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Eviction not yet enforced at Occupy Tacoma encampment

Post by Stacia Glenn / The News Tribune on Feb. 26, 2012 at 6:38 pm with 28 Comments »
February 26, 2012 6:38 pm

People at the Occupy Tacoma encampment continued packing up Sunday per their eviction notice but authorities did not arrive to shoo them off the property.

“We are giving them time to pack up and vacate the property,” Washington State Patrol trooper Guy Gill said. “We’re being flexible but will continue checking the area.”

The state Department of Transportation, which owns the land, issued an eviction notice Thursday. Campers were notified that they had until Sunday to leave Don Pugnetti Park at the corner of Pacific Avenue and South 21st Street.

By late afternoon, a few tents remained and a dozen or so people mingled as they hauled debris to a city-issued Dumpster and packed away their belongings.

The Occupy movement claimed the park in mid-October and some have said they will look for another area in Tacoma to continue their protest.

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  1. “as they hauled debris to a city taxpayer-issued Dumpster”

    There, fixed it.

  2. serendipity says:

    ….but on the eastside of Tacoma, evictions happen within four hours without notice….and then the victims of the eviction do not receive checks, but the single check from the well known landlord is cut to the city. Oh ya, baby, come occupy east Tacoma! (I guess sometimes, if people camp out at city hall, they get a part of that check. Hard to say)

  3. littledog says:

    It would be good if the TNT would find out who funded the public disgrace. Who is paying for the dumpster, who paid for the communal tents, the toilets? Why didn’t they bring in a hot tub?

    An even better question is who protected them for four months. An interview with the individual who finally pulled the string would be great. I would love to hear what was going through their minds for the last four months.

  4. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Another disgusting display of another socialist democrat controlled city!!

  5. Shoo them off the property indeed. The occupy movement has not been a failure due to that they are wrong or the majority disagree with their message. Sadly most of our citizenry are simply too lazy to participate, which of course allows our politicians to continue to be bought, allowing the corporate greed and illegal, immoral invasions of other non threatening countries to continue.

  6. Chill out. You can go back to kicking the Dog…the dirty liberal hippie leftist Obama loving drug addicts are gone so come on down to the Park for the day. No. Why not? The Crazies are gone…bring the Kids and Dog down for a picnic. You wont will you? You just like to complain. You complain about the taxes, the weather, the traffic, Obama, the liberals, the MOOSELUMS, the Liberal media….your whole life is someone else’s fault…you are a victim aren’t you? You don’t like the roads but don’t wanna pay taxes, you want more Police and Fire-but don’t wanna pay taxes. So Goober-get ye and yer family down to that Park now that it’s YOURS again. Here is an open invitation to every person “Offended” by the Occupy People-come on down and celebrate your Park. Maybe volunteer to come down once a week and weed/prune/mow the grass. No…..didn’t think so. Whiner!

  7. alindasue says:


    It just says city issued dumpster, meaning it came from the city’s refuse utility. It doesn’t say who is paying for it. Given that the occupy group paid for their own sani-can rentals, it’s possible they could be paying for the dumpster use as well.

    The point is that the eviction is running smoothly and without major incident, just as their occupation did.

  8. The majority of our young men and women in uniform understand that our wars of late are un winnable, yet remain silent. Those passing by occupy park, honk horns in support but few write or call their congressmen. I’m currently in a third world country that has a better health care system that what we have back home ( yes I’ve used both )but we demand to remain with the outdated system we have in place. Yes we are on the wrong track, but only because we demand it by our silence in the face of a corrupt system.

  9. alindasue says:


    My kids and I picked up garbage in that park once while on the way walking down to the history museum. Then we sat eating our sandwiches and watched with bemusement as a flock of crows scattered every piece of garbage that we’d put into the cans… Oh, well. We had fun anyhow.

    I’m going to miss seeing the occupy crowd and their signs there. It fit in well with the artsy feel of the area.

  10. alindasue says:

    “…but only because we demand it by our silence in the face of a corrupt system.”

    Well said, ipsut.

  11. littledog says:

    Ipsut, what third world country? Is the corrupt system you are refering to the the union run school system or the corrupt City and State Governments that take four month to enforce laws for their special friends?

  12. thewestside says:

    I didn’t even know the 1% or 99% or what ever they are still existed. What have they done in the last few weeks / months?

  13. the 99% have used a CASE of KY Jelly on you ( but you didn’t notice…you’ve gotten used to it) The 1% were at the Occupy site exercising the Constitutional rights you are too flacid to flex….

  14. TacomaHommie says:

    The occupiers run on two speeds, slow and slower. Why does the state allow them to push the limits. I just hope pacific avenue at 21st isn’t jammed up during the morning commute with swat vans and police in riot gear. I can not afford to be late for work otherwise like them I may be homeless soon.

  15. littledog: The third world country I refer to is Thailand where even poor people are able to find medical help. Yes Thailand where many Doctors have been trained in the west, has a system in place that is better than that in the States. Its so good I have chosen to take advantage of it as do many foreigners every year. The capitalist medical system we have in the States that allows the working poor to pay for the medical services our Congressmen receive while denying services to themselves is one grievance of many in Occupy.
    Many Thai’s are able to receive help for free in some circumstances. Sadly they don’t have the single payer system that we need in the states, but it is far more equitable than what we have currently.

  16. thewestside: “I didn’t even know the 1% or 99% or what ever they are still existed. What have they done in the last few weeks / months?”

