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Popular summer programs to remain in Puyallup another year as sun continues to shine

Post by Kari Plog / The News Tribune on May 9, 2013 at 1:02 pm with 26 Comments »
May 13, 2013 10:05 pm

The Puyallup parks department has finally ended budget talks as heat and sunshine have brought residents outdoors earlier than normal.

The Parks, Recreation & Senior Advisory Board unanimously voted to approve recommendations on budget reductions at the end of April, saving two popular programs after a long — and sometimes contentious — cutback process.

Parks administrator Sarah Harris said the Pioneer Park wading pool and the popular summer concert series will continue, despite about $147,000 in cuts to the parks budget.

Weekend hours at the recreation center, which were originally targeted for cutbacks in early proposals, won’t be reduced after staff positions were adjusted.

The pool and the concerts also were part of initial cuts proposals, but Harris said restructuring programs and reducing supply costs allowed the department to salvage both for at least another year.

“We tried to make sure the programs that offered a value to the community were kept intact,” Harris said Thursday.

Initial proposed cuts approved in the final recommendations include a preschool program assistant position, scorekeepers and supervisors for adult sports, two recreation staff positions and elimination of the teen program The Attic.

Additionally, Puyallup will end a summer track partnership with Pierce County, a program the county will continue to sponsor.

The wading pool will continue for at least a year, but the parks department is exploring a splash pad in its place down the road.

Harris said splash pads are safer, require fewer staff to maintain and allow flexible use for longer periods of time throughout the year.

At the City Council meeting Tuesday, Councilman John Hopkins said he is pleased with the progress that was made to reduce costs while maintaining valuable programs.

“We’re doing more with less,” he said. “This is a platform for the future.”

Kari Plog: 253-597-8682

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  1. Valleychic says:

    Now go figure this one! The council and city manager conduct an internal quality management analysis of Parks and Recreation, $236,000, and those aligned with the former Mayor have a major panic attack. Mud slinging, disparaging the city manager who placed the correct people in the position of responsibility, and look–the city saves $236K and nothing is cut. And it appears the right things were done right. Great job Sarah Harris.

  2. hillguy says:

    Valleychic, did you read the article? No cuts, really? Let me type slowly so you can understand….Let me try to make it clear, the Teen program was cut, scorekeepers were cut, and numerous employees were cut. Plus add to that, this years budget not only included those items, but also the concerts and wading pool. Please stop trying to make it sound like your cronies have saved Puyallup.

    Since this budget already accounted for ALL programs, parks, concerts, pool, employees, etc., mark my word, let’s chat next year.

    As to the $236k savings, I’ll help you with the math (or feel free to ask your dog for verification as I know facts and Math aren’t your strong suit), that only amounts to .26% of the entire $90mm+ budget. And no that’s not a typo, its not 26%, there’s a decimal in front! That amount of savings could have been found anywhere without major impacts on one department or our children!

  3. Valleychic says:

    Well hillbilly, I was wondering how long it would take you to start your attack style of intimidation. I read the article–teen program cut–nobody attends it. Gosh–the adult leagues cannot keep their own scores? Should the city pay to have a bat boy or girl as the case may be so they don’t have to carry their own bats. Regardless of the percentile saved, is not saving $236K worth it or should they just go out and burn it. And mark your word, [we'll] chat next year. Looking at the upcoming agenda items, it appears the council will begin working on the budget in June. Why talk to me, they are the ones that do the budget. Maybe they can cut some more in other areas. Back to the nut you go!

  4. hillguy says:

    Valleychic – Play the victim much? Let’s set this straight, it’s YOU who is on here trying to bully ANYONE who says ANYTHING against this joke of a council we have in the city! I’m just hear to correct your drivel!

    Now that we’ve cleared that air, I believe in your first post you wrote “the city saves $236K and nothing is cut.” Then in your latest post, “–teen program cut–nobody attends it. Gosh–the adult leagues cannot keep their own scores? Should the city pay to have a bat boy or girl as the case may be so they don’t have to carry their own bats.” So which is it? Cuts or no cuts? It’s irrelevant if Teens attended the program or who keeps scores, THERE WERE CUTS! Thanks for conveniently dodging the loss of employees comment – as you really can’t say much to that!

