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William Mount’s Salishan YouTube video debunked

Post by Kathleen Merryman / The News Tribune on July 26, 2011 at 5:42 pm with 88 Comments »
July 27, 2011 1:58 pm

William B. Mount is going viral on Salishan.

The Tacoman once used public access television to air his world view, and now posts videos on YouTube. About five months ago, he and a woman named Jane drove through Salishan on Tacoma’s East Side with a video camera and a big box of misinformation. They delivered a 10-minute commentary on the mixed use and mixed-income redevelopment of the worn-out public housing site and posted it on the video sharing site.

The stew of untruths simmered there.

It’s at a boil now.

Tacoma Housing Authority and Tacoma City Council members are getting e-mails from people hot over what he calls misuse of Social Security funds. We are getting queries from people like Charles Davis of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College and Dennis Doyle of Chicago.

“Is the following accurate?” Doyle wrote, referring to Mount’s link.

The short answer to the big questions is: No.

Before we check Mount’s claims, check his Internet site.

“This is the Official YouTube Site of Dr. William B. Mount. All others are fake,” his site introduction reads. “As a former Captain in the U.S. Army, Dr. Mount has fought to expose many Cover Ups and Negligence in the United States of America.”

He lists “Forest Ranger, U.S. Army” as his occupations, but does not say where he earned a doctorate, or what kind of doctorate it is.

In “ALL DAY LIVE – WAKE UP AMERICA,” he translates the motto of the Society of Jesus, “Ad majorem Dei gloriam,” into “All for the glory of Satan,” instead of the actual translation, “To the greater glory of God.”

He says members of the Jesuit Order “are here as the hitmen of the Catholic church. If you oppose them they will kill you. They claim to have torched off the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in this report.”

He goes on to other subjects:

“The United States was dissolved in 1933.”

“Radionics is the third type of energy. Electrical, magnetic and radionic.”

“Money was outlawed in 1913 by the Federal Reserve System.”

“The FBI stripped me of everything I owned as an ambassador. The FBI is keen at taking money and killing people. If someone goes down because of child molesting, it’s usually the CIA.”

But in “ELABORATE WELFARE HOUSING PROJECT” he focuses on Tacoma.

In their windshield tour, he and Jane start with the money.

Claim: “What you are looking at is a $225 million complex, $225 million complex, of housing out of the Social Security budget for 1,300 units.”

False: No Social Security funds were used to redevelop Salishan.

In 2000, THA began replacing 855 worn-out houses with a mixed-income, mixed-use combination of 1,300 rental and privately owned homes.

The cost was $225 million. For every $1 of public money in that total, private sources invested $1.73.

A $35 million HOPE VI grant from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development was seed money. Commercial lenders and private investors in low-income housing tax credits were part of the mix.

Claim: “Now the people who build this do a fabulous job. These are one of the most sturdy buildings I have ever seen built in Tacoma, Washington.”

True. Salishan has won numerous awards for the quality of its energy-efficient homes and the design of the neighborhoods. Construction included an apprentice plan that trained Salishan residents for careers in the field.

Claim: “All welfare housing. All Social Security housing for foreigners will get $2,642 a month. All of that comes out of the Social Security budget.”

False: Of Salishan’s renters, 97 percent are citizens of the United States, according to THA Executive Director Michael Mirra.

“We know of no government program that pays $2,642 per month to foreigners,” Mirra said. “Persons who have entered the United States with refugee status may receive Refugee Cash Assistance of $478 per month for a family of three, if they have no other income. Elderly or disabled individuals may receive Supplemental Security Income of $545 per month. SSI clients must meet citizenship criteria or lawful admittance status criteria.”

If you would like to check his figures, click here.

Claim: “The average income in here is about $13,000 per year, not including welfare, not including Social Security refugee pay, not including Women, Infants and Children.”

False: The $13,000 figure is based on out-of-date 2000 Census data. As for the other sources, Mirra said: “We do not know of anyone who gets something called ‘Social Security refugee pay.’”

Claim: “This school was built by Tacoma specifically to house foreigners and welfare recipients.”

False. Lister Elementary School does not “house” any foreigners or welfare recipients. Its teachers have educated the ethnically diverse East Side’s students since 1950. Tacoma voters approved a bond to replace Lister, and several other schools, and the new school opened in 1998. Its magnet program attracted students from all over Tacoma.

Claim: “Yes, they have a maintenance center and a hospital and recreation center and parks and social welfare people who come by here.”

True. Salishan does have a maintenance center, and workers keep the building and grounds in good repair.

False. It does not have a hospital. Community Mental Health, a private nonprofit, built the Kimi and Dr. George Tanbara Health and Dental Clinic, which provides regional medical and dental services with a sliding scale for fees.

False. It does not have a recreation center.

True. It has many pocket parks.

True. Low-income residents have access to services that help them become economically self-sufficient and able to move out on their own.

Claim: “Look at the cars. Do you see any old ones? These are $50,000, $40,000 cars.”

False. The bulk of the cars in Salishan’s public housing lots are turn-of-the-century, mostly sedans and mini-vans. Outside the privately owned homes, some cars are more expensive. Drive through and see for yourself.

Claim: “They mollycoddle these foreigners who come across the border illegally.”

False. THA does not rent to people who are in this country illegally, and 97 percent of Salishan residents are U.S. citizens.

Claim: “And they don’t pay taxes. This housing is free if you are on Social Security refugee pay.”

False. Anyone who buys non-food goods and services in Washington State pays sales tax, and every Salishan household with earned income is subject to federal income taxes. Every Salishan rental household with an income pays rent.

Claim: “International Place. Oh my God! Look at that! Korean Women’s Association. This is 70 percent Koreans, and Chinese and Orientals who come over here. The churches bring them here and then they get them on Social Security. Plus, like my neighbor, Social Security that is $2,642 a month, plus welfare. So if you have four children, you’re bringing in $2,642, plus $2,500, plus four sets of food stamps at $128 apiece, plus Women, Infants and Children, which is another $50, $100 a month.”

False. The Korean Women’s Association was founded in 1972 by women who married American soldiers based in Korea, moved to Pierce County and got together to learn the language. It is a private non-profit that provides social services statewide. Its senior housing in Salishan does not engage in racial discrimination in its rental practices. Nor does it import seniors from other countries.

