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Grit City Bootlegs No. 67: A Sublime fake? You decide

Post by Ernest Jasmin on Feb. 21, 2011 at 10:55 pm with No Comments
February 21, 2011 11:23 pm

So I’m not sure exactly who Lyon Pride Music had playing at Jazzbones Sunday night when Long Beach Rehab headlined. That is, it was, indeed, a band called Long Beach Rehab. But the group was billed as a celebrity tribute act featuring Bad Brains singer H.R. and Q-Ball from LBC Sublime. Through word of mouth, that somehow turned into the actual Eric “Q-Ball” Wilson from Sublime.

I can tell you for sure that H.R. was nowhere to be seen at the Boneyard, unless he was secretly hiding out in the kitchen. I believe the significantly younger guy onstage and on the show poster was Israel Joseph who performed with Bad Brains for a spell in the ‘90s.

And that guy Q-Ball who played bass is apparently from the Sublime tribute band LBC and not Eric Wilson, as he’s been identified. Find a related story with the guy presenting himself as the real McCoy here. Not the correction the correction at the bottom. Then you be the judge. Here’s a clip I shot of Long Beach Rehab performing Bad Brains’ profoundly awesome “Re-Ignition.” (Ignore that I exported this clip from iMovie with the wrong title for a minute till I fix it. Heh.)

Now here’s Sublime with Rome, the band that the surviving rhythm section of Sublime (also drummer Bud Gaugh.) The stupid name stems from a lawsuit filed by the late Bradley Nowell’s estate. You can read about it in Billboard here. And while you’re at it, look closely at the guy in the center of the photo that runs with that piece. That’s the real Eric Wilson. He’s also to the right in this clip I found on the ol’ YouTube.

Oh, and tickets were going for 15 bones. For that much money you could just buy a CD recorded by the real Sublime. Just sayin’.