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Beck’s Bumbershoot set list

Post by Ernest Jasmin on Aug. 31, 2008 at 12:40 am with No Comments
August 31, 2008 12:40 am

I’d hoped to have more photos, notes and audio posted from Bumbershoot’s first day at this point, but had some serious wifi issues up at Seattle Center. but the good news is that now that I’m back in T-town, I can sort through and post some of the stuff I got up there. Plus, I took down Beck’s set list.

And while I love just about everything the Beckster does, this was definitely my least favorite Beck show. It was decent, but the sound was muddy, the performance was disappointingly straightforward with few of those weird live Beckisms that fans have come to expect. And what’s up with neglecting all of "Mutations”? Dude! I love that album! But it was cool to see Beck perform his existential, epic new track “Chemtrails.” That song is so haunting, and the drums are just killer.

Anyway, enough of my jibba jabba. Here’s what the man played.

Beck set list

Bumbershoot, Memorial Stadium

Aug. 30, 2008






Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat (Bob Dylan)

Que Onda Guero

Nicotine & Gravy

Mixed Bizness

Soul of a Man

Modern Guilt

Gamma Ray

Hell Yes (Pause for band huddle and gear change. Beck: "I wanted to get a headset microphone like N’ Sync. … We’re gonna press some 808 buttons." Start goofy drum machine set)

Black Tambourine (end goofy drum machine set)

Devil’s Haircut

Think I’m In Love


Sunday Sun

Golden Age

Lost Cause



Where It’s At