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Tacoma protest condemns Israeli attack on humanitarian flotilla of aid for Gaza

Post by Kris Sherman / The News Tribune on May 31, 2010 at 6:49 pm with 23 Comments »
May 31, 2010 6:49 pm

Some 40 protesters gathered outside the U.S. Courthouse in Tacoma this afternoon to condemn an Israeli raid on a flotilla of humanitarian aid for Gaza.

They carried signs reading “Violence Begets Violence,” “END CRUEL BLOCKADE,” “Hold Israel Accountable to International Law” and bearing similar messages.

The Tacoma protesters joined groups around the world in their condemnation of Israel for its commando raid on a flotilla trying to break the blockade of Gaza and send in aid.

At least nine people were killed in the attack, which occurred in international waters, according to wire service reports.

The group of protesters in Tacoma, assembled after a flurry of e-mails and telephone calls on Memorial Day, included members of United for Peace of Pierce County, People for Peace, Justice, and Healing, Women in Black and other groups.

“I just want our government to hold Israel accountable to international law,” said Linda Frank of Tacoma, explaining her attendance at the protest. “I care about justice. I care about human rights,” she added.

She’s studied Judaism and cares about it, too, Frank, said, calling the Israeli attack “a total violation of the tenets I have learned to love.”

Frank came dressed in a black sweatshirt bearing the message “We will not be silent.”

Nancy Farrell, 77, waved a Palestinian flag as she stood on the Pacific Avenue sidewalk outside the brick archways of the federal courthouse.

Several years ago, she volunteered in a refugee camp in Bethlehem, she said.

When she heard of the Israeli raid, she knew she needed to protest it, she added.

I yelled and I cried, and I just knew I had to be here,” she said.

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  1. Novelist3 says:

    Leave it to leftist lunatics to sully Memorial Day. Ugh.

  2. Getting severly tired of these groups of losers !

  3. Why would they do this on Monday, Memorial day? Did they not know the courthouse was closed for the holiday?

  4. Tracianne says:

    what good is it going to do to protest this in Tacoma?

  5. Tracianne says:

    And secondly, they worry about violance and such in another country but yet we have violance and crime being committed right here at home by illegal immigrants.

  6. edasterisk says:

    I didnt see in the news thier protest of N. korea sinking the S korean ship

  7. The Women in Black are rich housewives with too much time on their hands !

  8. pungentsound says:

    Save your protest for time when Iran announces it has a nuclear weapon and Israel evaporates that country.

  9. Tashawolf says:

    I will fully support Israel, the Hamas is just a lunatic organization that did this “mission” not for aid but to martyr themselves to get condemnation of Israel! If they were truly a “peaceful” aide group they would have complied like the other FIVE ships did ! They would not have attacked the commandos as they did !

  10. “Why would they do this on Monday, Memorial day?”

    Because the Israeli military chose to attack the international group of ships on Memorial Day, that’s why!
    At least one of the ships was American. Hundreds of civilians from 42 counties are now jailed in Israel- after they were captured in international waters in a military attack. In a normal world we would call that kidnapping.
    I just call it terrorism.
    Israel is stomping on people’s rights all around the globe. The stole identities from unsuspecting citizens of England, Australia and France and used them in a criminal political assassination.
    Israel has some 300 atomic weapons, yet they continue to lie about it and refuse to sign a nuclear free Middle East treaty.
    America does not stand up to Israel’s agression around the globe. Which means we have no moral right to tell Iran to disarm. We have no right to complain to North Korea for its military attacks against the south. And we lost the right to condemn violent attacks against unarmed civilians anywhere, because we accept Israel’s criminal aggressive acts.

  11. “”the Hamas is just a lunatic organization that did this “mission””

    Perhaps you should read some o the facts before commenting. Hamas did not do this mission. Ignorance about the issue runs rampant.

  12. m9078jk3 says:

    Oh brother another set of morons ( both the protesters as well as the Americans invovled in the flottila) like Rachel Corrie.This reminds me of the mutants in the movie The Omega Man (1971).