    Another thing you conveniently dodge is the FACT that this year’s budget already accounted for these things that “were saved”, but why speak the truth when leaving bits and pieces out is way more appealing.

    And saving any money is a great thing – as I said before and I’ll say it again that amount of savings could have been found anywhere without major impacts on one department or our children.

    Last thing – the handle is HILLGUY. Name calling is against blogging rules and will get your comment flagged each and every time, but I’m sure you read that when you signed up. ;)

  5. Valleychic says:

    Well hillbilly, you just have the comments flagged. Doesn’t bother me a bit. Your tone of writing is threatening at best and I am digging in my ole high heels and not taking your whining and thrashing people trying to do the right thing just ‘cus ya’ll live on the hill. And might I ask, where is the impact on one department or our children. If “children” do not attend a program, it is no impact! Adults do not need minimum wage score keepers. That’s waste! Must be a democrat given your idea of wasting money and running an employment agency for jobs that are not needed. Is that what you think government exists for? Maybe you can convince the city to paint yellow center lines down dirt roads. That would keep people employed and wouldn’t waster much money. I hope you don’t have thoughts of running for the council the citizens seem to have purged those of your mental perspective from the council.

  6. hillguy says:

    Love the fact that you can’t DISCREDIT one thing I disputed of your spew! Nice try at redirecting the conversation, but once again you can count on facts being thrown back at you each and every time your lies appear on a blog!

    And I doubt you wear high heals, I’ve seen you in a flannel at the council meeting. Keep dreaming you’re that classy!

  7. illbeonyoutubeagain says:

    The changes, cuts, or what ever you want to call them were good. There will be more to other departments. We make cuts at home, we need to do the same in government. Waste that produces an insignificant benefit doesn’t make sense. We all bitch about government waste, but then when programs “near” us are trimmed we bitch again. Read the article again. Only cuts were:

    “……… a preschool program assistant position, scorekeepers and supervisors for adult sports, two recreation staff positions and elimination of the teen program The Attic. Additionally, Puyallup will end a summer track partnership with Pierce County, a program the county will continue to sponsor.”

    The wading pool does not meet the health dept. requirements and must either be closed, drained and refilled frequently or replaced with a splash pad.

    You’ll see more changes. That’s good.

  8. Valleychic says:

    Here again a little more support for doing things right. Well said! Mr Hillbilly if he even lives within the city limits hasn’t got a clue. He seems to be a Turner fan longing for the days of waste and opulence which drove the city into a $100M debt costing citizens $4M-$7M just in interest payments alone. But the $236K is not worth saving and re-directing to other needs. By the way hillbilly, I do wear high heels, I don’t own a flannel shirt nor have you seen me at the council meetings with one on. Regardless of your pissy outlook on this city administration, I will continue to support those council members who work for the citizens and understand the principles of both government and business–regardless of whatever smart ass comeback you have for me. The “Chic”

  9. Valleychic – you just don’t get it do you? I’m only here to set you straight with the garbage that rolls off your fingers on these blogs. I point out your inconsistencies that you continue to post time and time again. There really isn’t anything more to it.

    By the way, this really doesn’t have anything to do with past councils, but you like to keep bringing it up. Time for you to move on – we all have and are going to fight like mad to ensure we keep the great things the city has done in the last 5-10 years even if your current cronies try their best to derail the community!

  10. Valleychic says:

    So you are my personal attack machine. Very good! So you want the last 5-10 years worth of great things the city has done. Let’s start: we have a $40M city hall that should have cost no more than $20M–but they do have $1700 wooden chairs in offices, luxury conference room tables worth thousands of dollars and previously no generator backup; Shaw Road bridge which is great, the city leadership failed to properly negotiate for and pay for the land–essentially a wrongful taking and still ties the city up in litigation; sweetheart deals on “spot zoning”; let us not forget the land where the senior center resides–given to the developer at no cost, and now the city leases the senior center which if you refer to the budget costs a cool $225,000 before any activities expenses or staffing is factored in; over staffing in city departments; illegal employment contracts; sweetheart departure deals for people terminated; and, the methane gas issue at the old city landfill sites. My fingers tire from the typing so I’ll end it here. So you go right ahead and continue to attack the Chic and defend the previous administrations. I’ll continue on expressing my opinion and supporting council members who do the right things. I think others will do the same as they do not want to see the days of old return. I see you didn’t trash iwillbeonyoutubeagain.

