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Hanauer: ‘We heard people loud and clear’


Sounders owner Adrian Hanauer had this to say today about the non-streaming of S2’s Open Cup match last night, and fan pushback that has led the club to commit to streaming future matches, starting with the third-round match Wednesday against Timbers 2:

Screw up,” he said. “My decision. Every decision we make is sort of a financial calculation: How much does this cost, what are the benefits? We didn’t broadcast or live stream the Xolos game: It seemed to go fine. I think sort of maybe reflective of that decided on this Open Cup game maybe not to spend the money, because it’s not insignificant to go a quality stream. In retrospect, we heard people loud and clear that they would have liked to have that game on, and probably should have done it. So we will going forward: Problem solved.”

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GM overview: “Tremendous season in a lot of ways”


Sounders general manager Adrian Hanauer gave a post-season interview this morning, covering a wide range of topics and the Sounders look back at their third season and ahead to their fourth.

I’ll be adding to this with several posts of Hanauer news and opinion throughout the afternoon.

But I’ll start here, with his overview heading into the off-season:

“I’m happy with the season. I think it was a tremendous season in a lot of ways. Obviously disappointed at the end – still more to prove. I remember saying to you recently that (losing two opening playoff series) I wasn’t ready to say is a pattern … Three times, I have to say it’s getting closer to a pattern. So what do we need to do to change that? But I’m a big believer in statistics, and statistically we were the second-best team in the league this year. W were the best offensive team in the league. We were good defensively, but that’s an area we need to get a little bit better. We won another tournament. Qualified for Champions League quarterfinals — which was a very important goal of ours. Came up short in the playoffs. So, not completely satisfied, but my gut tells me there are 15 or 16 other teams that would gladly trade with us for this past season.

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Hanauer confident of re-signing Rosales; GK TBA

Adrian Hanauer said today that he is confident of re-signing midfielder Mauro Rosales … and the Sounders GM didn’t shoot down rumors that the club has an interest in signing veteran goalkeeper Michael Gspurning. (He was, at least, familiar enough to know how to pronounce the name…)

On Rosales:
It’s continuing to progress. It’s one of those things were both sides are very confident, and I’m not sure there’s an enormous amount of urgency on either side, because I believe we’re comfortable. But it’s heading in the right direction, and there’s a lot of trust. It’s never over until it’s over, but I’m highly confident that we’ll have something done in weeks not months.

On Gspurning:
We know Michael well. He was here during the summer. Big, very accomplished goalkeeper Read more »


Sounders hope to build attendance from last night; Hawks Nest might be part of seating solution


Sounders general manager Adrian Hanauer was at Sounders training this morning, so we got a few minutes to talk to him about the crowd of 64,140 at CenturyLink last night, which is unofficially being called the fourth-biggest soccer crowd on the planet yesterday.

“I guess we need a bigger stadium,” he said. “It’s obviously just amazing and continues to amaze all of us. I think probably not only people involved with the club or are extremely connected to soccer, but I think the entire community and sports world continues to be amazed about what this team has meant to the community, and I think it’s reflected in all the fans who are coming out and participating.

On whether the Hawks Nest might be opened next season:
It’s a somewhat complicated issue that involves our good partners at Xbox and Microsoft. But they realize that the best thing for us is to continue to have a full stadium and the best atmosphere possible. We’ve had conversations about the Hawks Nest area, and it’s certainly something that we’re working towards. But nothing is determined yet. And we want to make sure that Read more »


Hanauer on NBC deal and Livestrong Park

We got a little time with Sounders general manager Adrian Hanauer today to discuss a couple of items that I’ve blogged on earlier:

The MLS broadcast deal with NBC: “It’s exciting. Versus – NBC Sports – is in a lot more homes, which ultimately is good for us. I think Fox has been a very good partner, still is a good partner for this year. Obviously time will tell, but with the infrastructure and the capacity to promote our league within the NBC family of networks, I think it will end up being a good thing.”

Livestrong Sporting

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