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3 Inches of Blood’s Cam Pipes recalls Brian Redman (audio)

Post by Ernest Jasmin on Nov. 5, 2009 at 5:57 pm with 3 Comments »
November 5, 2009 5:57 pm

Vancouver, BC’s 3 Inches of Blood was on the road touring in support of new CD “Here Waits They Doom” when the band’s former bassist, Tacoma’s Brian Redman, died on Sept. 27.

So 3IOB had to wait until this weekend to return to it’s home away from home (the bulk of 2007’s “Fire Up the Blades” was written in T-town) for a tribute show. The band will headline a benefit for Redman’s widow, Dana, on Saturday (Nov. 7) at Hell’s Kitchen, a bill that also includes locals Monuments Collide, the Jet City Fix and Glimpse.

Recently I caught up with 3IOB vocalist Cam Pipes who talked about how he learned the bad news. Click here to listen to some of what he had to say about Brian’s time in the band and learning about his tragic accident.

Then click the “more” button to check out a cool video CMH Pro posted from the Oct. 2 memorial show at Doyle’s.

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  1. fuzzybear says:

    Good stuff. Thanks for that.

  2. This “benefit” is a sham. The Brian Redman Foundation was created by Brian’s parents to help aspiring muscians. The proceeds for this particular show are going to his estranged wife to make payments on her BMW. The family is very upset that the money is going to her and not the foundation. When commenting on the fact that most of the money from the Doyle’s concert had gone to the foundation she commented to Brian’s father, “What good is a foundation if you can’t spend the money?” You might want to contact Brian’s parents for comment.

  3. flashpoverty says:

    dear stefery

    Originally we were going to give the money to the Brian Redman Foundation, but it was Brian’s mom’s idea to give it to Dana. SO, if you don’t know the facts, leave it alone.