  11. hillguy says:

    Victim, I mean Valleychic, you are so good at skirting around the points I’ve presented to you as well as really good at throwing around factless information! I’d love to see how you can assess a city hall should only cost $20MM (by the way, there are 2M’s, not 1)? I’d also love to see all your accusations or are they just that? I know it’s just drivel you’re regurgitating from your cronies, no worries! Thankfully I have faith that people will see you as the phony you are!

    As to your other point you attempted to make – you’re spot on, I didn’t trash iwillbeonyoutubeagain. Wonder why? Well, he/she DID NOT spout any lies. Let me quote your first post – “nothing is cut”. iwillbeonyoutubeagain obviously read and understood the article. He/She has their opinion about the changes which is great. Your fault is you blatantly talk bad about people and spread lies on purpose; especially if someone doesn’t agree with you. I’m calling you out on it all and now you claim to be a victim.

  12. Valleychic says:

    Hillbilly–thanks for catching the double M’s. Given the size of the city staff that occupies the building in comparison to other cities and their new city hall building, our city is way over priced. The glass in the city hall has glass on the 5th with “hops” within the window pane. A bit over the edge. Don’t forget the company that was hired to operate the garage and charge a fee for parking. Cost more to pay the labor than the receipts from parking. A great idea gone south. Maybe even think about the train station–logical location would have been between Sumner and Puyallup–then only one station would be necessary. Council, aka my favorite Mayor, wanted it downtown. Bless the mess we have down there now as expansion is upon the city to create more parking. The rest of the information is factual with most having been covered in the media over the past several years. But I do enjoy the opportunity to banter with you as it serves as another opportunity to remind citizens of the issues they suffered in the past.

  13. hillguy says:

    Conveniently posted by the media the past. Nice cop out…again blabber that lacks substance much less proof.

    As for the train, if it were in the middle, do you think that people would hop off, drive downtown for a beer with their buddies before going home, or do anything downtown before going home? I’ve seen many business people downtown right off the train before they venture home. As much as it pains you, the train is GREAT downtown. We just need a parking garage to support it.

    You have gotten way off topic from this post, not shocking from you, so this must end until I hear more lies from you!

  14. illbeonyoutubeagain says:

    Anyone who has not been seriously watching and involved in Puyallup politics for at least the last 5 or 6 election cycles needs to go back and review some major events. Prior to recent Term Limits, 3 council members traded the Mayor position back and forth for over a decade. This lead to major corruption and cronyism. Land given to developers then leased back, tax abatement for newly built condos occupied by council members, building on land before city ownership resulting in law suits, 5 story city hall when planning commission recommended 3 stores, water rights threats to north Puyallup, numerous attempts to censor citizens, numerous attempts to gerrymandering prior to elections, attempts to prevent televising of council meetings, firing of two consecutive city managers for poor management skills and on and on. This was all eventually blown out of the water by active citizens, term limits and several council members who refused to just “play well with others” and “be nice”, but rather ask the hard questions (though often not so tactfully or maybe even rudely). Citizens don’t vote for “nice”. They vote for action and discussion of the real issues. It all started with George Dill, but he was always outvoted by the remaining members. Then Knutsen with his abrasive demeanor joined Dill to raise the volume. And now there are others, who may make fools of themselves sometimes, but it’s not about acting cool. It’s about conserving resources, holding staff accountable and providing services that a city is supposed to provide citizens. This recent parks and rec deal is a lot of hype about nothing. The sky did not fall. If bloggers can’t discuss the real issues then STFU!

  15. The future of Puyallup is our little kids.
    They don’t need a lethal mix of computers, DTV
    and abusive social relationships.
    A wading pool, of Northwest water and giggling
    people is just fine.

  16. hillguy says:

    illbeonyoutubeagain – First off, paragraphs are very helpful. Secondly, I don’t think you understand the point of the comments section. It’s to COMMENT ABOUT THE ARTICLE! This isn’t a blog that you can rant and rave about “the real issues”. Here’s a little insert from the comment directions – off topic comments will be deleted. This is the reason I refuse to go on and on with anything you wrote.