Please see the previous Department of Social and Health Services benefits summary.

Claim: “And by the way, these EBT food stamp cards are accepted at the casinos to play bingo.”

Undetermined. “We would need some reliable information before we would consider believing that a person could use them to play bingo,” Mirra said.

Claim: “Look at these brand new cars they are giving foreigners!”

False. Again, 97 percent of Salishan residents are American citizens.

“We do not know of any program that buys new cars for foreigners, or for anyone else,” Mirra said.

Claim: “There’s curbs. There’s sidewalks,” Jane said.
“Yeah, I mean, we don’t have curbs and sidewalks. We’ve been paying taxes in Tacoma for 20 years.”

True. The City of Tacoma requires new developments to include curbs, sidewalks, streets and storm drains. Property owners whose homes do not have curbs and sidewalks can agree to form a limited improvement district and pay to have them installed.

Claim: “Now Pierce County grants from your Social Security money pay for foreigners like Grace, who do not speak English. They pay for them to buy houses while you and I are hurting and scrimping and taxes and our pay’s only $10 or $15 or $20 an hour and these people are getting this housing for free. And if they qualify they actually have the county buy those $300,000 houses for them.”

False. Pierce County does not distribute Social Security money. Nor does it have a program that buys houses for “foreigners like Grace,” or anyone else.

Check the Pierce County budget for yourself at www.co.pierce.wa.us.

Claim: “I would love to live here,” says Jane.

Good news, Jane. You can. Tuesday morning, the three-bedroom home at 3785 East Q St. was listed for $115,000. It has sidewalks.

Kathleen Merryman: 253-597-8677

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is an expanded and enhanced version of Kathleen Merryman’s July 27, 2011, column.

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  1. kevin22262 says:

    Well written and well done.. as usual! Everybody please help make this article “go viral”.

  2. This is brilliant Kathleen. Really well done.

  3. “Dr.” ?? Mount needs to take his meds. He’s a first rate candidate for committment.
    Obviously he knows nothing of the history or restoration of Salishan, a neighborhood not without problems, but show me any area that doesn’t have problems. What is his next target? Who is funding this garbage? Why does anyone believe anything they read on Utube? Any dimwit can post crappola.

  4. dllusa1056 says:

    Hmm, maybe some of what he says is not totally true-alot is. I worked in the clinic in that nieghborhood for 8 years. One of the main thing that happens is LOTS of people live in one house-some work, but claim ONE income only! So family of 8 with one income=LOTS of benefits. And the cars-hmmm-same scenario-Or-they have a boyfriend with a great job who lives with them, and they don’t claim that either. Also this is suppose to be “temporary” housing, to help people get on their feet and move on-NOT!! Most of the people stay there indefinitely. WHile others with a great need of a little help, don’t get it. My daughter is low income, with a child with a disability,living in a small cramped apartment. She will never have the chance to live in a place as nice as that-and she is an American citizen! And don’t get me started on the whole Refugee scam! I totally welcome people from other countries-IF they pay their own way. The way we are told this program works and they way it actually does, are 2 different things! One of the many falsehoods that exist in this country!

  5. frankiethomas says:

    I’m glad this was debunked but one thing others me –

    Claim: “And by the way, these EBT food stamp cards are accepted at the casinos to play bingo.”

    Undetermined. “We would need some reliable information before we would consider believing that a person could use them to play bingo,” Mirra said.

    I thought the EBT’s being accepted at casinos AT ALL was fixed!!

  6. tree_guy says:

    My friend was a census supervisor. Some of these people with the Section 8 housing (I don’t know about Salishan) actually rent out rooms in the house to other families. It’s sort of an illegal sublet. He said it was hard to uncover because of language barriers and reluctance to cooperate, but they were able to make some reasonable guesstimates.

  7. To dllusa1056:
    I am very interested in what you say as it seems to go against some of that which is written in this article. The assertions in this article are supposedly based on facts with credible proof behind them while your assertions seem to be anecdotal. In debate there are two things that cannot occur and when they do the debate is over and has been lost for the one using either of them. The first is lying, the second is conjecture (anecdotal evidence). Neither can be substantiated and they are worse than worthless in a debate, as they skew the argument in the favor of the user without a basis. When we use conjecture and anecdotal evidence in trying to debate against facts, we have lost credibility and therefore we have lost the debate. Perhaps it has to do with the timing: When did you work in the clinic? Could it be that things have changed since? Your assertion that this program is not working would seem to be wrong as the statistics show a huge turnover of the resident population, from what I am told, which is the purpose of the program: Give the people a foot up so they can advance. Do you not see this as happening now? Please tell me what you know and not what you think as to the credibility of the facts in the article with some sort of proof for what you claim and not just your opinions on that. Have I been hoodwinked with the information I have been provided backing up this article? I would appreciate your help with this.

  8. itwasntmethistime says:

    I watched this video last week. It’s too bad it was so over the top it was unbelievable. There is plenty of fraud in Salishan. The Section 8 people subletting rooms, and not claiming additional occupants who have good incomes are good examples. Even though the video was ridiculous it may turn the spotlight on some of the real fraud that is happening.

  9. nwcolorist says:

    The video was cheaply done and very unprofessional. Many assertions were made without being backed up.

    However, I came away from it with some doubts in my mind about what’s going on at Salishan. The Tribune went to a lot of effort to refute this video. Could there be some truth it?

    It should be easy enough to check the validity of the EBT card being accepted at the casinos. Find somebody who uses them and try it out.

  10. DenDoy: LOL, were you provided with some facts as to the assertions made in this article by Merryman? What leads you to believe her statements are based in fact? Its obvious by the wording of a few of the answers, most specifically regarding the benefits paid that the answers are intentionally misleading.

    Obviously this youtube guy is a nutjob; but Salishan is full of abuses. It is by no means a model of what should be done with public funds. It has created a living standard far in excess of what many hard working tax paying citizens have. To have an individual provide their first hand experiences is valuable. Thats the real life reality of Salishan, not the polished publicly presented set of “facts” that Kathleen Merryman is so eager to push as factual.

