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The new Sasquatch Buzz: Murder City Devils’ Spencer Moody gets his freak on

Post by Ernest Jasmin on May 24, 2009 at 6:40 pm with No Comments
May 24, 2009 6:40 pm

The early Saturday Sasquatch buzz was about super-group Street Sweeper Social Club. But this afternoon that was overshadowed by the over-the-top spectacle of Murder City Devils front man Spencer Moody, whose belligerent antics are sure to warrant a few mentions in Spin and the other nation media on site.

Said antics included staggering and rolling around the main stage; stuffing the microphone in his mouth and screaming when (I’m guessing) he forgot the words (and he did this often); pausing, appearing to unzip his pants, possibly to water the front row. [Update: A source tells me he was actually giving one of the photogs a special but probably unwanted shot]. Oh, and he made out with several dudes, including guitarist Dann Gallucci and some skinny fella he picked up carried across the stage for several moments.

Based on Moody’s semi-coherent ranting there seemed to be some underlying point about homophobia. "Sometimes now we play these shows," he slurred a few songs into the set, "and I just see a bunch of disgusting high school jocks in the audience, and what we do is for all the beautiful (ironically used gay slur)."

He continuously baited the crowd and, at one point, demanded that all the heterosexuals turn around and face the other way lest he assume they were “homosexuals like us.” I didn’t see any morons fall for this, though I did spy a few one-finger salutes. And while I don’t claim to know anything about Moody’s sexual orientation, I’m guessing his shenanigans were mostly calculated to piss a few close-minded people off, add to his band’s notoriety and maybe generate some publicity in the process.

As a fan of Iggy Pop/Jim Morrison-style nuttiness I found the whole thing pretty hilarious, even if the shtick wore thin after a minute. And I have to admit to being a bit bummed as Moody plodded and screamed through and off-beat rendition of my favorite MCD cut, “I Want a Lot (So Come On),” seemingly only vaguely aware of what his band mates were playing. But, hey, whaddaya gonna do?

OK, enough typing. TV on the Radio is on, and that means I gotta bounce. Big time. Check back for updates.

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