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“Entourage,” unheard-of poll numbers: Russell Wilson, the people’s quarterback (at least in Washington state)

By at least one measure, Russell Wilson should run for governor.

A firm known as one of the most accurate political polling companies in the country surveyed a same of Washington state residents and found the Seahawks quarterback has an unheard-of “favorability” rating:

Govornor Jay Inslee or even President Barack Obama — who has had Wilson as a guest at the White

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Wait…Ryan Tannehill, $45 million guaranteed? A good day for Russell Wilson’s side of contract talks

That clicking noise you might be able to hear could be the meter running up on the Seahawks’ negotiations with quarterback Russell Wilson on a contract extension.

Monday, a member of Wilson’s 2012 QB draft class got his new deal: Ryan Tannehill agreed with Miami on a $77-million, four-year contract. That’s on top of the $18.3 million and two years he still had left on his rookie deal as a first-round pick three years ago.

The more pertinent — and stunning — detail: the reported $45 million in guarantees Tannehill will be getting from the Dolphins.

Even if some

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League source: Report Russell Wilson, Seahawks are so far apart new deal may not got done before season is almost entirely fictitious

A league source who knows exactly what’s going on with Russell Wilson’s contract negotiations told me this afternoon the Bleacher Report post from this morning that the two-time Super Bowl quarterback and the Seahawks are so far apart it is unlikely to get done before this season is inaccurate.

In fact, the source said today’s national report is almost entirely fictitious.

What is fact?

These talks, which began in earnest following the Super Bowl Feb. 1, are simply a work in progress. That’s it. Any talk of an almost insurmountable gulf is inaccurate.

This isn’t dealing for new loafers at

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Latest noise: Russell Wilson, Seahawks so far apart that new deal won’t be done this offseason

Russell Wilson’s new deal to remain a Seahawk basically “forever” seems like it may take almost that long to get done.

Jason Cole of Bleacher Report is the latest to chime in with how far apart the Seahawks are with quarterback Russell Wilson on a contract extension that at the start of this noisy offseason seemed to be a fait accompli.

Cole says in this posting today ”in talking to sources who understand the situation, Wilson is looking for a contract in excess of $20 million per year over five years. The problem is, the Seahawks have no desire to get

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Bruce Irvin tells online outlet: “I’m going to be in Atlanta next season… believe that.”

Maybe he was caught in a very Atlanta moment — courtside at the Hawks’ NBA playoff game — looking very Atlanta (Hawks cap and T-shirt with, check ‘em out, matching red, canvas sneakers) in his hometown.

Or maybe Bruce Irvin really does want to leave the Seahawks that have started him in the last two Super Bowls, after drafting him 15th overall in 2012, to join a team hasn’t even made the playoffs over those same, last two seasons.

Whatever the reason, Irvin reportedly said publicly last night he wants to play for the Falcons in 2016.

“I’m going to

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You, too, can give to the Russell Wilson Contract Extension Fund. But will this fit under the salary cap?(!)

For today’s good ol’ shake of the head:

So which is more head-shaking: the fact someone created this? Or the fact people had given $55 to this “cause” over the first five hours?

As if there aren’t any other causes out there in our society worthy of contributing to … Like, say, ANY charity.

Talks between the Seahawks led by general manager John Schneider and Wilson’s side led by agent Mark Rodgers remain stalled — far more stalled than the team could have anticipated when it began negotiations in February to extend the two-time Super Bowl quarterback’s

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Why size at wide receiver likely remains a Seahawks draft priority, even after getting Jimmy Graham

For today’s News Tribune I was asked to list my three top weapons at each skill position on offense — not that any of of these players is likely to be available to the Seahawks when they first pick on Friday at 63rd overall at the bottom of the second round.


  1. Marcus Mariota, Oregon
  2. Jameis Winston, Florida State
  3. Garrett Grayson, Colorado State/Heritage HS, Vancouver

Running backs

  1. Melvin Gordon, Wisconsin
  2. Todd Gurley, Georgia
  3. Ameer Abdullah, Nebraska

Wide receivers

  1. Amari Cooper, Alabama
  2. Kevin White, West Virginia
  3. DeVante Parker, Louisville

Tight ends

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    GM John Schneider on Russell Wilson, draft, Bruce Irvin, Michael Bennett, Jimmy Graham, more

    General manager John Schneider talked this afternoon at team headquarters in Renton with media members who regularly cover the Seahawks. The main topics were general and philosophical ones about the draft.

    Near the end of the half hour or so I asked Schneider how he would now characterize contract negotiations with quarterback Russell Wilson. The 26-year old is coming up on the final season of his four-year rookie

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