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New nightclub Vanity is headed to former Station 56 site

Post by Ernest Jasmin on Aug. 16, 2010 at 5:30 pm with 6 Comments »
August 16, 2010 5:44 pm

A new nightclub called Vanity is headed to 5602 S. Washington St., in Tacoma, previously the home of rock club Station 56.

Local entrepreneur Ali Mehdizadehkashi – who owns Cheers Bar & Grill in Puyallup and has been affiliated with the Sixth Avenue Bar & Grill, Area 151, Cheers West and Lipstix, among other local establishments – is leasing the space. He applied for a liquor license for Vanity last month and has revealed tentative plans to open by mid-September.

Among the entertainment he said he may showcase are live rock bands, comedy, jazz and salsa.

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  1. gonefishin69690 says:

    Automatic weapons are optional

  2. Just what the neighborhood needs. I notice Ali is not in my extended network on facebook or linked in. Suspicious, very suspicious.

  3. decomposing1 says:

    What happened to Station 56? Obviously closed but why.

  4. Burningbldg says:

    Why even name it?

  5. Many night clubs have been through that building over the last few years and almost every time it had been remodeled as well. The most sucessful one must have been station 56. The Owner max did quite a bit of work to it and had a very solid and good staff. I watched as every week it became more and more busy and popular with a very decent crowd. It had the perfect set up for live bands. The perfect staff and even perfect bar food.
    Just when station56 hit its peak where it was so busy you had to have reservations or get there at 6pm. It was sold to the same owners as Jaz Bones I believe.. They then made some changes to the place and even added a sushi bar up stairs.. Changed the food from very good bar food to cheap bar food. They cut all the staffs pay in half so many left and were replaced with a terible wait staff. Very slow, never got orders right . I really felt sorry for them. Now the staff station56 had WOW! They could take 20 orders at a time and get everything right.. the owner knew what he was doing when he hired the staff. Anyways the new owners of station56 had no chance and didnt care they were scaring away the regulars. They were relying on the customers the bands brought in so it was a different crowd every time and it slowly fizzled out. (Actually quickly) Was to bad as it could have been a great fun and safe place if changes were not made. Im curious if the new owners thought they bought into a lemon or knew they were at fault. hmmmm Well its gone now so I am very curious what the newest place will offer. Ive been to cheers west many times over the years. Its a different crowd up there so im curios how that will work.. Hope12th time is a charm lol

  6. Desmo_Profundis says:

    My wife and I were regulars at Station 56 and watched it’s rise and fall. All the things that were mentioned in the article were very much to blame for the Station’s untimely demise but also the previous owner had a policy that military members would NEVER pay a cover. Said policy made Station 56 very popular with the local military personal and they made a grip of money off of us in drinks and food as we packed the place every weekend, it made us feel as if the 56 was our own personal bar. The new management felt they could make more money off the military if they charged them a cover so we stopped going.

    Another point I’d like to bring up is how friendly the previous owner was to bikers. The local biker scene also felt as if the Station 56 was their own club. I don’t just mean the color wearing MC club guys but I’m certainly not excluding them either. Both Harley and sport bike riders enjoyed special treatment at the 56 that ended as soon as the new management came on line.

    To sum up the lessons learned but the misfortune of a great local club.
    1. Be good to your military and they will be good to you.

    2. Treat regulars like regulars.

    3. Provide good food that makes people’s mouths water just thinking about where they’re gonna eat.

    4. Go out of your way for motorcycle riders as they tend to stick together. If there’s one bike parked on the sidewalk in front of your club there’s soon to be 20.