  11. Tmell-
    I would ask you the same thing I asked dllusa1056: Please supply me the source of your assertion that some of this is wrong. I make no claims to this, I am looking for answers that are fact-based. Your “LOL” seems aimed at me as an insult; why? What have I done to make you laugh? Do you perceive me as a dolt? If so, why? I received this video from someone and when I watched it there was a whole lot that made no sense. Social Security paying for housing? I tried to find out more about this and a search only turned up sites promoting the video. I tried contacting some newspaper people and Kathleen answered me. Her answers were backed by government reports that seem to be credible, research from very credible sources and quotes from people with no dog in this fight, but I may have been mislead. Please supply me with that which you profess to know that contradicts what I have been lead to believe. Also, if you think laughing at me makes you a better person, so be it, but if I ever come to Tacoma or you get anywhere near Chicago, let’s you and me meet in person and I would like you to “LOL” in my face. I really abhor Internet bullies.

  12. pasmacker says:

    Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. All social security receipts are diverted, er borrowed, to pay for other federal expenditures.

  13. dbreneman says:

    Reminds me a little of ol’ Professor Abian from Usenet days. Anyone else remember his famous .sig?


  14. gonefishin69690 says:

    I’ll bet Obama offers this “Filmmaker” a position on his re-election campaign staff.

  15. letsworkitout says:

    What is funny is that no matter what is written half of the readers don’t believe it. Why write anything? Maybe this site should be renamed the “conspiracytheorybecauseIhavenothingelsebettertodoinmyoldagehereinTacoma.com” lol Really? I have come to the conclusion that no matter what black and white evidence is provided, some readers will dispute it because it doesn’t fit into their belief set. It goes both ways. It doesn’t have to be this article in particular, this is for many articles over the years.

  16. tree_guy says:

    One question hasn’t been answered.

    Does the provision of elaborate housing and benefits to welfare people tend to attract more high reproducing poor people to the area or repel them? We can’t solve the problem of poverty in our area unless we’re willing to answer this question.

  17. letsworkitout-
    I agree. though I have my ideology, I always want to know the truth and for that I look to credible sources. That was the reason for me looking for some credible facts to do with this story, not just some nut-job making things up as he drove through a subdivision. I did not take the video at face value, but the person (and many others I know) took the video to be the absolute fact on Salishan.

  18. BigSwingingRichard says:

    I have driven through Tacoma Housing Authority neighborhoods before and have been amazed at the number all new cars in one neighborhood too. Check it out for yourself.

    Drive the streets behind the new police facility off 38th (old costco) if you do not believe this guy. He is right about the number new cars. Salishan is that way too.

  19. itwasntmethistime says:

    nwcolorist — Salishan has always been a warm fuzzy for Kits. She has promoted it from day one as the end-all be-all solution to poverty. Lets put everyone in beautiful new housing and it will raise their pride and sense of belonging to the community and they will become contributors to society rather than welfare victims. If they have new homes they can all go out and get jobs. Oh, and they will become excellent parents also because of their beautiful new homes.

    You can tell it’s working because Salishan is virtually crime-free now. The test scores for the nearby schools have skyrocketed, and the children are healthy and thriving, playing in their beautiful yards and pocket parks with multitudes of neighbor children of all races and ethnicities. Didn’t you see all those kids playing outside when you watched the video? All this blending of ethnicities has helped foster tolerance and understanding of different cultures, which is why our gang problems are virtually non-existent these days.

    I would have liked to see this article written by someone less biased to this project. Now we are looking at two extremes. Can we get someone less emotionally invested to investigate?

  20. Somewhere, in all of this, Ronald Reagan’s Welfare Queen bought another Cadillac with her welfare check.

    It takes nearly nothing to spawn a Right Wing rumor.

  21. itwasntmethistime says:

    Don’t be ridiculous. They buy Cadillacs with their drug money and spend the welfare check at the casino. You’ve got it all wrong.

    That was a joke, KARD. I’m teasing you.

  22. WarmNfuzziOne says:

    I’ve seen an attorney who takes 15 passenger vans loaded with the elderly relatives of Koreans, along with his interpreter to the different office. They cue up and sign up for benefits. From what I understand, he gets a percentage for this ‘service’. These are recently arriving people who use the foothold of daughters who married American servicemen. I’ve nothing against Koreans, but to pretend this practice doesn’t exist is dishonest. This is occurring.

    The news covered the fact that in Washington benefit card are being used in casinos, yet someone lies right up there in this article saying it’s not verified???

  23. pungentsound says:

    Look at that crack in the windshield Jane do you think we should get it fixed? No, Bill we have to save up for curb and sidewalks!

  24. Omega6234 says:

    I drive by that place once in awhile… i see nice cars.. escalades… cars with goddy wheels (read ugly chrome) people with tons of jewlery. Things wont change.. give this place about 5 years and see how it looks and try to keep up with all the drive bys and shootings. You can lead a horse to water.. but you cant make them drink.

  25. I’m so glad the TNT did this story. This video is everywhere right now and it really burns me up that people will re-post this kind of drivel without checking any facts.

  26. tacomajoe says:

    Why are people saying the William Mount is in the fringe? He is actually in the mainstream of the Republican party, and could be a keynote speaker at the 2012 GOP convention.

  27. Ortingmom says:

    There is tons of fraud out there. To the extent of the video, maybe not, however Kathleen and many of you; the truth hurts!

  28. banksyfan says:

    Even though this guy didn’t make his points very well, he’s not entirely false. You say to just go and look at the cars there. Did it, and yes, a disproportionate amount of them drive cars that I, a hard working individual could only dream of. Our welfare system has gotten far too out of hand. I don’t know when our society decided that people on welfare are entitled to services and goods superior to the average hard worker but now they even provide cell phones! So inappropriate. I have a Facebook friend who collects food stamps yet posts all about her new shoes that she buys once a month, each pair upwards of $100. She also just received an MFA. I shouldn’t have had to pay for her food. Get some control already.

  29. commoncents says:

    would you rather the social security funds be invested? In what? please be specific. Please provide a better investment vehicle for our retirement funds to be invested in than something backed by the full faith of the USA. Diverted, bookkeeping, myth, whatever…it’s all the same. Just words until you realize that there is no safer vehicle for our funds.

  30. BlaineCGarver says:

    It’s too bad Kits picked such a loony to attempt to debunk waste, fraud, and abuse in THA. If there is a “language barrier” to finding abuse, take along a translator; The state hires them and makes them available for just such problems of comunication. BTW, “Newer 3 bedroom house with all the perks for 115,000???!!!???!! Don’t tell me they aren’t giving them away. Probably, because no self-respecting working man would want to live in a boar’s nest of illegal activity like that.

