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The Fun Police phenomenon

Post by Ernest Jasmin on Aug. 18, 2010 at 6:06 am with No Comments
August 13, 2010 5:46 pm

The Fun Police are really weird. That is to say, the septet is one of South Sound’s most offbeat and wildly inventive bands, with a creative vision that encompasses genre-blurring party anthems – parts punk, Celtic, reggae and country – satirical PSA videos and even good grub. (Fun Police associate “Fryin’” Ryan Hatcher served up gourmet grits during the band’s performance at Tacoma’s Grit City Fest in June, as captured on film here.)

At the moment, the “Bullies in Blue” are busy winding down their first West Coast tour with their hard-drinkin’ homies from Ten Miles of Bad Road. Singer-guitarist Kevin Schulz – a.k.a. Ranger Ruffhousen, has kept me up to speed on some of the highlights: Lots of busking, some bridge diving, a possibly schizophrenic break-dancer. Getting chased by real police outside of Disneyland. You know, the usual. But Sunday, they’ll both be back in town for Ten Miles’ Outlaw Music Festival at O’Malley’s Irish Pub.

We’ve got a related story running in Sunday’s Sound Life section. Meanwhile, enjoy some of the band’s music videos and PSAs.

And here’s one from before they bought their cop costumes:

Oh, and you can check out some performance clips by clicking the links to Grit City Bootlegs No. 39 and No. 53.


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