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Britney Spears review and set list

Britney Spears at Tacoma Dome. Photo by Joe Barrentine
This gal headlined the Tacoma Dome last night. We hear she’s in the news a lot.

Britney Spears didn’t show up with her dome shaved Thursday night at the Tacoma Dome. She wasn’t listless and pudgy, a la her career low on the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards. She didn’t even storm off stage, peeved at the aroma of wacky tobacky, as she did night before last in Vancouver, B.C.

Nope, there were no tabloid-worthy moments during the pop princess’ first Puget Sound performance in half a decade, a victory by itself. Instead, Spears confidently strutted, gyrated and lip-synced her way through a slick two hours of smash hits, eye-popping spectacle and PG-13 erotica, much to the delight of more than 20,000 screaming and mostly female fans. It was another step forward on a comeback trail that’s seen her bounce back from the public meltdowns and trips to rehab that have largely overshadowed her musical career these last few years.

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Brad Paisley makes a case for Guitar Hero: Nashville

Country star Brad Paisley gets the party started with a little “Mud on the Tires” Saturday night at the Tacoma Dome.


So why isn’t Brad Paisley on one of those Guitar Hero, anyway? They could make a special "Guitar Hero: Nashville" or something.

Such were the deep thoughts that sprung to mind as I sat in the Tacoma Dome press box last night, inspired by a funny spoof of the popular video game that popped up on Paisley’s video backdrop as he performed his hit, "Celebrity."

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For those about to read this AC/DC review (we salute you)

So what exactly did you expect from AC/DC’s first stop at the Tacoma Dome in seven years? That the band would unveil the new ambient electronic sound it’s been working on with Brian Eno? That it would try out new world beat-influenced arrangements, featuring sitar and didgeridoo? A melancholy acoustic set with Brian Johnson sharing a few existential reflections?

No, no and hell to the no. AC/DC isn’t about to pull any arty surprises on their fans — you know, like those Who guys. And Sunday night at the Tacoma Dome, it was as if the band had

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Maple Valley’s Brandi Carlile delivers soaring set, new material with Seattle Symphony

Brandi Carlile was back home Saturday night, fresh from a batch of European dates. And it was hard to pinpoint exactly what was most special about Maple Valley songbird’s homecoming show at Benaroya Hall with Seattle Symphony. Was it the opportunity to preview three new songs from the immensely talented singer-songwriter’s forthcoming third studio album? Was it hearing already breathtaking numbers "Follow" and "Turpentine," given sweeping, new life by arrangements featuring the Symphony? Or was it just the opportunity to have that powerful, bell-clear soprano tugging at the ol’ heart strings again?

All of the above

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“Superwoman” Alicia Keys is impressive, inspiring at WaMu show

Alicia Keys Saturday night at Seattle’s WaMu Theatre.


"Superwoman?" Yeah, I’ll buy that; especially after R&B sensation Alicia Keys delivered one of the most triumphant performances I’ve seen this year Saturday night at Seattle’s WaMu Theatre. Forget that demure piano woman you might have seen on television. When she made her entrance, Keys was a fierce diva, more along the lines of Beyonce, minus the shimmery dress. And she was all sass and hip-swiveling sensuality during an early set that included smash "You Don’t Know My Name."

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