  31. You should drive by again, now they have a nice gigital sign advertising the place. Talk about a waste of our money!!!

  32. banksyfan says:

    I’m pretty sure Cabrini Green in Chicago was supposed to be amazing and a huge solution to the welfare issues. We all saw how that turned out. Give us 50 years and they’ll tear it down.

  33. I can’t wait for Donald Trump to show up demanding the birth certificates for all of Salishan residents.


  34. Okay. Got the message. If the Trib or one of its elders approves of something, then the messenger is attacked as a kook.

    The Trib run the smear machine on Washam because what he was doing was making certain people uncomfortable. This looks like the same template so I must assume “certain” people are made uncomfortable by the video.

    So what is Washam exposing? And what is Mount exposing? Do not assume that because both are craky and/or kooky that neither is close to exposing things that “certain” people really do not want exposed.

    What if the property valuations done by Madsen were accurate? What if there was a good reason that certain commercial properties were not assessed every six years, even though that good reason was not lawful to hide?

    What if Washam was “installed” in order to be an unaware fall guy to keep the good reason hidden. And the money question:

    Does the Trib know what the good reason for the assessor mess is? Does the Trib know what the good reason is for Salishan corruption coverup is?

  35. the same right wing crazy talk that leads to nightmares like Norway shooting. Thanks for debunking these dangerous memes Kits !

  36. The only thing I have to say about Salishan is this:

    They recently illegally posted a huge directional sign in the right-of-way of HWY 512 & Portland Avenue–some 3-ish miles from their development. Off-premise signs are prohibited in unincorporated Pierce County, and they are well aware of that fact due to the forced removal of a dozen or so illegal signs by PALS Code Enforcement back in ’06.

    Midland has many homes for sale, so to have THA/Salishan break the law with the obvious intent to direct people out of Midland and into the City of Tacoma is unacceptable.

    After contacting my Council representative about it, I received a call the next day saying that Quadrant Homes (the contracted developer for Salishan) said they disagreed with the interpretation of the PC Sign Laws, but that they’d remove the sign, which indeed was removed within two days.

    THA should insist that everyone involved in the Salishan project abide by all sign laws, or else expect to be ridiculed for turning a blind eye.

    Stacy Emerson
    Pierce County Street Span Eradication campaign

  37. tree_guy says:

    So Kits, does your column challenge the video claim that there is fraud and misuse of public funds related to Salishan?

    You say the short answer to long questions is NO

    What’s the LONG answer?

  38. Pat_riot says:

    The only thing he seems to be right about is the federal reserve…

  39. not sure who it was that identified Mount as republican but now it makes sense. ain’t got a clue as to what’s what and spreads fecal matter all over the place.

  40. BigSwingingRichard says:

    I realize the TNT and Merryman are trying to protect the poor from some over the top generalizations and, no doubt, out right untruths.

    However, by placing the spot light on what really is very nice housing, partially paid by tax money from many taxpayers who live in lessor homes, Marryman is adding fuel to the fire that incites the populous.

    The real story here is the frustration of citizens of this country who feel betrayed by a government seen to be taking tax money from struggling families and giving it to illegal aliens and foreigners and or poor people without their consent. Whether this is the truth or not, it is the perception and this perception is fueling frustration.

    Let’s face it, when our president uses class warfare to justify and promote his policies and programs, no one should be surprised when class warfare breaks out within our communities.

  41. itwasntmethistime says:

    One key factor for the element of the social engineering that Salishan attempted was to throw some home-owners in the mix and offer some single family homes for sale to low-income families. Homeowners tend to take better care of their properties than renters do. Maybe that good trait could rub off on a few of the neighbors who are renting?

    Sounds good. In theory. In reality, people who are ready to invest their time and money in a house are typically looking for a move up. A ghetto is a ghetto, no matter the age of the houses. Sure, you can buy a pretty new 3-bdrm house for $115,000 in Salishan, but who would want to?

  42. WarmNfuzziOne says:

    Turn off the sound and simply watch the video being aware of the neighborhood being filmed is a welfare community, paid for by others. That ought to be fair, right?

    Where do they get all those nice cars?

    Drive through there any time and look around. Fascinating thing-there are a lot of nice vehicles there DURING the normal work days.

  43. sixpackjoe says:

    I have two questions:

    1) Must be in the tea party.

    2) What kind of education does this person have?

    Ok, I lied, one rhetorical question and one real one.

  44. WarmNfuzzy and BigSwinginRichard are exactly correct. Back in the early nineties, I encountered the same scenario while the company i was working for was going through Park Lake Homes in Rat City (White Center) installing new water and sewer lines. The majority of the people didn’t speak English, they obviously didn’t work because they stood around all day watching us work and, the majority of vehicles parked around the complex were nicer and newer than the ones we hard-working, tax-paying workers were driving !!!! I would like our state to grow a pair and cut all “perks and bennies” off that are given to anyone that cannot “Speak” English !!!

  45. “BlaineCGarver says:
    July 27, 2011 at 12:07 pm

    It’s too bad Kits picked such a loony to attempt to debunk waste, fraud, and abuse in THA. If there is a “language barrier” to finding abuse, take along a translator; The state hires them and makes them available for just such problems of comunication. BTW, “Newer 3 bedroom house with all the perks for 115,000???!!!???!! Don’t tell me they aren’t giving them away. Probably, because no self-respecting working man would want to live in a boar’s nest of illegal activity like that.”

    Well said Blaine,….

  46. My Hats’ off to OrtingMom, pgroup and itwasntmethistime@July 27, 2011 at 10:24 am

  47. You can tell just by looking at the storywriter’s pic that she has Obama’08 / Obama-2012 stickers on the back of her Subaru !!!

  48. what’s the big deal..I don’t think he distorted it enough. you ever drive thru there..? ya got tagged mailboxes, and gangsters pausing from washing their new cars to scowl at you as you drive by.

    and it’s all asians hispanics & blacks in brand new houses, and a multi-million dollar community center – Something is definitely wrong with this picture

  49. alindasue says:

    WarnNfuzzieOne said, “Drive through there any time and look around. Fascinating thing-there are a lot of nice vehicles there DURING the normal work days.”