    Alinup – couldn’t agree more. A robust downtown that is a destination that people AND children want to go to is what it’s all about. I don’t know about you, but I think we have enough antique shops – 1960’s called and they want to try to take Puyallup back….but we’re going to keep going forward!

  17. illbeonyoutubeagain says:

    Dear Blog Police,
    I’ll blog what I want. You can flag your own comments as you flag mine. I’d rather blog about the “real issues” than try to smear another blogger like some did above. Kind of the pot calling the kettle black don’t you think? Look in the mirror.

    One fine day in June, Herbert went on an incredible journey. As the sun rose in the east, he couldn’t help but remember the day he met Janet. They were so in love and……………..

  18. Valleychic says:

    Alinup: Why not replace a “wading pool, of Northwest water” with a splash pad with Northwest water that people would prefer. The Health Department has all but flagged the city’s wading pool–an antique of the past. And for Hillbilly, the our town is becoming a quaint destination because of free parking and many diverse attractions. Think if downtown loses its vibrancy and South Hill forms a city which has been tried unsuccessfully twice. Puyallup’s tax base dies and the things people cherish turn to dust.

  19. You two please keep writing your BASELESS accusations and claims. The public is smart enough to know you have no facts to back anything you say up!

    One point clarifying what the victim thinks about the wading pool and the health department… The health department has only told the city the pool has to be drained every couple hours, not nearly as dramatic as the victim claims. This is consistent with unfiltered washing pools in other cities. I do agree that a splash pad would be an improvement, but let’s remember that idea has been out there for several years and is not new!

  20. Valleychic says:

    Hillbilly–might want to read the wading pool permit issued by the health department. It is costly to operate due to having lifeguards on site both for the safety of the kids and for cleaning it. Splashpad is not mentioned in the CIP but sprinklers-maybe one in the same but not remotely funded until 2015. This council has the foresight to bring it to fruition. “Claims are not baseless!!” The only reason they are baseless to you is that you have no idea what has been going on in the city. You are either not bright enough to understand it or your objective is to stifle the voice of others. In either case I can give a crap less.

  21. hillguy says:

    The fact that you respond completely contradicts (again) that you don’t give a “crap”. You can’t respond to anything I catch you contradicting yourself on and when I do correct you, you just redirect it (see the wading pool as a perfect example). The health department only said what I posted and you KNOW it, so now you’re trying to say something about a lifeguard? You pretty much only spew what your tea party councilmen speak. Sad, sad, sad.

    The fact that you never can post anything to justify what you say, completely makes everything you say baseless to me and hopefully anyone who reads this. As I’ve said numerous time, you’ll be called out each and every time. Just to add to that – be prepared to be called out on your avoidance to the points!

    You’ve been on these blogs too long lying and posting things that simply aren’t true. Now that someone has started to stand up to you, you really have to base!

  22. hillguy says:

    One last point for you Victim – thanks for not disputing my point that the splash pad is new. You know it came from the councils of the past, but once again, you are trying to spin it by saying “This council has the foresight to bring it to fruition.” Avoidance….I wonder if there’s a pill for that? Oh, there is, it’s called Prozac!

  23. Valleychic says:

    One last point for you Hillbilly, we have advanced it by three years. There was and will be staffing at the wading pool since it contains water volume, lifeguards have been required. Has nothing to do with the health department. The health department is involved with water quality. Another example of your refuting something that you don’t know anything about to begin with. Shaw Road–go to Pierce County records on line, find the property owners and there will be a lawsuit against the city. Check it out–prove me wrong. I’m not doing your research for you.

  24. hillguy says:

    No need to do any homework Victim. Till you provide proof, your drivel doesn’t hold any clout with me or anyone!

  25. Valleychic says:

    Hillbilly–here you go, easy to find. Pull your head out of the sand and find the link–might try Google. Putnam vs City of Puyallup case number No. 11-2-08208-9. Read ‘em and weep! Bye, got other things to do besides babysit you. By the way, you and Dave Churchman ought to collaborate, you be a pair to play to.

  26. hillguy says:

    Hmm, google didn’t come up with much. Try again! By the way, not quite sure what you are trying to uncover, but if this has nothing to do with the parks, you need to just shut it….not really relevant to the article, but try again! Let’s see your splash pad proof or anything related to the parks!

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