershoot set list

Officially, I took Labor Day off. But you knew I’d check out Death Cab for Cutie’s homecoming show and post a set list for you, right? So here it is, y’all.

Death Cab for Cutie set list

Bumbershoot, Sept. 1, 2008

Bixby Canyon Bridge

The New Year

Why You’d Want to Live Here

Crooked Teeth

Long Division

Grapevine Fires (Ben Gibbard: "Sometimes beautiful things happen. They do happen.")

Movie Script Ending (Ben dedicates to anyone from Bellingham)

Company Calls

Summer Skin

Soul Meets Body


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Death Cab for Cutie’s Chris Walla talks “Narrow Stairs,” why the unplugged album can wait

Death Cab for Cutie back in 2005, when they were the official house band of "The O.C." Hear them play the new tunes Sunday at Sasquatch.


If you’re reading this blog, chances are you know who the big bands playing the main stage at Sasquatch this weekend are. R.E.M., the Cure, Modest Mouse, M.I.A., blah blah blah. And also among those big shots is Death Cab for Cutie, the band I caught up with for my festival preview for this coming Friday’s GO section.


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Death Cab for Cutie’s “bench press king” and trained monkeys backstage at the Dala Lama concert

I’ve finally gotten a chance to start pulling clips out of my latest interview with Death Cab for Cutie guitarist, keyboard player and producer Chris Walla. And while our first exchange had little to do with the band’s actual music, there were some funny bits related to playing with Dave Matthews and seeing the Dalai Lama at the Seeds of Compassion concert last month at KeyArena. Something about a “trained monkey” ruining his backstage experience.

Click here to listen. And check back later this week to hear what Chris had to say about “Narrow

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