    Not everyone works the same hours. Some of us work swing shift or graveyard. Some of us work the weekends and have a day off in the middle of the week. The point is: “normal work days” aren’t nearly as normal as you might think.

    BlaineCGarver said, “”Newer 3 bedroom house with all the perks for 115,000???!!!???!! Don’t tell me they aren’t giving them away.”

    Have you been paying attention to real estate prices lately? They have dropped considerably. I was looking at a 3bdrm house in the south end this morning that was selling for $105,000. $115,000 for a 3bdrm unit in a multiplex on the east side (where house values tend to be a bit lower anyhow) is not an unusually low price in this market.

    WarmNfuzzieOne said, “Where do they get all those nice cars?”

    Used car lots. Most of the cars/trucks/SUVs looked to be around the age of our 2002 van. We bought it for $10,000 (under $300 per month) about five years ago. You can buy a 2008 Ford Ranger for under $10,000 right now.

    itwasntmethistime said, “One key factor for the element of the social engineering that Salishan attempted was to throw some home-owners in the mix and offer some single family homes for sale to low-income families.”

    They are not for sale to low income families. They are just for sale. The idea is to create a mixed income neighborhood rather than have a fancy new low income ghetto. I’ve been through Salishan several times since phase 1 opened (out of curiosity – my doctor is in the medical clinic there and I used to live near Salishan) and it appears the mixed income principle seems to be working.

    As to who would want to buy a house there, most of the units for sale there sold out rather quickly, all things considered. Even the newer units seem to be selling as fast as similar houses in other parts of town.

    Now, to all you conspiracy theorist out there,
    YouTube commentators not-withstanding, I have not seen any evidence to hint at “corruption” in Tacoma Housing Authority or the Salishan project. Neither have I seen a report from a reliable source of any activity that may be outside accepted norms there. If you have more than speculation based on accusations you heard or personal opinion, please post the source of your information and maybe we can discuss it.

  50. MatildaG says:

    This cute neighborhood will provide a utopian backdrop for the gangs, and crack daddys…

  51. pasmacker says:

    The Ad Hominemn comments relating to Republicans and Tea Party types only reveal the writers’ lack of a cogent reply, argument, ….thought. Personally I prefer, “Oh Yeah” or “So’s your Ol Man”

  52. itwasntmethistime says:

    The next words I want to read by Kathleen Merryman is that she’s sold her house in Midland and purchased that cute 3 bdrm for $115,000. She will be moving her family in next weekend and is hosting a neighborhood potluck to get to know her neighbors. I wonder how many of them will bring pot.

  53. alindasue says:

    tree_guy said, “My friend was a census supervisor. Some of these people with the Section 8 housing (I don’t know about Salishan) actually rent out rooms in the house to other families. It’s sort of an illegal sublet. He said it was hard to uncover because of language barriers and reluctance to cooperate, but they were able to make some reasonable guesstimates.”

    Uh, yeah. Your friend, the “census supervisor” can’t understand the language of the people he’s talking to, so he assumes that what could be just an extended family living in an apartment must be people “illegally” subletting to another family. While it is a little more common among immigrants, extended family living arrangements are not unheard of even among those who were born here. I spent several years of my childhood living in the same house with my grandparents, my mom, us kids, and two adult cousins.

    By the way, since Section 8 recipients live in normal apartments (different from Salishan type subsidized housing), how did your “census supervisor” friend know they were receiving section 8 assistance? That’s not one of the census questions.

    MatildaG said, “This cute neighborhood will provide a utopian backdrop for the gangs, and crack daddys…”

    You’d better open your eyes if you think that Salishan is the only area of town with gang activity. I’ve seen just as much evidence of it here in the south end, and out in the north end as we head out to Pt. Defiance, and in central Tacoma, and on the west end, and in other parts of the east end…

    pungentsound said, “Look at that crack in the windshield Jane do you think we should get it fixed? No, Bill we have to save up for curb and sidewalks!”

    My daughter was curious, so we sat through 3 minutes and 40 seconds of the video this morning (she made it through a minute more than I tolerated yesterday). Not one time during that period did he stop at any of the several stop signs he passed as he was rambling on about the supposed sins of others…

    BigSwingRichard said, “Drive the streets behind the new police facility off 38th (old costco) if you do not believe this guy. He is right about the number new cars. Salishan is that way too.”

    The units behind Costco are all privately owned, mostly by rental companies. It’s been that way for decades.

    BigSwingRichard said, “Whether this is the truth or not, it is the perception and this perception is fueling frustration.”

    Correcting the perception is exactly why Ms. Merryman wrote this article. However, neither she nor I can really do much about the “don’t confuse me with facts” crowd I’m afraid.

  54. MatildaG says:

    Ok, alindasue… Appreciate you quoting me…. You are correct, the drugs and the gangs are prevalent in those areas too… Wonder if the same common denominator exists in those areas…. Bingo!

  55. Thank you, DenDoy,
    A voice of reason — of critical thinking — on the Internet; a wo/man of my own heart. Sadly, you’re in the minority — a very small, tiny minority. I’m just glad to know there are others out there like me — pockets of resistance, demanding more than ad hominem arguments, political rhetoric with no substance, and unabashed propaganda such as Dr. William B. Mount’s presentation here. I fear for our country. Hang in there; you are not alone.

  56. I’m sure glad I don’t live in public housing, meaning that I’m not in a position where others can (or think they can) identify me as “poor” when they see me walking down the street. How awful to be scrutinized and judged for your jewelry or your car by people who know nothing of your story. There are tons of fine-looking Ford Explorers advertised on Craig’s List for under $4,000, for example. And you can’t tell how much someone’s jewelry is worth by a glance in passing. A cubic zirconia (or a rhinestone) looks just like a diamond.
    I’m glad I have faith that there are more good people than bad in the world, otherwise I’d lose hope for humanity every time I read the comments on a TNT article.
    (Good column, K.M.)

  57. snakeurine says:

    @Kathleen Merryman, I attempted to get accomendation to live at Salishan; I was told no way Bucko. After that I took myself a walk about of that community, and my first impression was. I was touring the site at the United Nations Complex. No one I came into contact with spoke/denied the understood English.

