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Pearl Jam says good-bye (for now)

Post by Ernest Jasmin on July 12, 2010 at 5:48 pm with 4 Comments »
July 13, 2010 6:25 am

Could Pearl Jam’s two-night stand in Seattle last year have been our last shots to see the band for a long, long time? Several sources, including Harms from Seattle’s KNDD-FM (The End, 107.7) in Seattle, are reporting that Pearl Jam is going on hiatus.

“Thank you for coming to our last show,” Eddie Vedder told a crowd at the Optimus Alive Festival in Lisbon Portugal. “Not our last ever, but our last in a long time.”

That’s the widely circulated translation of a statement Vedder read in Portuguese (see video.) But he seemed upbeat, and I wonder if something has been added in translation. After all, it’s not strange for Pearl Jam to take an extended vacation. the band’s members typically scatter for a good while before reassembling to record again. Four years passed between the “Riot Act” and “Pearl Jam” albums, for example.

But speculation continues, even if die-hard fans refuse to believe the hype, as reflected in this thread that TRC reader Kevindot1 pointed out.

P.S. Harms also brings up the possible up side of not seeing Seattle’s rock heroes for a while – namely, the chance to see some other Seattle rock heroes:

Drummer Matt Cameron will hopefully be busy with the Soundgarden reunion. Only one show (Lollapalooza) has been officially announced. However, bass player Ben Shepard recently confirmed that more are on the way.

Hmmm. I guess I have heard a whisper or two about where “Nudedragons” might show up around these parts.

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  1. Kevindot1 says:

    Here’s the thread on PJ’s forum about it: http://forums.pearljam.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=137006

    I can see them taking a year or so off….but they tend to do that after every album. They all like to get away from one another and do other things. They will be back. Don’t forget the 20th anniversary of their very first live show ever is this October 22nd. They will be back in the studio before you know it. And, in the mean time, we have SOUNDGARDEN to look forward to. :)

  2. Ernest Jasmin says:

    Good point. Perhaps people are reading way too much into this. And most accounts say Ed was reading in Portuguese. Perhaps something was lost – or added, rather – in translation. Love that this could mean a Soundgarden tour announcement could be near, though. Shweeeeet!

  3. Ernest Jasmin says:

    Eh, just watched the video. He did read it in Portuguese, and I think based on the way he says it he just means they’ll take a couple of years off. Maybe as long as they took between “Riot Act” and “Pearl Jam,” maybe.

  4. Kevindot1 says:

    I agree, EJ. Nothing they haven’t done in the past. I will still renew my Ten Club membership until they tell me not to.