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Encore Boutique Nightclub set to open Friday in downtown Tacoma

Encore Boutique Nightclub, a new nightclub from the group that created The Loft Nightclub and 21 Commerce, is set to open Friday night in the downtown Tacoma space that formerly housed The Vault.

The owners are definitely aiming for swank for this club. Their press announcement reads like this: “The entrance into the club’s main room presents a dramatic aerial perspective: elegant VIP tables surround the dance floor with dramatic suede curtains serving as a backdrop. A dance floor, centered in the room, creates a brilliant focal point highlighted by a glowing LED wall that slowly changes the mood of

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Varsity Grill adds dueling pianos

Watch out, Chopstix! You’ve got competition.

Or you will have competition starting July 11, that is, when the Varsity Grill unveils its new dueling pianos theme nights during the venue’s three-year anniversary celebration. The format is coming to Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, according to an e-mail from owner Jon Tartaglia. The dueling piano show will be free with music kicking off at 8 p.m.


Randy Oxford jam headed to Chopstix

Randy Oxford just texted me back. He’s moving the Wednesday night jam from Jazzbones to Chopstix. You know, way over on the other side of the street and a block away. I’m slightly taken aback since I was guessing Masa or Sax.


Sax will likely open on Thursday

You’ve probably noticed a flurry of activity over at Sax, the new nightclub that’s setting up camp over at 2309 Sixth Ave. Well, I just spoke to Sax GM Micha Cornelius, and he has Thursday (May 7) penciled in as the new opening day, assuming the venue passes final inspection by the Health Department. Cornelius has the Carter Brothers, the Hybrids and DJ Butter lined up for opening night entertainment, and a grand opening party slated for May 14.

And did I mention that their web site is up and running? Check it out

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Sax will provide laid back option for 30-somethings on Sixth Ave.

Sax, a spot I first blogged about in January, is generating a big buzz as opening day approaches. But there’s a little bit of sketchy info about the place in the blogosphere. So I figured I’d check in with folks behind the scenes to see what’s really going on.

The venue, which is still under construction at 2309 Sixth Ave., is owned by Jenny and Andy Yee, who also own the North China Garden next door. General manager Micha Cornelius said April 27 has been penciled in for the soft opening, with a bigger grand

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A place to pre-funk before the show — first look at 1022 South

I dropped in on the soft opening of 1022 South on Sunday night. That’s the new joint just opened at 1022 S. J St., a space owned by the Frontier Room’s Neil Harris, in case you missed my last couple of posts. And it’s still dark, hip and ultra cozy with a slick but subtle makeover. It takes a discerning eye, or someone who spent way too much time in there when it was the Monsoon Room, to pick out the changes. The shelves and arrangement behind the bar is different, a bit slicker. The fancy piano in the corner

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1022 South will have a soft opening on Sunday

Chris Langston, the man behind Tacoma’s new lounge, 1022 South, tells me his place has passed final inspections and will have a soft opening starting at 8 p.m. Sunday (March 29). He said, the bar – which is opening at 1022 S. J St., the former home of the Monsoon Room – will switch to normal business hours starting the next day.

The space has apparently undergone only minor remodeling, which has added a little more seating space. But here’s a change that piqued my interest: In contrast to the DJs that Monsoon owner Laura Malone used to

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1022 South may be open by end of the week

The folks behind a new lounge called 1022 South plan to have a soft opening by week’s end, having been issued an interim license by the Washington Liquor Control Board. Chris Langston, the man running the show, says tentative plans are to open doors at 1022 S. J St. — where the Monsoon Room did business last year — some time between Thursday and Sunday.

The building is owned by Neil Harris, who also owns the New Frontier Lounge in the Dome district.


Here’s my pick for most obnoxious local nightclub. What’s yours?

Against my better judgment, I risked a rare and reliably annoying pilgrimage to Maggie O’Toole’s last night. It’s where my friends wanted to go. So, outvoted, I shut up and tagged along. But between the door guys’ predictably surly and borderline hostile demeanor, and an attempt to rip me off with a $20, 1 a.m. cover charge (owner Jeff Corbin says its 10, but contemptuous door guy seemed to double it on the spot) I was reminded of why I never venture to this place if I don’t have to. Besides, the constant blare of car alarms and heated banter

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New Frontier Lounge to kick off Rebel Monday

Promoter/bartender Matt Eklund just informed me that the New Frontier Lounge is opening up Mondays, starting next week, with a new theme night called Rebel Monday. It’s an industry-themed night, with DJ Jason Diamond spinning roots reggae and possible live music down the road. Music will get started around 9 p.m. starting Monday (March 2).