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Earliest kickoff in CenturyLink Field history on Sunday. Here’s why:

The question I’ve gotten more often this week than “Why do you like Ohio State?” (born and raised there, wife and sister went there, etc) has been: Why does the Seahawks-Packers NFC championship game begin at 12:05 p.m. Pacific Time while the East Coast Colts-Patriots game starts at 3:30 Pacific? Can’t they just switch and put the later game in the later time zone?

Well, no.

While it may be inconvenient to your tailgating to begin it Sunday morning when you are usually sleeping, the NFL’s multi-zillion television contracts with the networks mandate that CBS and Fox each get a

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Pete Carroll’s goal for tonight is also the key to Seahawks’ season: “Protect better”

Tonight’s primary goal for the Seahawks’ offense in the second exhibition game will be easy for all of us to assess: Keep Russell Wilson and the quarterbacks from getting chased and hit as much by the San Diego Chargers as they were last week by the Denver Broncos.

Wilson got hit three times on Seattle’s first, five-play drive in the exhibition opener. He was sacked once and hit after he threw on two other plays.

“No, that’s by design. Russell was getting kind of cocky so we wanted to make him get banged up a little bit,” coach Pete Carroll

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