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Archives: Sep. 2007


Video of Club Impact

OK, I kind of dropped the ball on getting y’all plenty of good video and photos, but I did shoot a short video of what it’s like outside the club just before 10 p.m. I was there for about 30 minutes Saturday, and the crowd size swelled and dwindled, and the noise levels fluctuated as well.

Here’s the video:


Brick City clubbers give their views

With all the complaints I had been hearing about the clubs at Brick City, I decided to check it out for myself Saturday. There were definitely a bunch of people hanging outside Club Impact. In the time I was there, the crowd fluctuated from about 30 to more than 50 people.

The music was definitely pretty loud outside, but I personally didn’t see anything illegal (other than a couple of people throwing a football in the street). Earlier Saturday evening, though, a reader e-mailed me a photo of someone urinating in the alley next to the club.

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More criticism mounts

I’ve talked to a few more business owners who are, to say the least, not happy with the crowds outside Brick City. I’m heading out there tonight and tomorrow to check it out myself. Here are some of their comments.

Sherry Hopson, co-owner, Headliners Salon and Studio:

We need an understanding of what the ordinances are now. And maybe we need strengthened ordinances and more enforcement of the ordinances that are already there.

Kris Blondin
, owner, Vin Grotto:

(World Vision) invites kids down to the area for a function – and that’s

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Award for Salishan

I visited Salishan for the first time a few days ago. I rarely make it to the East Side as it is (not for anything malicious, but simply because I don’t have much reason to go) but had always zoomed right past the development.

Apparently I’ve been missing a lot.

I was pretty dang impressed. Lots of sidewalks, green spaces and what appeared to be friendly neighbors. Come house-buyin’ time, I’m definitely going to look there. I’ve been raving about it to my friends since driving around.

And today, I discovered

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A day at the market

I’m still learning how to shoot and produce short videos to the Web, and the Tacoma Farmers Market gave me plenty to shoot. There were musicians playing for tips, the organic farmers with colorful veggies, stalls selling everything from honey to home mortgages and food hot off the grill being sold to businessmen and students alike.

(Oh, and there is the always welcome sight of a taco truck. Can’t beat food from a moving vehicle.)

I interviewed a few of the local vendors and compiled it in this video.

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Sparks flying downtown

If you were hanging out near the convention center in the early afternoon today, you would’ve learned that certain things shouldn’t touch power lines. But, of course, telling is one thing. Showing you things — like kites, work boots and aluminum ladders — is much, much more entertaining.

Click the photo on the right. Watch video clip. See electricity fly. Be happy you’re not on the ladder when it touches the lines.


Brick City in the news again

This isn’t the first time the Brick City building at 754 Pacific Ave. has attracted unwanted attention.

Last July 2, Verrick Vere Yarbrough shot and killed 18-year-old Rhaczio “RhaRha” Simms in a gang-related outburst of violence. A stray bullet also hit 17-year-old bystander Tiffany Walker, temporarily paralyzing her.

This summer, a jury convicted Yarbough to more than 60 years in prison. Here’s an excerpt from the article we ran about the sentencing:

Deputy prosecutor Gerry Costello said the time was justified. Yarbrough started a gunfight on a crowded public street,

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Rough crowd?

Here’s an article I’m working on. Feel free to chime in on it:

Karla Zuspan says it’s not easy to be a small-business owner downtown. Rent is expensive, parking is scarce and street lighting leaves something to be desired.

Now, she has a bigger problem.

Brick City, a building that houses Club Friday at 754 Pacific Ave., is driving away potential business, Zuspan says.

Zuspan – and several other downtown business owners – say a combination of loitering teenagers and blaring music are a byproduct of the club, which is run by Federal Way-based

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