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American Idol fan video

Well, the cell phones and cameras were out again last night at the T-Dome. Here are some decent clips I found of last night’s American Idols Live show.

Here’s Adam Lambert singing Muse’s “Starlight”

… and Tears for Fears’ “Mad World.”

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Scenes from American Idols Live

Kris Allen and Adam Lambert, a.k.a. American Idols No. 1 and 2, Tuesday night at the Tacoma Dome.

A point of disclosure: I’m not the biggest "American Idol" fan. Just don’t get it, actually. It’s kind of like televised karaoke, minus the sloppy drunks singing hideously off-key versions of Crue tunes before hitting the parking lot for a quick chunder. (For the record: Always entertaining.) So over the course of eight seasons, I’ve tuned in only about as much as my nine to five required; that is to say, I mainly just followed local boys Sanjaya, Blake Lewis and A.J. Gil (remember him? Season one?) and ignored most of the rest.

But I must confess that, as jaded as I am, I may have caught just a smidge of Lambert mania Tuesday night.

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GASP! They’re almost here!

Sanjaya’s new book and album, that is. Both are due in stores on Tuesday (Jan. 20). Hope they don’t eclipse that other thing happening that day. You can read more here. And you know what? I’m gonna have to find the tape from my last interview with the kid from Fed Way. I don’t think I ever posted any audio. Stay tuned, Sanjayaphiles.

Our hero, Sanjaya Malakar, mugging it up with admirer, Raelhiya Fulmer, at the Commons Mall in Federal Way in 2007.



Former “American Idol” contestant found dead near Paul Abdul’s house

I, too, have laughed at those “American Idol” episodes where they make fun of the most deluded pop wannabes at the beginning of the season. But they seem especially gross after today’s news. You’ll find the late Paula Goodspeed’s audition clip here, and below is AP’s story about the former contestant’s body being found near “Idol” judge Paula Abdul’s house:

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A fan of Paula Abdul whose failed audition for ?’American Idol