    Signed, Native born, registered voter, disabled American Veteran. No Criminal History

  58. alindasue says:

    MatildaG said, “You are correct, the drugs and the gangs are prevalent in those areas too… Wonder if the same common denominator exists in those areas…”

    Which common denominator?

    Gangs? Obviously, if there’s gang tagging, there’s gangs in those areas throughout town that I mentioned.

    Mixed income neighborhoods? In the areas where I’ve seen gang tagging, I’d say that’s a fairly common factor. Salishan, formerly nothing but low income, is mixed income by design. Most other areas of Tacoma are just naturally evolved that way.

    Subsidized housing? That’s not so much a common denominator.

    If you look at the Tacoma Housing Authority site, you’ll find that the subsidized rental units appear to be more concentrated in three areas: Downtown/Hilltop, near the western end of South 56th street, and Salishan. Oh, and there’s one complex near Oakland Playfield – if I remember right from my daughter’s research project, that complex is temporary emergency housing for families only.

    So, while there may be some gang activity near the subsidized housing, subsidized housing is not a factor in the gang tagging I’ve seen at places like a fence near the Pacific Ave. Fred Meyer or along the trail at Delong Park. The “common denominator” you seem to be implying at with your comments does not actually exist.

  59. m9078jk3 says:

    One thing that this area is part of is U.N. Agenda 21 and I.C.L.E.I. (of which Tacoma is a traitor member which is far more devilish and sinister.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qU5JLhOiz8M Part 1 of 8 see the other parts
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5tX7sYDVUI Just Part 1 of several

    It’s like that Twilight Zone episode named “To Serve Man” except that it is real.

  60. letsworkitout says:

    This thread only reinforces what I’ve said several times here, people on this site are stubborn, never change their stances, and come on here just to waller in it.

  61. t_Johnson says:

    FALSE: The Korean Women’s Association is run by the same dude that helped take Prium under.

  62. MatildaG says:

    alindasue, continue to keep your head buried in the sand. The common denominator are the numbers of minorities, especially illegals. When they come and infest an area or neighborhood it goes to hell.

  63. I too am native born, registered voter, disabled American veteran and I’m ashamed of some of you that make the same claim. Justice, in my book is having to live in the shoes of the people that you are mocking and putting down. What’s wrong with seeing to it that those less fortunate than we have a decent home and a safe neighborhood to live in? Don’t they deserve the same dreams as the rest? Doesn’t it make them better neighbors, more responsible and a better parent to their children? Some of you people are just plain sick in your mind and sick in your soul.
    Ms. Merryman, you wrote a great response to these ramblings. Thank you.

  64. itwasntmethistime says:

    papasan — Are you talking about Salishan, because that’s what the rest of us are talking about? No, they really don’t deserve to live in nicer housing than people who work and pay taxes, Salishan is not safe, and your dreams are up to you. It hasn’t made them better neighbors and parents, based on the crime rate and school test scores. Move into reality, please, if you want to participate in this discussion.

  65. So, it actually only cost the taxpayers $100 million? Plus the other benefits they receive?

    That seems reasonable. My wife will feel better about working 6 days a week to help fund future projects, while I look for a job since getting laid off.

    But hey since I don’t have a job, I a was able to go try to get our water turned back on after we borrowed the money to pay the bill today. anything we can do to help these poor people.

  66. They should send that Jack Wagon about 10 tickets for distracted driving and California stops.

  67. JennyRebby says:

    No the only people that deserve the American dream are the ones that WORK for it! It disgusts me that there are American citizens such as yourself that HAVE worked and yet are so happy to give money (my money) to those that feed off of others. I wish just once that someone could post 100% of the Truth! The truth is really bad enough with out adding anything.

  68. Well, at least we got that straightened out, huh? I guess prejudice and personal opinion wins out in blogs; I am unfamiliar with blogs and this is only the second time I have ever been involved with one; not very informative.

    Too many of you people ignore the facts and simply give opinion. There is nothing wrong with opinions, but they do not give me any answers as to the veracity of the statements in this video. I have seen government reports and read what experts have said about Salishan and they seem to point to a positive situation occurring in what started as a negative environment that may make all of it a real improvement in the long run. The conversations in this blog seem more to do with people whom have not read any of these reports and simply spout words without basis other than from their personalities. I was asked earlier in this thread where I got my information; I got it from the reports cited in the article and from Kathleen. Maybe Kathleen is giving me false information, but she backs it up with what seem to be credible sources. Debunking these sources without knowing what they are or what they say is a weak argument to those of you asking from where I got my information. AGAIN I will ask those of you that say this is all false and that the video is essentially true to show me something credible to back that assertion. I am not trying to be combative nor am I arguing with those of you against this project, in fact I just want to know the truth. Can you point me in the right direction? And please, no more anecdotal “evidence”.

    I really do not care if my tax dollars are used to improve our country and help those less fortunate then I, I was just trying to find out if my tax dollars were being WASTED on a false hope or by corruption.

  69. itwasntmethistime says:

    I know a way you can figure out the truth for yourself. Move into Salishan. Experience firsthand the gangs, theft, violence, drugs, rock-bottom schools.

    The govie guys spin chronic problems into opportunities to improve so they can land big dollars for their projects. You can’t take everything you read at face value, sometimes you have to go take a look yourself.

  70. dster420 says:

    What a fool!

  71. tree_guy says:

    “I was just trying to find out if my tax dollars were being WASTED on a false hope or by corruption. ” dendoy

    Read more: http://blog.thenewstribune.com/street/2011/07/26/william-mounts-salishan-youtube-video-debunked/#ixzz1TPwt0q2E

    Yes, this is what everyone wants to know. Merryman doesn’t actually provide the answer. She refutes some of the statements in the video but doesn’t actually get to the bottom of the controversy.

    She should have done an in depth investigation like Susanna Frame does and interview people who live at the project, people who arranged the funding.

    She could have set up a time lapse camera to see how many people are living in some of the housing units.

    She could have driven around the entire project with a car expert and listed the cars there by make/model/year/blue book value and provided this information for the readers.

    Merryman just interviewed a few talking heads. Nothing controversial there, Kits.

  72. Well he tells a lot of truth, these refuges do get our tax dollars, it is time the USA stop letting refuges in. We need to take care of our own before taking care of others. Drive thru there YOU will see new cars every where. Just did the drive and the trib you need to be honest, the people living there don’t speak English don’t want to or need to because our tax dollars pay for translators. WE need to stop these insane spending on illegals and immigrants.