  13. tpd_home says:

    Wow! Bless the hearts of all who care enough to research a topic and raise real issues rather than spewing mean-spirited bile. If you have a different view, try articulating that view – join the discussion! Memorial Day seems a perfect occasion to exercise our responsibility for well informed civic participation. And, by the way, since when is “housewife” a term of derision? Rich? LOL

  14. larsman says:

    Dear Miss Sherman, Do you normally present only one side of an issue and then call yourself a ‘journalist’ or are you merely attempting to generate unfounded controversy just to sell copy? Israel Has a right to defend itself, we’ve all seen the footage of the “Philistinians” beating the Israeli’s with lead pipes and throwing some overboard. Hamas, Hezebollah, the PLO and Al Aqsa all have put forward their constitutional mandate ,of the non-recognition and annihilation of my friend Israel. Miss Farrell claims to have studied Judaism? Study this:Gen 12:1-6, 26:3-4, 28:3-4, 35:10-12. The so-called right of return is exclusively a Hebrew allocation. Looking at a map it is easy to forget that the ‘expelled Jordanian refugees’ do not want a single state, they want two, with the Israeli capitol, Jerusalem, in the middle unable to defend itself. “Palestine” is a Latin geographic term like “Western WA” In the 114 Surahs of the koran the name of Jerusalem is not once referred to as a muslim “holy” city. Hatikva…

  15. AreYouHighOrWhat says:

    I love behavior patterns they say so much about a community!

    About 40 people marched to support the Tacoma Crips, TWICE

    About 35 people at TCC meetings to demand a boycott of Arizona, TWICE

    And now some 40 protesters show up to protest Israel.

    Do you see the pattern?

  16. TheSlag says:

    If it is “your friend Israel” you need to call them out when they bully and use violence against civilians. Like good friends do. You say Israel defended itself – in international waters? If they would have been attacked, there should be dead Israeli soldiers.
    Repel themselves on onto unarmed aid ships in the middle of the night? Sounds like a very stupid move to me. Shooting at civilians and killing a bunch of them? A criminal coward act – an act unworthy of anyone calling themselves soldiers. If they get scared when civilians throw deck chairs at them, well then they should consider a new job.

  17. buddy007 says:

    A publicity stunt gone bad…by the Arabs
    A feral (Farrell) response that is truly disgusting, waving a “Palestinian” flag on Memorial Day.
    Women should know how shabbily they are treated by islamic culture….
    Less than camels.

  18. CityOfFlags says:

    Is it true Mayor Strickland and council Mello and Walker have yet to weigh in on this. Is a boycott of Israel on our next agenda Mayor? This is right up your alley. Anxiously awaiting your advice.

  19. Why do we condemn a country for protecting their borders from terroist? Is it because we do not contol our borders? Would you protect your home from armed agressors? Have you even bothered to check on what took place or are you just another follow the traditional news as it must be true that Israel attacked innocent boats. Would you allow an enemy to unload ships on your docks without checking the cargo?

    Lets stop and think before we strat complaining.

  20. greenwater says:

    It’s very encouraging to see some folks get out to protest Israel’s brutality on the open seas and in Gaza. Why Israel wants to block the Gazan people from receiving water purification filters, crayons and antibiotics, is beyond me. Coming from a people that have endured living in Polish and Russian ghettos, you would think that they would be more understanding of malnurished women and children, but alas, their hatred is all-consuming.

  21. Ships sailing the high seas are under the jurisdiction of the flag state. The military attack against these sovereign vessels is an act of war and needs to be treated as such. No weapons (other than deck chairs and sticks and kitchen knifes) were found on any of the ships.
    Like I said before –if we let Israel perpetrate such acts of war, our moral standing in the eyes of the world is greatly diminished, our credibility not worth much.
    So I agree, do stop and think before complaining.

  22. dooly44 says:

    Does anyone protest when a suicide bomber kills women and children,or when a ship is sunk killing 46 sailors. I guess only certain people are entitled to a protest.

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