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Philly poised to replicate Seattle’s success?

Post by Don Ruiz / The News Tribune on Nov. 30, 2009 at 12:55 pm with 11 Comments »
November 30, 2009 12:55 pm

mlsphilyI don’t believe that for a second. But that’s the headline atop Ives Galarcep’s column for ESPNsoccernet… even though Ives never really goes quite that far in his own text.

Judging from ticket sales and general buzz, it strikes me that Philly seems destined — at best — to be the next Toronto. Which is good. But it’s well short of being MLS’ next Seattle.

If that comes at all, it will likely come in 2011 in Vancouver.

In any case, interesting reading.

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  1. derekyoung says:

    I think you’re probably right. They’ve probably got a good market, but it seems hard to imagine a team without benefit of an NFL organization behind them truly duplicating it right out of the gate.

    I suspect those first few games had a lot to do with it as well. Seattle was always going to be successful, but would the casual fans have jumped on board so quickly if they were terrible? Probably not.

    Do we know if they plan on having the CBA done before the winter transfer window? Just curious if anyone’s following that. I’m hoping they have some more bankroll to play with.

  2. jimkingjr says:

    Yes, Vancouver- the next Seattle.

    Sure won’t be Portland…

  3. Torcedor says:

    In the most literal sense, it’s not physically possible for Philly to replicate our success b/c their stadium capacity is half what ours will be set at (18,500 to rougly 36,000). So, assuming we continue to fill our place, Philly won’t even be mentioned in the same breath attendance-wise (I still don’t understand the small SSS’s being built. Look at TFC’s predicament).

    However, if they consistently sell out w/ 18,500 noisy passionate fans and it generates excitement and looks good on tv, it’s great for them and the league and we all benefit from that. I do hope they market and connect w/ fans the way Seattle has b/c it will show that such an approach can be reproduced and hopefully encourage other organizations to follow suite.

  4. derekyoung says:

    I guess I get starting small, but it also seems like they’re limiting expansion in these SSS’s. Why not make it easily expandable?

  5. ChrisInTacoma says:

    I recall hearing recently that they’re capping their season ticket sales at something like 8,200 or 12,000. Can’t remember which one. Either way, that seems to be an awfully low number to cap your season ticket sales. I’d imagine that it’s due to lack of demand for seats at a season ticket holder level and they’re hoping for higher single game turnouts.

  6. Unless things have changed recently, Philly is capping season tickets at 15k. The problem they are having is that after the initial rush, they’ve stalled somewhere between 8.5k and 10k and haven’t gone beyond that. Part of that has to do with no new information coming out so the initial surge was a result of the people who knew right away they were going to get season tickets. The expansion draft might have caused an uptick in sales, but I’m not sure on that as there really weren’t any names in that list that jump out at a Philadelphian and say “This is going to be a good team that I want to watch!” Seattle had upticks with the announcement of Keller and Ljungberg because both of those players have built in fans that saw their names and got excited. I doubt anyone in Philly is jumping out of their seats because Philly got Moreno or Le Toux.

  7. jimkingjr says:

    Aside from the whole Golden Scarf thing becoming a joke, it would be unethical to award anything to an opposing player before a match.

  8. Well, they are getting pretty desperate for people to give the scarves to…

    I’m kind of hoping they stop doing it every game. I don’t think anyone really cares about it. Just seems to be a way to get people on their feet before the start of the game.

  9. ciscokid says:

    I have mixed feelings about the Golden Scarf. I thought one of the highlights was when Michelle Akers was recognized. Not only was she utterly deserving and maybe my favorite woman player for her courage and tenacity, but she really embraced it, running around the field having a great time showing off the award.

    That made my night.

    Too many of the others were just not that compelling.

    As for Seba receiving the scarf as an opposing player, I totally see Jim’s point but I think it would be cool and give us a chance to salute him…and Seattle is very funny that way. We often welcome back former players as conquering heroes. (Big Unit, Griffey, even Lenny Wilkens after being traded to Cleveland a million years ago).

    Ultimately, in this specific case, I would approve of Seba getting the Golden Scarf. After that, I hope Hurtado stays on him like a shadow the whole game.

  10. jimkingjr says:

    Michelle Akers is a great erxample of what the scarf should be- but there are not 15 Michelle Ake4rs a year to honor. It has instead become an incestous insider thing, way too self-congratulatory.

    As for Seba- he isn’t a Randy Johnson or Lenny Wilkins. He’s a guy who was not important enough to the team to protect him. Hopefully he will fulfill the promise we all see in him, and someday he’ll come back here and be honored- but March 25, 2010 is way too early.

    Besides, he needs to be with his new team and getting his mind into the game, not attending an award ceremony before thev game. That is part of the ethical quandry.

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