    They have been protesting a system in place that is destroying the American dream. I have a question for you. What have you been doing during the past many years while our Country in our name has invaded three countries wasting trillions, sent millions of jobs overseas so corporate leaders are able to make even more money for themselves. Have you silently watched our infrastructure wither away while the 1% avoid the taxes needed to improve the system? Occupy has addressed all of these issues, while being condemned by the right, and foolish.

  17. fflinstone says:

    ok the tacoma group of occupy people get a little credit for really not doing shit.they could have been like all the other morons who caused alot of problems,they did not so thats the good part.however tax payers are still paying for all those retarde who sat there om thier asses and did nothing but blame eberyone else for their problems instead of looking at themselvs

  18. Pacman33 says:

    ipsut can barely muster –
    “Its so good I have chosen to take advantage of it as do many foreigners every year.”

    A study by the Sub-Panel of Thailand’s Senate Standing Committee on Public Health has highlighted serious issues affecting the provision of public healthcare services for the near 50 million members of this developing country. The national system – introduced in 2001 with the laudable aim of equal access to quality healthcare for all citizens – is suffering from serious underfunding and lack of resources.

    The focus is now being placed on saving the country’s healthcare system from ruin by increasing budget funding, which includes the adequate provision of healthcare professionals.

    An advisor to the standing committee Dr Ittaporn Kanachareon said “The country’s healthcare system will collapse, due to increasing provision of medical services and a decrease in service providers. The government needs to set up an ad hoc panel to resolve the shortage of medical personnel and the insufficiency of medical services.”

    In contrast, the position in the private healthcare sector in Thailand is going from strength to strength, gaining a reputation for quality provision of medical services for the increasing numbers of the more affluent members of the country’s population and as a prime supplier of services for medical tourism.

  19. Pacman33: Your as inaccurate as ever. According to the
    Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs the population of Thailand is 66 – 70 million, you really must cut and paste more current information than this. Yes Thailand has had problems with funding its health care system, but the fact is they have and continue to make it work. Many reports found over the Internet about Thailand are politicaly motivated, as Thailand is divided, as is our country.
    The facts are if you are poor in Thailand, you will be taken care of if you look for help, I’ve been in and out of Thailand for over 30 years and am amazed in the success of it’s medical services as compared to ours. Yes, again Thailand’s system is not perfect, but unlike us, they are addressing the issue. Occupy recognizes this fact, and has tried to do something about it.
    Your cut and paste is correct in that Thailands private service is going from strength to strength as apposed to what we have.
    In your effort to critise Occupy you pull out, outdated info to try and place the USA in a better light than it deserves.

  20. Then there is Taiwan, that has had a single payer health care system in place since 1995. This Island nation has a population of approx 22 million. Wait times are usually minutes. Yes again, I’ve used it several times as I had worked there for 16 years. Doctors are excellent. You don’t hear it’s citizenry complain about its efficiency, in fact they seem very proud of it’s virtues. Of course we in the States while so impressed with ourselves, and power, refuse to admit there is a better way. Like anyone that refuses to admit their mistakes, we allow our systems to continue their downward spiral. Occupy had tried stop the descent. The working poor in the USA pay for the healthcare of govenment leaders, and those leaders deny health care to those that provide for them. Fair?

  21. Possibly a reason why Thailand and Taiwan are able to provide for the health care of it’s citizenry is that they avoid going to war every few years wasting trillions of dollar in the process.

  22. serendipity says:

    Great Scot! I stopped reading at “socialist democratic” controlled city. You had me at that.

  23. thewestside says:

    ipsut, have you ever had a job? Have you ever been arrested ? Did you go to school and who paid for it?
    Tell us a little about yourself so we can understand you. Now no BS, just the truth.
    Don’t answer a question with a question……….

  24. ransteth says:

    Thailand and Taiwan are able to provide for the health care of it’s citizenry is that they avoid going to war… against rich foriegners who repeatedly travel over there to have sex with little children.
    What a great example!

  25. tat2d2bamuse says:

    As an Occupier that marched into Occupation Park on the 15th of October I want to clear up some wrong information on some comments made by a few….

    ALL equipment, Tents, Computers Port a Potties, Meals, Snack food, Drinks, Silverware/Dishes, Pallets, Bedding….And anything I maybe forgetting Oh and toiletries WERE DONATED, PROVIDED VIA NON-PROFITS OR PAID FOR THROUGH GENERAL FUND

    Port a Potties were a gift from someone outside the park. They were paid for from his personal account.

    Tents were donated from community member’s or other Occupiers.

    MY FAMILY donated an old laptop. That was used for live stream….and whatever else they needed it for.

    So to say we were a burden on the tax payers is farce and you are SO MISINFORMED about this movement.

    Had they exited out in a horrible fashion and cost police and state trooper burdens, I could see you guys being nasty.





  26. jinjapan says:

    You can’t say it’s not liberal and about changing the country in the same breath. Liberal means interested in change. Maybe the people who mock the occupy movement simply don’t want the changes you’re striving for.

    I understand you’re ranting so we can forgive the rampant typos, but using all caps isn’t going to help people take your post seriously.

  27. Ortingmom says:

    tat2d; I appreciate your passion, but what exactly do you mean by those willing to risk everything? What risks exactly?

  28. smcelhiney says:

    https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/115365856793931688677/albums/5715003193458449057 Occupiers finished cleaning the park. I’m not sure that the ‘city issued dumpster’ is accurate. Had a chat with a City Councilmember today and he has no idea where it came from. Someone brought it without being asked, but I thank them anyways, not any different than the city providing the same sort of dumpster for community cleanups elsewhere… I know the Blueberry Park usually gets them supplied along with dump fee coverage each year as they continue work on that park.

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