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Live from Sasquatch: A new stage setup and Seattle’s next big thing

Post by Ernest Jasmin on May 23, 2009 at 7:10 pm with No Comments
May 23, 2009 7:10 pm

OK, so I’m finally connected and I’ve got a couple of things to report from Sasquatch. For starters, Live Nation has switched the layout around quite a bit. The comedy/dance stage has migrated to the field where the Wookie stage was last year and it’s a lot bigger and covered. I’m blowing off the massively annoying Tim & Eric’s performance there as we speak. And the Wookie stage is a lot bigger, too, and looks kind of like a scaled down version of the main stage.

I’ve been dealing with tech issues and have been trying to stay hydrated. It’s hella hot this year, y’all, with Honey Buckets that feel like old-school prison sweat boxes, but stinkier. But I’ve managed to check out a full set by the oddly named Mount St. Helen’s Vietnam Band which, thanks to savvy marketing and an odd back story, seems destined to follow Fleet Foxes as Seattle’s next "it" band.

I was skeptical of the hype, which led to a recent mention by Spin, since it didn’t seem as if these guys have actually played many shows. They play an angular style of dance-rock that’s sure to draw comparisons to Franz Ferdinand, with lots of stop-start rhythms. And I kind of dug ‘em. Will have to pick up a copy of their self-titled debut at the merch booth to fully digest.

And I spoke to drummer Marshall Verdoes, who has generated a little buzz of his own, and not just because of his kinetic, Brann Dailor-style drum fills, but also because the guy won’t be able to drive legally for another two years. He told me he just turned 14 after the set. And he’s actually band leader Benjamin Verdoes brother, despite the fact that they look nothing alike and Benjamin is 13 years older. The singer-guitarist’s mother adopted Marshall when he was a baby, according to the Spin profile, which you can read here.

Forgot to ask him about his bands odd uniforms, which feature mustard-colored pants and wallpapery vests. Oh well. I’ll have to look that up later.

OK, less typing, more music. Think I’ll hoof it on over to the Wookie stage for Mos Def next.

Top: Mount St. Helens Vietnam band’s Benjamin Verdoes and percussionist-wife Traci Eggleston. Bottom: The new comedy-dance stage setup.


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