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Shock jock apocalypse: Tom Leykis, Adam Carolla shows axed

Post by Ernest Jasmin on Feb. 20, 2009 at 9:12 am with No Comments
February 20, 2009 9:12 am

I was listening to a radio show early this morning that mentioned Tom Leykis being fired. After calling Leykis’ producer Gary Zabransky and going to voicemail, I checked The Los Angeles-based shock jock’s web site. And it said that today’s episode of the Tom Leykis Show will, indeed, feature the final installment of Leykis 101, the on air class for men about “how to get the most tail for the least amount of money.”

The web site for KISW-FM (99.9), which has aired Leykis since 2005, confirmed the show’s end with this explanation:

The long and short of this is that Tom’s home station, KLSX in L.A. will change format Today, Friday 2.20 at 5pm, and his syndication company Westwood One has ceased distribution of the show, unfortunately leaving Tom a man with a show and no place to broadcast it from.

Tom Leykis enjoyed a great stay in Seattle on KQBZ and KISW for well over 10 years. And we wish him the very best.

Starting Monday on KISW from 10pm to 2am you will hear the Grindhouse after Jolene.

“All questions will be answered beginning today at 5,” according to Leykis site, likely referring to the time of the format switch. Of course, Seattle listeners will have to wait a few hours longer to hear if Leykis has any parting words about what went down. His show used to air live on KQBZ-FM (The Buzz, 1007) until that station went country as KKWF-FM, “The Wolf,” and Entercom moved him to nights on KISW. Seattle was one of Leykis’ strongest markets, and a healthy chunk of his calls came from Puget Sound before the switch.

In a related story, today is also the last day Entercom’s KNDD-FM (The End, 107.7) will have the Adam Carolla Show, another guy-oriented, syndicated shock show that’s gotten the axe. Sources report that Carolla will continue to podcast from his site.