  73. SnoopysMom says:

    Thank you, Kathleen, for an excellent article. To borrow an adage, The Trolls Will Always Be With Us. I despair at the destructive results of fear and bigotry but take heart when I read writers like you and see where my tax money is going. Please keep up the good work.

  74. PumainTacoma says:

    Nice try but I have witnessed people buying steaks with food stamps then selling them to taverns to get cash to buy goods, alcohol, cigarettes, other commodities. Then you have the “come live with me too” community getting more cash a month and housing them in the same unit so they can buy their iphones, cars and TVs. Then you have the people who actually use their HUD home for rental income and rent it out. Think this is a joke? Ask anyone who sees the abuses every single day and the people who work the system. This is a complete slap in the face for my parents generation who actually worked in CC Camps during WWII and had to work to get any housing and any food or clothing. The laziness in this country should not be rewarded. Why can’t those that can work, work? Simple question? Why do they have to expect hand outs, and iphones, new cars and new appliances? This attitude of “got to have it” “got to get it” and “give it” is driving our country on the brink of banruptcy and anyone that has the ability to work should WITHOUT government handout.

  75. judyinwash says:

    Regarding William Mount, he’s right about money being outlawed in 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act was passed on 12/25/13… they began to create Federal Reserve notes, which are backed by nothing. They also passed the IRS, which was only to tax government employees, but people perceived they were to pay, so the IRS started going after everyone. THERE IS NO LAW THAT SAYS YOU HAVE TO PAY TAXES ON YOUR LABOR. That’s why every year every state puts out their “compliance report”.

    The United States was incorporated in 1878, so every state, city, county and all other government departments are corporations, designed ONLY TO MAKE MONEY. They are NOT in business to help the people. Do your own research. Read history and you’ll find we tend to repeat it over and over again.

  76. Who says that the people living in Salishan or other public housing don’t work, or haven’t worked? That’s the issue. Some of you think that in order to “deserve” a decent place to live, a decent neighborhood to live in and decent schools to attend means that they need to live in a refrigerator box behind K-Mart without any chance of ever getting out of that box and certainly without any public help to do it. Many are out of work through no cause of their own. Laid off, fired, outsourced, unable to work because of illness, or injury and, in the eyes of SOME of you, that makes them a perpetual bum, unworthy of the breadcrumbs thrown at them in the form of public assistance.
    I worked THREE jobs while in nursing school and still qualified for WIC to help my kids get nourished. I got dirty looks every time I went to the store. My oldest just graduated with honors and is working, my second will graduate next year majoring in Computer graphics, also with honors and my youngest is in his second year Majoring in Film, also with an average above 3.8. Would they have been successful students without that early help? Who knows? But why deny them and others the opportunity just because YOU don’t think they’re worthy of a hand? Such a Dickensian ideal I makes me sick and quite disgusted of “citizens” that feel that way. Shame on you. I don’t want to live in a Country where we give the downtrodden a kick in the ass instead of a hand up when he’s down.

  77. JennyRebby says:

    “Downtrodden” The point of assistance was to help people that were down on their luck, just lost their job, for whatever reason, until they could get back on their feet. The welfare system is ridiculously abused! There are generation after generations of people making it their way of life. They don’t work. They just continue to have children. And when those children grow up, THEY go on welfare as well. There is a HUGE difference between a cardboard box and the housing in the video. Hand someone everything they could Possibly need and then assume they are going to want to give it up and go work for what they already have for free? Really? There are a lot of hard working people out there that struggle to have what these “unfortunate” people have. This issue isn’t about this one housing plan. It’s an example of what’s going on in this country and what are tax dollars are being spent on.

  78. JennyRebby says:

    LOL Did you seriously say that your children may have not been as successful with out WIC? You worked three jobs. You are the reason that your children are successful. You taught them that you work for what you want. You didn’t teach them ways to get free money so they could sit on their butts. Why do you not expect people that are capable of working to work? I really don’t understand where people such as yourself are coming from!
    Before you go correcting me, I meant “our” tax dollars not “are”.

  79. surething says:

    I worked in social services for years. I have seen peoples produce medical coupons that arrived in a Lexus, dressed in very expensive trendy clothes and seeking additional assistance.


    I have finally been allowed in to post – wow.

    Kathleen, I am grateful to you and the Tacoma News Tribune for allowing my videos to go Viral.

    It is about time that the American Tax Payer wake up and take their nation back.

    I wish you had called first to talk about this.

    Your liberal name calling and ranting only enraged the Tax Payer and helped these videos go viral.

    We all agree that this nation is a nation of immigrants.

    Give us your tired, your hungry, your down trodden. We all believe in this.

    We will give them Freedom and Opportunity — NOT A WELFARE CHECK.

    These people come to America and in a few days begin collecting from the Government and are sucking the system dry.

    Please see my response on APFN.

    In addition, there are generations of people on welfare still collecting off the system.


    Brand New Beemers, Brand New Tahoe’s, Brand New Mercedes – all paid for by the Taxpayer.

    Many do not yet speak English.

    As for the “Distorted Laws” you claim do not exist, look up:

    1) Congressional Records 9 Mar 1933 US Bankruptcy and the suspension of the Constitution
    2) 5USC105, 1-5
    3) 22USC286
    4) US Senate Report 93-549

    How about looking on a dollar bill; “FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE”

    It is a Debt Note – not money. Initiated in 1913 by the Federal Reserve Bank.


    You are forgiven because you have made this truth go viral, but you still lied over and over again.

    As for the funding. The initial $235 Million Dollar Grant from HUD was seed money to gather $225,000,000.

    Funding came from various Sources. Since you did not know the above facts it is very doubtful you know much more.

    America Needs The Truth before the US defaults and thanks and becomes worthless – and I mean worthless.

    When the Ruble defaulted it was not pretty in Russia. Food shortages, jobs lost, bread lines.

    Pray with me – Visualize – that the Living God wakes you up about the true facts of where your dollars are going.

    Pray – visualize – that America is wakes up from it’s long slumber and begins to take action. This is what these Political and Financial Leaders fear the most.

    Pray – visualize – also that those who do wish to distort the facts and hide behind a veil of Socialism or any other ISM are removed from this planet immediately.

