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Pearl Jam set list, night two

Post by Ernest Jasmin on Sep. 23, 2009 at 10:11 am with 2 Comments »
September 24, 2009 10:56 am

I missed Pearl Jam’s second show last night at KeyArena. But big props to reader Kevin Healy for the set list he forwarded from a fan forum:

Set List: Sometimes, Why Go, All Night, The Fixer, Dissident, Johnny Guitar, Faithfull, Lukin, Not For You/(“Modern Girl” by Sleater-Kinney), No Way, Unthought Known, Unemployable, Comatose, Insignificance, Present Tense, Got Some, Go

1st encore: Just Breathe w/the Octava String Quartet, The End w/the Octava String Quartet, Black, In My Tree, Spin The Black Circle

2nd encore: Supersonic (sung as “SuperSonics” with new lyrics about SuperSonics basketball team), Do The Evolution, The Real Me (by Townshend) w/the Syncopated Taint Horn Quartet, Porch, Yellow Ledbetter/(Star Spangled Banner)

Reports Kevin: AMAZING show!!! Blew last night’s out of the water!! They played “No Way” for the only the 4th time ever tonight!! Last played Mon Sep 07, 1998 at Virginia Beach. They played their new song Supersonic, but changed all the lyrics in dedication to the former Supersonics. Ed said this was the band’s 50th show in Seattle. Mentioned his daughter’s birthday tomorrow, same as Bruce Springsteen. Nothing political tonight except for pleading with KeyArena to let folks have beers in their seats. You’ll have to try and find this on Youtube, or get the bootleg when it comes out in a couple weeks.

A note from me about “Supersonic”: Sound guy extraordinaire Mike Corvin, who some of you will remember from Hell’s Kitchen, reports that he was on site with members of legendary Tacoma garage-rock band, the Sonics. And another friend tells me that Eddie Vedder actually incorporated lyrics to one of their songs. Can anyone who was there confirm this?

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  1. Kevindot1 says:

    Seattle both nights – 46 different songs!!!!

    As you can see, only eight repeats from night one to night two!! An absolutely incredible couple of nights!! Thank you Ten Club for the great seats and thank you PEARL JAM for the incredible shows!!! See you guys in Clark County!!!

    1. Long Road
    2. Corduroy
    3. Gonna See My Friend
    4. Got Some (X2)
    5. Hail Hail
    6. Amongst The Waves
    7. Daughter
    8. Even Flow
    9. Johnny Guitar (X2)
    10. Unthought Known (X2)
    11. World Wide Suicide
    12. Small Town
    13. Off He Goes
    14. Down
    15. Save You
    16. The Fixer (X2)
    17. Life Wasted
    18. Just Breathe w/the Octava String Quartet (X2)
    19. The End w/ the Octava String Quartet (X2)
    20. Inside Job
    21. Rearviewmirror
    22. Given To Fly
    23. Do The Evolution (X2)
    24. Better Man
    25. The Real Me (Townshend) w/ the Syncopated Taint Horn Quartet (X2)
    26. Indifference
    27. Alive
    28. Sometimes
    29. Why Go
    30. All Night
    31. Dissident
    32. Faithfull
    33. Lukin
    34. Not For You/(“Modern Girl” by Sleater-Kinney)
    35. No Way
    36. Unemployable
    37. Comatose
    38. Insignificance
    39. Present Tense
    40. Go
    41. Black
    42. In My Tree
    43. Spin The Black Circle
    44. Supersonic (sung as “SuperSonics” with new lyrics about SuperSonics basketball team)
    45. Porch
    46. Yellow Ledbetter/(Star Spangled Banner)