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Gov. Inslee’s budget office puts out list showing how agencies are affected if state government shuts down July 1

Gov. Jay Inslee‘s budget office put out a preliminary plan this morning for shutting down state agencies in the event the Legislature’s budget stalemate prompts a government shutdown next month. July 1 is when the new budget cycle begins and most state agencies will lack legal authority to spend, incur debt or keep running.

Obvious exceptions are state prisons and hospitals that will continue operating under partial shutdowns, as will all of the state treasurer’s operations. Community colleges and universities also will continue operating in the short term but state parks would close completely. The Department of Corrections would also

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State officials telling labor unions that July 10 paychecks will go out – even in a government shutdown

Gov. Jay Inslee’s budget office and lobbying team are working to win a budget deal in the Legislature that prevents a government shut down on July 1. But if no budget jells and a shutdown ensues on July 1, paychecks based on work done in June should go out to employees on July 10 as usual, unions say they are being told.

Several labor groups were briefed by Office of Financial Management director David Schumacher on Thursday and Friday, and they reported that OFM’s team  made clear the July 10 pay date will be honored. Money would come from taxes collected

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House panel hears bill making it easier for governor, unions to sort out local issues

Democratic Rep. Chris Reykdal of Tumwater got a hearing Thursday on a bill to tinker with the historic 2002 law that gave state employees the right to bargain collectively for wages and health benefits. House Bill 1804 would modify the law so that issues particular to a particular agency’s workers can be bargained away from the “big tables” where the governor and unions are typically negotiating on the bigger picture issues.

See the House Labor and Workforce Development Committee’s hearing on the so-called “supplemental bargaining” provisions here on TVW.

Reykdal said current rules

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