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Broadway Center scores major cool points with Air

Post by Ernest Jasmin on April 20, 2007 at 2:57 pm with No Comments
April 20, 2007 2:57 pm

Catch Air Monday at the Pantages.

Linda Bujoli

In December, the Broadway Center sent out a survey of acts that were being considered for the Pantages and Rialto theaters. And the inclusion of the Decemberists, Ben Folds and Rilo Kiley on the wish list suggested that the group was looking to go in a younger, hipper direction (you know, the fact that Bob Newhart was also on the same list aside.)

And Monday’s Air concert at the Pantages may be Broadway Center’s first big coup along those lines. Consider that the French duo is one of the most heavily played electronic acts on college radio, having also recently cracked the top 10 in that category recently on Seattle’s KEXP-FM, a regional barometer of all things cool. And note that Air is playing T-town instead of Seattle. (Take that, Jet City!)

Broadway Center is suddenly seeing a whole new demographic of ticket buyers for Mondays, according to marketing director Lacey Leffler. And this is just speculation. But the fact that show promoter Live Nation is trying out the Pantages makes me wonder if Tacoma might start getting the sorts of mid-level shows that usually head straight for the Moore and Paramount in Seattle. Hmmmm?

All that aside, I caught up with Jean-Benoit Dunckel who, with partner Nicholas Godin, is Air. And he gave me the lowdown on what to expect Monday night. We covered …

… the duo’s sound and influences.

… the Japanese flavor of last month’s “Pocket Symphony” album.

… the live experience.

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