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Legend of Bigfoot go for three straight wins on KISW-FM’s Cockfight tonight

Post by Ernest Jasmin on Dec. 13, 2010 at 4:50 pm with 3 Comments »
December 13, 2010 5:27 pm

Legend of Bigfoot is the latest Tacoma area band to do damage on the Cockfight, the weekly rock rumble royale that airs Monday nights on Seattle’s KISW-FM (99.9).

LOB is going for their third straight victory for “Humanoids,” captured on video below during one of the band’s first ever performances at Bob’s Java Jive. (That whole show is still posted as Grit City Bootlegs No. 25 over here.)

KISW will announce the challenger on air in a few minutes, at 6 p.m. Voting opens around 9:10 p.m. after DJ Jolene spins both songs, you can vote by calling 206-421-7625 or by e-mailing jolene@kisw.com and putting “Legend of Bigfoot” in the subject line. (Or the challenger, if you so choose.)

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  1. decomposing1 says:

    Man is the singer tone deaf? This video prolly don’t do the band justice. I’ll pass thanks.

  2. toddheap says:

    Decomposing…..it sounds like you might be better off catching some american idol reruns on the tv guide channel. You, Paula and Randy can look around at each other and say “pitchy” over and over again. I’m afraid you’re totally missing the boat here on these guys. I’ve seen over a dozen times and they are VERY GOOD. You should get out and experience the thriving scene we have here in Tacoma because these guys represent it VERY well. Viva la Bigfoot!!!!

  3. decomposing1 says:

    I hate to inform you that I am “out” on the local scene. I cannot stand morons and uber fans who cannot stand to see their precious bands take any heat. I am not a critic and appreciate local talent, if you would have pulled them pants up far enough and read my comment ”
    “This video prolly don’t do the band justice”
    You most likely would have seen that the video just did not do the song justice. So before you try and come at me with your little insults read the whole post in context.