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Why you should catch the Jesus Lizard at Capitol Hill Block Party

Post by Ernest Jasmin on July 20, 2009 at 11:00 am with No Comments
July 20, 2009 11:00 am

The Jesus Lizard is one of those strange rock phenomena that have become more and more common in the YouTube age. The Chicago-bred noise-rock outfit is one of those bands – like Slint or, most notably, the Pixies – that seemingly out of nowhere started to generate loads of buzz several years past its pre-breakup heyday.

Hence, several high-profile gigs this year, including last week’s Pitchfork Festival in Chicago and a headlining slot at Seattle’s Capitol Hill Block Party on Friday. And having caught the Lizard a couple of times I wholeheartedly recommend that you not miss one of the most insane and underrated live bands of the 1990s.

From "Puss" to "Monkey Trick," Jesus Lizard’s sound was like a grimy underbelly to the grunge movement the band and its earlier ’80s incarnation, Scratch Acid, helped inspire. And it’ll be interesting to see if vocalist David Yow is, at 48, the same unhinged, crowd surfing, trou-dropping madman that his fans know and love.

Speaking of which, I got the guy on the phone last week before he headed to Chicago. And I’ll post these interview clips in installments, starting with these two:

Clip 1: Yow on why his band broke up

Clip 2: “I didn’t really miss being in a band at all to be honest.”

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