    Thank you for reading this and good night.

    Honorable Grace
    Dr William B. Mount
    Knight of Malta
    Cpt (Ret) USA

  81. judyinwash says:

    They say only 1% of the American people see what’s happening and do something, 9% see but do nothing, and the other 90% have no clue. I agree with you William, you DO know what you’re talking about!

    At least you’re spreading the word to let people know what’s to come – you are one of the 1%!!!

    Thank you for your video – no matter how people understand it, it’s more true than not.

    Keep on doing what you’re doing.

  82. blueeyestunned says:

    I can’t believe I’m lowering myself to argue with people on the internet, but here goes.

    Kathleen, I’m sure this was an entertaining article to write. Dr. Mount’s video and television appearances are ripe with logical fallacies and I’m sure fueled by the dreamdust of fantasy but you could have called it what it is. It’s racist, xenophobic, ignorant and plain stupid, but I understand the need to appear cleverly objective, AP standards and all. Personally, I never could stand five minutes of conversation with the man. Glad I had an office door that locked.

    Dr. Mount, you have always been a character. For continued remarks on your video, see above. You’re awful. I wish you didn’t have the power to vote in this country. Or in any other the other countries you claim All Day Live is watched by the millions.

  83. deepriver says:

    Wait 10 years, then do a drive though.

  84. I used to live about a mile from Salishan before they tore it down and rebuilt brand new housing. Salishan like many public housing in the Seattle Tacoma area was old military housing left from WW 2 it was basic housing and well maintained. It had no washers and dryers and dishwashers but they were nice basic housing. I believe they stopped the upkeep (the roofs were bad ect) knowing they were going to get torn down and rebuilt. Recently I have driven past Salishan and you wouldn’t even think it is public housing.
    Back in the early 70’s I live for about a year in High Point in Seattle and it was simple, well maintained and cheap I think we paid about $33.00 a month rent based on our salary of $$3.75 Hr and I was happy to live there without a W/D and dishwasher plus we had to maintain our yard. It is ridiculous nowdays how we spend taxpayers money!

  85. I believe in helping truly poor people or temporarily those who have encountered hard times but were previously hard workers/taxpayers, but this is ridiculous!!! My husband and I worked hard for 36 years each before retiring. Never in our lives would we have been able to afford such fancy digs and then to have the place maintained!!! Why? Are the authorities afraid these people are not responsible enough to contribute to the care of the homes practically being GIVEN to them? Their contributions for upkeep should be a condition of their living there!
    Yes, please, click here to check his figures as Ms Merryman suggests above. Go to cash assistance and put in “refugee pay” and see what comes up. Maybe Dr Mount was a little generous with his claim but I was flabbergasted to see what a family of four gets!!! (and many times there are more than four in a family). Check it out for yourself.
    I get sick of these young people who think they have a right to have irresponsible sex with anyone anytime they please, then foist their resulting offspring on taxpayers. I’m sick to death that the talk is to cut Medicare but never is it mentioned to cut out all the freebees for these irresponsible people. My friend’s daughter is a grocery checker and she just seethes at seeing the grocery items these people are allowed to get with the EBT (while she works her butt of behind the counter and can’t buy thoseitems). Then they pay for the beer and cigarettes with cash (again cash from we taxpayers), while they have manicures and all these fancy hairdos. Those little braids cost a fortune and some of the kids have them too. Any yes, I’ve asked and they have to get them done by a hairdresser.
    And yes, there were articles in the papers and news about welfare people being able to get cash at casinos, therefore, to play bingo. I wanted poor people to have safe clean homes, but they should have to clean them and take care of their lawns just like we taxpayers do. And they shouldn’t be this fancy!!! They are living in more beautiful homes than the taxpayers who support them. It is a crime to do this to taxpayers. No wonder our economy is in the condition it is.

  86. vahuebner says:

    I saw this youtube and thought it pretty tasteless and ignorant, not least of all bigotted and frankly racist! I used to live in Salishan and even designed the layout for the community garden flat beds. I’m a senior now and white, though that shouldn’t matter. The point is this Mr. Mount demonstrated no veracity or credibility to me. I imagine he’s in dire need of attention and this is the sad way he’s chosen to get it. Salishan is a growing community and I’d be willing to bet this Mr. Mount belongs to none himself.

  87. EmployedatTacomaHousingAuthority says:

    Tribune Reporter:

    Addressing the paranoid accusations of crazy YouTube people with Michael Mirra doesn’t make this a factual report, or you any kind of expert. Michael Mirra interacts with residents and the peons who serve the residents as little as possible.

    And…if your drive through Salishan proves that there aren’t an abundance of nice cars in an affordable housing project, then I say MY 2 years as a staff member who actually got OUT of her car at Salishan/THA proves you’re wrong.


  88. WeimMom says:

    So many here are showing their ignorance by NOT fact checking! Dr. Mount is right, here are just a couple rebuttals…. DO YOUR RESEARCH!

    United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1993 Vol. 33, page H-1303

    It is an established fact that the United States Federal Government HAS BEEN DISSOLVED by the Emergency Banking Act, March 9. 1933. 48 Stat. 1. Public Law 89-719: declared by President Roosevelt, being bankrupt and insolvent. HJR 192, 73rd Congressional session, June 5, 1933 – Joint Resolution to Suspend the Gold Standard and Abrogate the Gold Clause dissolved the Sovereign Authority of the United States and the official capacities of all United States Governmental Offices, Officers, and Departments and is further evidence that the United States Federal Government exists today in name only.

    United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1993 Vol. 33, page H-1303

    The Jesuit order, otherwise known as the Society of Jesus (S.J.), has been the military enforcement arm of the Catholic Church since it was first founded by Ignatius of Loyola of Spain in 1534 during the reign of Pope Paul III, ostensibly to combat Protestant heresy. And while many feel that the Jesuits are only a sub-order of the Roman Catholic Church and are merely seekers and disseminators of knowledge, they have a much darker history that many people do not know about.

    Library of Congress, Washington D.C., Library of Congress Catalog Card #66-43354, made public in 1883. This oath is still in effect, and is still
    used today.

    “Federal Reserve Notes are illegal” [US Representative Dr. Ron Paul]
    In 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act was fraudulently pushed through Congress

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