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  1. derekyoung says:

    Another chippy match. RSL played better than I thought they would (not that I watched a pirated feed or anything.) What surprised me more is that Columbus didn’t look good at all. I’m beginning to think that they may not be the team to beat.

  2. EverydayFan says:

    I’m interested to see how their 2nd game will play out … Not ready to count out the Crew yet ….

  3. jimkingjr says:

    Whomever wins the West will win the MLS Cup- it would be fun to see Salt Lake do to the East what New York did last year to the West, though…

  4. Yawn. These teams are NOT Seattle-Houston.

    I’d like to see RSL knock out the Crew, though, so a good result.

  5. EverydayFan says:

    By the way, where were the fans?
    There were more fans in the stadium for the Rocky Mountain cup final (last regular season game v. Colorado)

  6. EverydayFan says:

    And also by the way … The announcers kept referring to the team as “RSL” … How lame.
    Initials belong monogrammed bath towels, not sports teams.
    Locals call them “Real,” pronounced Ray-owl.
    Much better.

  7. joepublic says:

    I don’t know, Everyday. Real Salt Lake is tough to top as the league’s stupidest team name.

  8. derekyoung says:

    New Jersey Energy Drinks obviously takes the cake.

    BTW, Columbus didn’t play Schletto for some reason.

  9. WendellGee says:

    EverydayFan –

    They had something like 9 months to sell tickets to the regular sason finale, and a week to sell tickets to the game last night. More often than not, for US sports leagues not called the NFL, NBA, NHL or MLB, the time avaliable for ticket sales, especially group sales, is what matters. Having said that, I think RSL last year was one of the clubs that divereged from the trend of play-off attendance being worse than regular season attendance.

    And I hate the overuse of acronyms, but if the alternative is “Real Salt Lake”, then I’ll definitely take RSL.

  10. EverydayFan says:

    Without being in their market, I don’t know how well they did with the marketing side of it, but since the Jazz didn’t play last night, they should have made more hay … perhaps too many of the local co-eds were attending their football games.
    Attendance was 11,500.
    Regarding the name, yes it’s one of the leaders in bad – somehow the MLS thought that forcing US fans to pronounce a foreign word was a good thing. It voilates the most basic principles of merchanding – like expecting a package on a retail shelf printed in a foreign language to sell as well as the package next to it, printed in the local language. This is business 101 stuff.
    That being said, the locals have shortened it, and happily, they are making it work. They just say one word, Real. As in, let’s go see Real when you’re in town.
    At least for me, that made it cool enough …like being invited to go see a band or something. If she would have said, let’s go see RSL? Never would have … too uncool.
    The question is this: is MLS smart enough to revisit these things over time? Or are they going to stick with a philosophy predicated on forcing their customers to change instead?

  11. EverydayFan says:

    PS – Playoffs question: do yellows accumulate in any way? Meaning if you receive a second yellow in game 2, are you out for the next game? I think that’s what I recall happening in some tournament somewhere ….

  12. derekyoung says:

    Two yellows in two consecutive games results in a suspension. Otherwise no.

  13. EverydayFan says:

    Suspension from the following game, right?

  14. derekyoung says:

    Yes. So if any of our yellows from Thursday get a yellow next week they’re out for the conference final. And if any new yellows next week get a yellow in the conference final, they’re out for MLS Cup.

  15. jimkingjr says:

    So if Fredy gets a yellow in Houston, combined with the undeserved yellow from Thursday, we won’t have him for the Conference Finals.

    Thank you Salazar the Spineless.

    These cases demand review before suspension.

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