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Jonas Brothers interview clips on their new tour and their next album

Post by Ernest Jasmin on Jan. 31, 2008 at 7:49 pm with No Comments
January 31, 2008 7:49 pm

The Jonas Brothers are sure looking like the next big thing in pop. Scratch that. They’re already big and, based on the reaction of all those 12-year-old gals that nearly drove me deaf with their screaming last month at the Tacoma Dome, they could get Back Street Boys big.

Their first headlining arena tour kicks off tonight and will make its way to the Comcast Arena at the Everett Events Center on Tuesday. Their third album is due in stores this summer. And “Camp Rock,” the Disney flick they shot last fall, will also see light of day in the coming months, and some folks are already speculating that it could be the next “High School Musical.” You think?

Anyway, the Jo Bros held a conference call on Tuesday to discuss all of the above, and I rolled some tape. Here are the first couple of clips I was able to edit together. FYI, Nick is the most soft spoken of the three. Joe’s tone is a bit more upbeat, and Kevin’s voice is the one with the slight nasal quality. Got it? Got it. So just click on the links to hear what they had to say, and stay tuned for more.

Part one: Headlining their first big tour

Part two: Their tour bus recording studio, influences on the new album and new cuts they’re playing on tour

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